Philosophical Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 17.10.2019

List of 419 Philosophical Debate Topics

  1. “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” Do you agree?
  2. “If a monkey is on a pole, constantly facing a man who walks around the pole, has the man gone round the monkey?”
  3. “If God does not exist, Everything is permissible” Agree(yes) or disagree(no)?
  4. “Wealth” Psychologists: Can they make the ultra-rich who feel guilty about their good fortune get rid of their guilt?
  5. (Objectivity in History ) please request to all just reply………
  6. A Brazilian priest mentioned in the Catholic clergy sex abuse film “Spotlight” was found dead in a prison cell after he was arrested again for suspected pedophilia. Can pedophiles be rehabilitated?
  7. A Buenos Aires zoo to close after 140 years, claiming “Captivity is degrading.” Do you think zoos are degrading to animals?
  8. A girl broke up with a man because he was too poor to take her to the movies. Six years later, he booked four IMAX theaters in Beijing for one night and gave away all the tickets for free to prove his wealth. Are people too focused on revenged
  9. A life sentence of torture is more justice and a better deterrent than the death sentence
  10. A rights agency says the Mexican police executed 22 at ranch and then fabricated the story. Does Mexico regularly abuse human rights?
  11. A tree was planted in L.A. in memory of George Harrison of the Beatles, just to later die due to an infestation of beetles. Do you believe this was divine intervention?
  12. According to a public inquiry, teenage recruits in the Australian military were raped by staff and forced to rape each other as part in initiation practices from the 1960s to the 1980s. Is justice possible for these victims?
  13. According to popular dictionaries, belief in a flat Earth can be called an opinion.
  14. Actions taken against native Tasmanians were overall good.
  15. All human actions are ultimately self-serving and egotistical
  16. An origin that never was initiated but the universe as is was always here and we cannot comprehend this.
  17. Analysis: Closed System – versus – Open System
  18. Ancient Greeks loved dogs, too: Is the dog the best animal in the world?
  19. Animals don’t have any rights at all.
  20. Any Anon’s here?
  21. “Anybody willing to help elaborate on some topics i have ?
  22. I have to build a debate case .
  23. Its feminism and gender equality”
  24. Are “False Facts” Real?
  25. Are all actions ethically subjective? (Does Morality exist?)
  26. Are Americans jealous of Europeans?
  27. Are Americans traitors to the European race?
  28. Are any new ideas presented by New Atheists?
  29. Are Blacks Inferior to the White Man?
  30. Are choices subjective?
  31. Are defendants awaiting bail always afforded adequate counseling?
  32. Are emotions bred
  33. Are human beings born with a set moral nature (yes), or have we created morality all together (no)?
  34. Are human beings inherently evil/immoral/malevolent? Are we born to do evil things or are we corrupted?
  35. Are humans innately selfish?
  36. Are humans the greatest mistake made by nature?
  37. Are lizards cute like mammals? Why or why not?
  38. Are manhunts interesting?
  39. Are our dreams predicting the future sometimes?
  40. Are parents nowadays lack of responsibility when it comes to bullying ?
  41. Are people but simple animals and nothing else?
  42. Are people entitled to their opinions?
  43. Are people their beliefs (yes) or their actions (no)?
  44. Are phrases like “studies show” or “experts say” weasel words?
  45. Are science and religion enemies?
  46. Are serial killers considered “human”?
  47. Are the LGBT being intolerant of those who don’t agree with them?
  48. Are the word Just and Justified equivalent from a moral debate perspective.
  49. Are there any negative arguments to reject the existence of God. (or: can it be proven that God does not exist)
  50. Are there any rational reasons to hold and publicly proclaim a religion?
  51. Are there good arguments for atheism?
  52. Are there limits on redemption?
  53. Are there pros to the insanity defense?
  54. Are there religious implications to discovering extraterrestrial life?
  55. Are we being to hateful towards racist?
  56. “Are we creating the unknown through knowing?
  57. Is this the infinite loop (Alfa & Omega)?”
  58. Are we morally obliged to revolt?
  59. Are you a moral objectivist (yes) or relativist (no)?
  60. Are YOU RACIST
  61. Baby Boomers were once called “The Me Generation”: Are they too hard on Millennials?
  62. Because God is considered a perfect being does that prove he is real?
  63. “Being subject to discrimination can be a good experience to someone’s life.
