Commemorative Speech Topics

List of 45 Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. Academic success achieved by your group and what it qualifies you for
  2. Bravery: You can commemorate incidences of bravery, brave individuals or just the idea.
  3. Cheerfulness: Attitude is everything.
  4. Civil War Events: There are so many events that you could commemorate from this war.
  5. Compassion: The world could use a little more commemoration.
  6. Compromise: Use incidences or examples of compromise.
  7. Creativity: This would certainly be a creative option!
  8. Dedication: Commemorate a person or an event that represents dedication.
  9. Dreams: Use this to commemorate the dreams of great thinkers or movements.
  10. Eulogy for a professor that taught a course at your university
  11. Faith: Many people like to choose this for a commemorative speech topic.
  12. Freedom: This type of speech is quite common around patriotic holidays.
  13. Gandhi: Known for his civil disobedience techniques, Gandhi was the inspiration for Martin Luther King’s approach to the Civil Rights Movement.
  14. Gay Marriage: You can celebrate major milestones in the gay rights movement.
  15. Hard Work: This could commemorate the value of hard work or examples of it.
  16. Honesty: The world could use a little more honesty.
  17. Hospitality: Nice.
  18. Humility: Too many people are honored for their bravado, so humility is undervalued today.
  19. Independence: You could celebrate the independence day of just about any country.
  20. Innovation or Inventions: The list of inventions and innovations you could use for a commemorative speech topic is nearly endless
  21. Kindness: Use this if you think that the world could use a little more kindness.
  22. Love: The world could always use a little more love.
  23. Loyalty: You could commemorate someone who represents loyalty in your own life or just in the lives of others.
  24. Mother Teresa: An excellent choice.
  25. Patriotism: Many holidays use this as a theme for different speeches.
  26. Peace: Peace is both an important goal and a good thing to commemorate.
  27. Pearl Harbor: This type of commemoration speech topic is quite common.
  28. Perseverance: You could commemorate a person, place or event that represents this ideal.
  29. Quality of education received and opportunities opened by your academic institution
  30. Queen Elizabeth I: She is an example of strength, intelligence and talent.
  31. Selflessness: There are many people who symbolize this value.
  32. September 11: This type of speech often happens around September 11 as a way to commemorate the lives lost on 9/11.
  33. Strength: There are many different people and examples of strength that you can use.
  34. Success of your team in a sports event/league which was possible due to support from your university
  35. Team Work: This would be a good option.
  36. The Civil Rights Movement: You can pick major moments of the Civil Rights Movement to commemorate.
  37. The Creation of the Atomic Bomb: This could be a part of a World War II commemoration or a recognition of the bombs being dropped on Japan.
  38. The Declaration of Independence: This would be an important event to commemorate.
  39. The End of Slavery: This is an important thing to commemorate.
  40. The End of the Vietnam War: You could also commemorate the war itself or the veterans who fought in it.
  41. The End of World War II: This continues to be a major commemoration event.
  42. The Printing Press: The creation of the printing press led to the growth of ideas, education and learning throughout the world.
  43. Tribute to a great teacher or nurturing mentor
  44. Veterans: This is a popular option around veterans day.
  45. Women’s Rights Milestones: This is one of the better commemorative speech topics.