International Relations Research Paper Topics

List of 18 International Relations Research Paper Topics

  1. Democracy and international relations.
  2. Globalization.
  3. How business is the biggest weapon that can be used by a nation to control the terrorism caused by other nations in the given country?
  4. How terrorism can spoil the relations between two nations sharing boundaries?
  5. International criminal law.
  6. International human rights law, and
  7. Latest step taken by the UNO to control terrorism on an international level.
  8. Suicide Terrorism.
  9. Terrorism is not just limited to using weapons and killing people because we can also relate it to the women and children exploitation.
  10. The Arab-Israeli Conflict.
  11. The laws of war (Geneva conventions)
  12. The UN Security Council: should it be changed?
  13. The world after the Cold War.
  14. Unipolarity in the world.
  15. US-Russia Relations.
  16. What could be done to reduce the level of rising terrorism in different countries by having good bilateral deals?
  17. What could be done to remove the terrorist activities to zero levels in residential areas?
  18. Why terrorism should be eradicated with utmost efforts both on the side of a united nation and individual governments of the countries?

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