  64. Can being subject to racism or discrimination render someone’s attitude towards life positively?”
  65. Benjamin Franklin lived his life by 13 rules which he called the 13 virtues. He made these virtues when he was 20. Do you think he was a hypocrite?
  66. Bottled or tap water
  67. Boys are more helpful during parents ageing
  68. Boys makes girls their toys.
  69. Can a male student falsely accused of rape ever be free from the repercussions of the accusation?
  70. Can a personal vision ever really be shared?
  71. Can all neglected children be feral?
  72. Can everyone become smart?
  73. Can genocide ever be justified in any situation?
  74. Can God create a rock he cannot lift?
  75. Can life’s “big problems” be solved?
  76. Can money buy happiness/love?
  77. Can one person change the world?
  78. Can physicalism and free will both be true?
  79. Can selective breeding normalize Americans?
  80. Can some actions be logically considered right or wrong?
  81. Can thinking and questioning about everything that can, is, was, ad could exist lead to suicide. Like trying to think before the time nothing existed
  82. Can time have a “beginning?”
  83. Can utilitarianism survive the naturalistic fallacy?
  84. Can we create something that’s truly new?
  85. Can we get world peace by eradicating humans?
  86. Can we have happiness without sadness?
  87. Can you disagree with someone without hating them?
  88. Chicago official gets 10 years for his role in a crooked red light camera deal. Is this too severe?
  89. Children die in Trump’s terror raid: Should Trump resign?
  90. Children in armed conflicts
  91. Coughing billboard: Should more billboards be equipped to detect smoking nearby and then shame the person?
  92. Could Karl Marx and Ayn Rand both be right?
  93. Could lives be cost by the so-called “Trojan Horse” of Science?
  94. Cults are notorious for practicing a hive-mind society: Are all cult leaders evil?
  95. Death is beautiful and should be accepted with open arms.
  96. Debating the existence of God is a pointless exercise!
  97. Did Atlantis really exist?
  98. Did God made the earth in six days?
  99. Do ancient Egyptian gods exist?
  100. Do apologies mean anything?
  101. Do comment sections of website require Moderation or Censorship?
  102. Do good people suffer more ? And the evil ones live happily?
  103. Do human beings have an inherent right to die?
  104. Do humans have “spirit” like entities that do not require a brain?
  105. Do humans have a fixed nature/essence?
  106. Do humans have souls (In the spiritual sense)?
  107. “Do humans really have choice or is it all pre-planned?
  108. Is your fate decided from birth?”
  109. Do humans really possess such a thing as free will?
  110. Do Idealism and Objectivism conflict? (Metaphysics, not ethics or political)
  111. “Do laws that enforce moral beliefs serve any significant purpose
  112. today, and are they even enforceable given society’s increasing
  113. diversity?”
  114. Do money cause evil?
  115. Do most people know right from wrong?
  116. Do most people know what Burden of Proof is?
  117. Do nonhuman beings have rights?
  118. Do people deserve eternal punishment? (Like Hell)
  119. Do people who have some type of special gift have a responsibility to help others?
  120. Do people with multiple personalities possess multiple souls?
  121. Do people’s personalities change depending on who they’re with?
  122. Do we all have a Purpose? If so, what do you believe your Purpose is and what could be hindering you from achieving it?
  123. Do we all have a Purpose? If so, what is yours and what do you think is hindering you from understanding it?
  124. Do we all have the same ideas of wrong and right?
  125. Do Words Have Intrinsic Meaning?
  126. Do you agree with Kierkegaard that one sometimes must violate ethics he/she believes in order to remain true with his/her conscience?
  127. Do you agree with Sartre’s slogan, “Existence precedes essence”?
  128. Do you agree with the following: “There is no right/good or wrong/evil. Morality is based on purpose/background/experience. Evil can originate from circumstances.”?
  129. “Do you agree with the Grand Inquisitor?
