Theatre Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 06.04.2020
Theatre Essay Topics

At Topics Mill online library of paper titles and ideas, we know that what most students need help during the years of their higher education is having to find and choose the best topic before starting to work on an assignment. In fact, the topic of your choosing can either make or break your entire impression of academic work and higher education. Some of the ideas, although seemingly interesting, can not have enough background information for you to conduct a proper research.

However, the great list of Theatre Essay Topics compiled by our professional team can be easily used if you need a good idea for upcoming papers. Finding and using the Theatre Essay Topics will result in you reading and writing about effective and important subjects in the sphere of theatre studies. For many students, receiving a perfect grade is not about how they write but about what they study.

List of Theatre Essay Topics

  1. “Restoration Women: Reassessment of identity and status through theatre”
  2. 19th Century Theatre
  3. A Historical Overview of the Development of Theatre Technology from Ancient Greece to the Mid-1800s
  4. A History of the Globe Theatre
  5. A Successful Theatre Production
  6. A Trip to the Roman Theatre
  7. Account of a Theatre Workshop
  8. Agents of SHIELD
  9. Allocation of Seats in a Theatre
  10. American Drama
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  12. An Intern At My Local Theatre
  13. Ancient Athens of Greece
  14. Ancient Greek Theatre
  15. Ancient Greek Theatre and Drama
  16. Ancient Greek Theatre Architecture
  17. Antigone
  18. Applying Cross Curricular Connections From An Arts
  19. At the Heart of the Globe Theatre
  20. Attempting to Define Drama in Relation to Theatre
  21. Attitudes towards women, and their role in American Musical Theatre.
  22. Being An Actor : A Movie, Director, And Designers
  23. Bertold Brecht, Intellectual Drama and Change
  24. Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre
  25. Biography of Boal Augusto
  26. Blues for Mister Charlie
  27. Bread and Puppet Theatre and the Audience
  28. Canadian Alternative Theater
  29. Canadian Modern Dance: Anna Wyman Dance Theatre
  30. Candaian Theatre
  31. Cardboard Citizens Visit Secondary Schools to Share Experiences and Issues
  32. Caryl Churchill: The Leading Female Playwright of Her Time
  33. Censorship Should Be Strictly Enforced By Theatres
  34. Characterizing Theatre
  35. Cleveland Public Theatre: Creativity and Community
  36. Closing and Reopening of the American Theatres
  37. Cloud 9
  38. Compare the Endings in Two Different Theatre of the Absurd Plays.
  39. Comparing and Constrasting Changes Between the Elizabethan Theatre to Theatre of Today’s Society
  40. Costumings Effect in Theatre Production
  41. Critique of the Film Shakespeare in Love
  42. Dance for Musical Theatre: Robert Louis Fosse
  43. Define Clearly the Differences between Drama and Theatre
  44. Devised Theatre or Collaborative Creation
  45. Difference between Greek and Modern Theatres
  46. Directors Notes Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet
  47. Drama Education
  48. Drama Portfiolo About Two Friends Leaving Each Other
  49. Drama Portfolio
  50. Elizabethan Theatre
  51. Elizabethan Threatre versus Theatre Today
  52. Empowerment, By Jill Dol An Argument For Civic Engagement And Social Change
  53. Epic Theatre: The Influences of Bertolt Brecht
  54. Epic Theatres
  55. Evaluation of a Theatre Performance
  56. Evidence and Documentation, by Joseph Donohue
  57. Fantastic Workshop at Homunculus Theatre Group
  58. Fantasy in Theatre
  59. From Routine to the Renovation of the Spanish Scene During the Second Half of the Twentieth Century.
  60. Genre Of Clowning (Theatre, Drama, Arts)
  61. German Theatre
  62. Goodman Theatre and Beyond
  63. Google Glass Augmented Reality ( Ar ) Technology
  64. Graduation Speech – Original Writing
  65. Greek and Elizabethan Teather: Kabuki Theatre
  66. Greek and Elizabethan Theatre
  67. Greek Theater in 5th Century BCE
  68. Greek Theatre
  69. Greenwich Theatre: Be My Baby
  70. Henrik Ibsen: The Father of Modernism in Theatre
  71. Hernani, by Victor Hugo
  72. Hieronimo on a Slippy Slope
  73. History as a Theatre
  74. history of theatre
