Stories Conversation Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.12.2019
Updated: 27.12.2019

List of 12 Stories Conversation Topics

  1. What are the best kinds of stories? (i.e funny stories, ghost stories, amazing stories)
  2. Who told you stories when you were a child? What kind of stories did they tell?
  3. What are some famous Korean stories? Do they teach the listener/reader something?
  4. There are many ways to experience a story. For example: book, movie, TV show, spoken, radio, podcast, video game. What is your favorite way to experience a story?
  5. What is your favorite story?
  6. Tell your group a scary story.
  7. Tell your group a true story that happened to you.
  8. Tell your group a funny story.
  9. Tell your group a story that you heard when you were a child.
  10. Tell your group an unbelievable story.
  11. Tell your group a story with moral lesson in it.
  12. Tell you group a story from history.

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