  130. (Dostoyevsky’s parable)”
  131. Do you agree you have to earn the right to live?
  132. Do you believe Albert Einstein’s assertion that imagination is more valuable than knowledge?
  133. Do you believe dreams can give incite to the future or at least things that you are going through?
  134. Do you believe happiness only comes from within?
  135. Do you believe human aren’t necessary to depend on religion ?
  136. Do you believe humanity is inherently evil?
  137. Do you believe in “mind over matter”?
  138. Do you believe in alternative dimensions?
  139. Do you believe in an eye for an eye retribution?
  140. Do you believe in destiny and fate?
  141. Do you believe in moral relativism?
  142. Do you believe in natural law?
  143. Do you believe in transhumanism?
  144. Do you believe its possible that “us” in our dreams are an existing real-life version of our-self from another parallel universe?
  145. Do you believe that love is a construct of mind?
  146. Do you believe that politics is dangerous?
  147. Do you believe that there are currently Endlings on the planet?
  148. Do you believe that we are slowly destroying ourselves.
  149. Do you believe the founder of FedEx’s story about gambling away the company’s last $5,000 to save it?
  150. Do you deserve to be treated how you treat others with no exceptions?
  151. Do you prepare/organize/revise your debate responses? If yes, how? If no, why not?
  152. Do you support Socialism?
  153. Do you the ends truly justify the means, even when it means breaking the law?
  154. Do you think america have the highest rate of teen suicide ?
  155. Do you think humans are selfish (yes) or altruistic (no)?
  156. Do you think it is more likely than not that we are living in a simulation of some sort?
  157. Do you think it is worth the risk of execution to use hidden cameras to film life in Raqqa under ISIS?
  158. Do you think it’s better to have a singular passion in life (yes) or be well-rounded with knowledge of a little bit of everything (no)?
  159. Do you think morality is objective (yes) or subjective (no)?
  160. Do you think Ohio’s yellow license plates for DUI Offenders will keep people in the state safer?
  161. Do you think one should leave it all behind to follow one’s dreams?
  162. Do you think religion is that important?
  163. Do you think that things happen for a reason?
  164. Do you think that Vincent Freeman, from the movie Gattaca had acted righted by concealing fact that he is natural born,
  165. Do you think the 200 sailors who are suing the Royal Australian Navy have a legitimate case against the Navy?
  166. Do you think the Church of Scientology goes too far in its attempt to retain members?
  167. Do you think the opinions of those under 25 are worth less? Are you over 25?
  168. Do you think there is merit to the phrase “as you believe, so will you achieve”?
  169. Do you think there is something else after death? If so, what?
  170. Do you think you could make a vow to remain unmarried?
  171. Do you want complete world peace?
  172. Does a 12-week old fetus have the same human rights as a full-grown person?
  173. Does a God or Gods exist, and if so, what is the evidence?
  174. Does a person waste his short life working out?
  175. Does a rotten boss get less production from his/her employees?
  176. Does animals have rights which deserves to be protected?
  177. Does anyone deserve to die?
  178. Does anyone have logic?
  179. Does Autism cause Vaccines?
  180. Does Barbie have a negative influence on women?
  181. Does Cultural Supremacy exist?
  182. Does culture affect national ideology?
  183. Does death have a purpose??
  184. Does Every Single Discriminate? Is It A Natural Thing To Do?
  185. Does Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers deserve to become all of reality?
  186. Does individual obedience play a greater role than conscience in ethics?
  187. Does language influence our knowledge and how we perceive our surroundings??
  188. Does morality have more than one definition?
  189. Does our perception match reality without any faults?
  190. Does relativism really mean anything
  191. Does Religion have a place in modern globalization?
  192. Does Sexuality Matter?
  193. Does skill in the arts, lose its impressiveness as age progresses?
  194. Does something have to be able to meaningfully communicate with humans in order to be conscious
  195. Does superstition lack logic?
  196. Does the Bible provide morals?
  197. Does the current state of democracy in the Western World sacrifice individual freedom for the sake of rights?
  198. Does the opinions section on debate.Org ever change minds or help people grow?
  199. Does the saying “trust no one” have merit?
  200. Does the term “philosophy” accurately describe Atheism? Why or why not?
  201. Does Time Exist?
  202. Dose God exist? How do we know id he dose?
  203. Drugs cause people to do bad things
  204. During the 1990’s Joe Rogan paid $10,000 per month to have a T1 internet connection installed in his house in order to play Quake without a lag. Are we too consumed we video games?
  205. Economic Prosperity is more important than Environmental Protection
  206. Educated people can disclose more about every body
  207. Education help people to disclose more about every body.
  208. Education helps people to disclose more about every body!
  209. Equal rights for females in paramount.
  210. Everything is True Until Someone Says it Isn’t
  211. Father’s Day Messages from Troops: Are we doing enough to allow soldiers to maintain relationships with loved ones?
  212. Females are better managers then mens
  213. Food should be more of a right than healthcare
  214. France threatens to sue social media users for sharing burkini ban photos. Is France going too far?
  215. Free marijuana will be handed out in Washington on Inauguration Day: Should pot be legal?
  216. Freedom has more than one meaning
  217. Gatling gun salesmen would go to Civil War battlefields in order to demonstrate their products in actual combat. Do people have the same level of commitment to business?
  218. Genghis Khan appointed his daughters as kings over his empire: Was Genghis Khan an equal opportunity conquer?
  219. Given Determinism could something be 100% genetically predetermined and yet a “choice” in the most actually-existing sense of the term
  220. God made the earth or billions of years?
  221. Has American society become too violent?
  222. Has debate.Org become less popular and engaging?
  223. Has fate been decided for us? Or we decide our own fate?
  224. Have America lost the true meaning of the American Dream?
  225. How do you think nature was illustrated in “Frankenstein” of Mary Shelley? In the way of beauty or distressing?
  226. How does the brain transmit the data into the mind?
  227. Human Cloning is a Good Idea
  228. Humans are beings that think they know right from wrong that are far less significant than they are thought to be by themselves.
  229. Humans are hypocritical
  230. Humans detrimental to all beings including themselves
  231. I believe that most religions worship the same deity under different names/perspectives
  232. I dont understand gravity. Why doesnt the spinning of earth create centrifugal force throwing us off? Momentum should keep us going straight instead of around.
  233. I know there is and always will be one LITERAL Bible, but could there someday be a NEW BIBLE (figure of speech)?
  234. I propose a world without government or any law.
  235. I’m why do people believe that Muslims are terrorists?
  236. If (emphasis on if) life is predetermined, would death become such a trivial thing that it becomes meaningless?
  237. If actions speak louder than words, then why is the pen mightier than the sword?
  238. If afterlife exists but not necessarily the way religious people think of it, would you still “want” there to be a God?
  239. If aliens came to Earth with their equivalent of a dog, would we treat this creature with more respect or regard than our own animals?
  240. If ethics is about objective facts, can it be done by the modern scientific method?
  241. If god created us and didnt teach us right from wrong would that make him responsible for evil?
  242. If god is perfect, then shouldn’t he have known the possible flaws that Adam and Eve committed?
  243. If God made the universe who made God? If the Big Bang created all that we know what made it bang? Ie What came before?
  244. If I tell you to ignore my commands, and you do, did you really ignore my commands?
  245. If im white and dont want to live in a black neighbor hood does that make me racist?
  246. If rainbows are actually circular, will this change the way we look at them?
  247. If something is natural, is it by default good then?
  248. If something miraculous event happen which changes the entire personality and belief towards GOD, would this consider as REBIRTH concept in Islam?
  249. If there is no God, can there still be absolute values and immutable moral principles?
  250. If we could live forever, would our lives be “meaningless”?
  251. If X is bad and Y is worse. Is this an endorsement of X?
  252. If you are religious, doesn’t that mean magic exists?
  253. If you could live forever,do you believe you would continue to have the same personality and beliefs?
  254. “If you could push a button and destroy all human life. Would you?
  255. All other life would survive as is; plus evidence of mankind too.”
  256. If you could save the world only by sacrificing your family, would you?
  257. If you exceed the speed limit, but no cop is around to observe it, did you really break the law?
  258. If you found out you were living in a simulation, would you attempt to break out to your base reality? Classic blue pill-red pill.
  259. If you had the chance to become immortal, would you do it?
  260. If you had the chance to correct any wrong ever done or caused by man, what wrong would you correct?
  261. In American courts should it be innocent before guilty (yes) or guilty before innocence
  262. In Ancient Rome, a slave would continuously whisper ‘Remember you are mortal’ in the ears of victorious generals as they were paraded through the streets after coming home, triumphant, from battle. Is the human spirit indomitable?
  263. In Camus’ idea of the absurd life would government and economy fit into religion?
  264. In life, is there only positive and negative selfishness?
  265. In order to success,you desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure???Agree???
  266. In the zombie apocalypse is generosity a good thing (read description)?
  267. Infidelity should void claims to marital assets
  268. Innocence is simply lack of knowledge
  269. Intelligence is better than wisdom (if you had only one choice to cultivate)
  270. Is a set equal to all its elements?
  271. Is a war ever justified?
  272. Is America one of the most vile countries ever?
  273. Is an omnipotent being morally neutral?
  274. Is arguing beneficial? (Note: This can be about friendships, relationships, politics, or even society. Basically, this refers to the topic in general.)
  275. Is astral projection evidence that human consciousness can exist outside the body? If so can consciousness survive even after the body dies?
  276. Is being moral not using violence
  277. Is cloning the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
  278. Is communication the sole function of language?
  279. Is communism only theoretical ?
  280. Is death bad?
  281. Is death evil?
  282. Is Eating Meat Wrong?
  283. Is education more important than moral values
  284. Is envy ever a constructive emotion?
  285. Is Equality even Possible?
  286. Is Ethical Nihilism more reasonable than Objective Morality
  287. Is ethics dependent on religion?
  288. Is everybody the same in all the ways that matter?
  289. Is evolution compatible with biblical Christianity?
  290. Is free will possible?
  291. Is God Real Or Not?
  292. Is H. L. Mencken correct that there are superior individuals?
  293. Is Hatred Real or is it Just a Mixture of Loath and Disgust?
  294. Is having a good social life/love/happiness more important than being wealthy?
  295. Is honesty important in a relationship?
  296. Is human intelligence a curse for planet earth?
  297. Is humanity doomed by its own selfishness?
  298. Is hypocrisy the greatest threat to human societies?
  299. Is ignorance of the law excuse for breaking it?
  300. Is Imagination more Powerful than Knowledge?
  301. Is inaction in the face of injustice immoral?
  302. Is it always ok to allow someone to voice their opinion in public, no matter what it is? Is freedom of speech absolute?
  303. Is it better to be a more expressive (yes) or private (no) as a person?
  304. Is it better to be a more expressive (yes) or private (no) person?
  305. Is it better to be ignorant and happy or to have knowledge and feel “cursed”?
  306. Is it better to have never been
  307. Is it detrimental to assume things?
  308. Is it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven?
  309. Is it ethical to buy goods from companies that pay employees under $20k a year?
  310. Is it ethical to drink milk from animals?
  311. “Is it ethical to kill off disease causing bacteria despite the fact that doing so is, in effect, genocide?
  312. Ex. Smallpox”
  313. Is it ever acceptable to take someone’s life?
  314. Is it ever okay to kill another human being?
  315. Is it ever okay to lie?
  316. Is it every okay to lie?
  317. Is it immoral to be pro-life?
  318. Is it important that celebrities share their experiences with abuse to help shed light on the problem?
  319. Is it just to place the principle of equality above the principle of liberty?
  320. Is it morally wrong to kill animals for fun?
  321. Is it murder when soldiers kill each other?
  322. Is it necessary to forgo the past for progress?
  323. Is it OK to be WHlTE?
  324. Is it okay for regular actors to play a character with dwarfism in a movie?
  325. Is it possible that labor pain is important in infant survival?
  326. Is it possible to have love without respect?
  327. Is it possible to know what someone deserves just by observing their actions or would you have to live their life to know.
  328. Is it possible to live with honesty in todays world???
  329. Is it reasonable to assume that a finite set of grammar rules generates an infinite set of sentences?
  330. Is it right to do the wrong thing for the right reason?
  331. Is it the case that anything that is possible is also natural?
  332. Is it true that “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission,” as stated by U.S. Naval officer Grace Hopper?
  333. Is it true that the present day has a culture of nihilism as Nietzsche predicted?
  334. Is it true/possible that women objectify themselves and therefore hinder the feminist movement?
  335. Is it weird that Kris Jenner is dating Corey Gamble?
  336. Is it wrong that I do not accept female dominance?
  337. Is Justice to be valued above Mercy?
  338. Is killing in war morally justified?
  339. Is lack of belief a good motivator?
  340. Is liberty to be preferred over socialism?
  341. Is life a cruel, heartless, she-devil (I can’t say the “B” word because it’ll be considered vulgar)
  342. Is life hard?
  343. Is life meaningless (Yes, I know, a very open-ended question)
  344. Is life worth living if we know we’re doing everything for nothing at the end?
  345. Is Logic omnipotent?
  346. Is love (family, friendship and maybe romance if you want it) the most important thing to have in the world?
  347. Is love a positive word?
  348. Is love helpful and very unhelpful when it comes to influencing our lives.
  349. Is love really that powerful?
  350. “Is marriage about offspring or about a partnership in love, loyalty and trust?
  351. Offspring green love red”
  352. Is materialism true but tautological
  353. Is math a real concept or a language engineered by humans?
  354. Is math real?
  355. Is medical marijuana a moral alternative to painkillers?
  356. Is modern architecture gruesome?
  357. Is Morality a Fickle Thing?
  358. Is Morality a Luxury?
  359. Is morality determined by a higher power?
  360. Is morality objective (yes) or subjective (no)?
  361. Is morality objective? Expound.
  362. Is morality real? (Is boiling babies in wax actually wrong? Or does each society decide right and wrong for themselves?)
  363. Is morality real? Is it actually wrong to boil to babies in wax? Or is it up to each society to decide right and wrong?
  364. Is morality subjective (yes) or objective (no)?
  365. Is morality whatever God wills?
  366. Is murder ever justifiable?
  367. Is Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) effective in the 21st century?
  368. Is Nihilism a Healthy Mindset to Be In?
  369. Is Nihilism capable of creating a liberating and happy life?
  370. Is not knowing, a form of knowing?
  371. Is obedience a bad quality?
  372. Is obedience a form of slavery?
  373. Is Ohio’s license plate policy discriminatory? Why or why not?
  374. Is our universe real? Are we real? Are our senses just an illusion in our minds?
  375. Is Pascal’s Wager a flawed argument in atheist vs theist debates?
  376. Is Pfiesteria Potentially the Next Biological Threat
  377. Is philosophy and religion in conflict with each other?
  378. Is philosphy dead
  379. Is Plato’s definition of knowledge, justified true belief, an acceptable definition?
  380. Is punishment and reward a needed system?
  381. Is Reason Reasonable?
  382. Is rebellion justified?
  383. Is religion a foundation of morality?
  384. Is revenge justified?
  385. Is Richard Dawkins awesome?
  386. Is selfishness solely a vice?
  387. Is spandex a good thing?
  388. Is Suffering a choice?
  389. Is suicide a selfish act, why or why not?
  390. Is suicide immoral?
  391. Is the Bible as credible as Darwin’s theoretical books?
  392. Is The Big Bang, Evolution, and Prehistoric Life a Myth?
  393. Is the concept of “social enterprise” still alive?
  394. Is the death penalty justified in some criminal cases?
  395. Is the electric chair an inhumane form of punishment when carrying out the death penalty?
  396. Is the Euthyphro dilemma a false dilemma?
  397. Is the ideal of a Utopian Society Possible? The ideal of attempting to build perfect society.
  398. Is the lottery a form of exploitation?
  399. Is the mind separate from our physical selves?
  400. Is the moderation on DDO too lenient?
  401. Is the multi-verse theory more or less credible than the idea that an omniscient being created the universe? Yes= pro multi-verse no= anti-multi-verse
  402. Is the notion of the future being “one device” correct (yes) or is Mark Shuttleworth’s vision incorrect (no) ?
  403. Is The NSA A Product Of George Orwell’s Prediction As Seen In His Novel 1984?
  404. Is the simplest explanation is the best explanation?
  405. Is the tendancy of humans to believe things that aren’t true going to lead to our downfall?
  406. Is the use of platitudes “just words” (yes) or can they bring about change (no) ?
  407. Is there a difference between legal and moral rights?
  408. Is there a difference between living and surviving?
  409. Is there a reason for EVERYTHING?
  410. Is there a relationship between morality and religion?
  411. Is there a such thing as infinite numbers in the universe?
  412. Is there a way to save the world from suffering and destruction?
  413. Is there any justification for unethical behavior?
  414. Is there any rational reason to be compassionate and empathetic?
  415. Is there one moral determinant?
  416. Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
  417. Is there such things as definite “time”?
  418. Is there thought without language?
  419. Is transhumanism (combining man and machine) a good idea we should start practicing?

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