  75. How Mother Courage And Her Children
  76. How the Medieval Period Impacted Elizabethan Period Theater
  77. I Saw a Life Performance at Birmingham Repertory Theatre
  78. Impact of Theatre on a Person
  79. Influential Scenic Designers in the History of Technical Theater Design
  80. Interactive Theatre As Immersive Theater
  81. Lighting the Scenes of Oedipus the King
  82. Lysistrat An Original Comedy Written By Aristophanes And Performed
  83. Martial Arts in Asian Theatre
  84. Metaphors for Viewing the Brain
  85. Modern Art: An Art of Expression and Freedom
  86. Motherhood, Otello And The Theatre Experience
  87. Motion Picture Industry: Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and Iron Man
  88. Musical Theatre : An Art Form Of Theatrical Performance
  89. Musical Theatre: The Process of Putting Together, and Being in a Musical
  90. Neil Simon, The Most Successful Playwright In The History Of Theatre
  91. New York City Broadway
  92. Opposing Traditional Theatre Norms
  93. Performance Lecture: Relationship with an Audience
  94. Performers in Eighteenth Century British Theatre
  95. Peter Shaffer: A Man Who Greatly Impacted Theatre
  96. Political Influence On Popular Theatre
  97. Presentation Given on Musical Theatre
  98. President Of The Greater Euclid Little Theatre
  99. Producing a Booking System for a Theatre or Cinema
  100. Producing Your Own Play
  101. Production Notes
  102. Realism and Gods Presence is a Crucial Part of all Social Anthropology.
  103. Realism in Theatre
  104. Reference to a Proposed Production of a play All My Sons
  105. Reflection of a Macbeth Performance in The Gamm Theatre
  106. Reflections on a Realism Theatre Workshop
  107. Regal Edwards Boise Downtown Stadium 9 Movie Theatre
  108. Reply to an Advertisement for an Actor to Play the Character of King Lear
  109. Revealing the Ambiguious Black Theatre
  110. Review of a live piece of theatre – Blood Brothers
  111. Richard Burbage and the Theatre
  112. Samuel Beckett and The Theatre of the Absurd
  113. Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre
  114. Social Sciences In Theatre
  115. Spanish Theatre and Its Influence in Latin America
  116. State Theatre
  117. STOMP at the Lowry Theatre
  118. Student Development in Theatre Arts
  119. Symbolism in the Glass Menagerie
  120. Symbolism of Italian and French Theatre and Opera
  121. The At The University Dance Theatre Spring Concert
  122. The Batman Theatre Shooting
  124. The Bethesda Theatre, Located in Bethesda, Maryland in the United States
  125. The Birth of the Absurdist Theatre
  126. The Buena Vista University Production Of Romeo And Juliet
  127. The Caucasian Chalk Circle By Bertolt Brecht
  128. The Consequence of Marriage
  129. The Definition of Dramaturgy
  130. The Effects of Advancements in Lighting on The Theatre Experience
  131. The English Renaissance Theatres, Stages, and Playwrights
  132. The Evolution of Theatrical Lighting Design
  133. The Federal Theater Project
  134. The Globe Theatre
  135. The Globe Theatre and The Elizabethan Audience
  136. The Globe Theatre and William Shakespeare Plays
  137. The History and Present Use of the Globe Theatre
  138. The History of Chicago’s Broadway
  139. The History of the Darling Theatre Company
  140. The History of Theatre: Aristophanes
  141. The Impact of Restoration Comedy on Theatre
  142. The Impact of Technology on Theatre
  143. The Influence of Chekhov and Ibsen on Singapore Theatre
  144. The Infringement Of The First Amendment In High School Theatre
  145. The Japanese Noh Theatre
  146. The Kabuki Theatre and Prostitution
  147. The Modern Morality Play
  148. The Morality Play: More than Just a Lesson Learned
  149. The National Comedy Theatre
  150. The Need for Theatre in Wyoming to Find Outside Funding
  151. The New Negro Movement
  152. The Orgins of Greek Theatre
  153. The Original Globe Theatre
  154. The Performance Of Live Theatre
  155. The Portrayal Of The Theatre Of The Absurd
  156. The Production Of The Grapes Of Wrath
  157. The Rebirth Of American Musical Theatre
  158. The Restoration Period: Reviving The Drama Scene
  159. The Role Of Theatre And Influential Practitioners Composers Stanislavski, Brecht And Brook
  160. The Roles, Salary, and Job Outlook of Directing
  161. The Satirical Essence Of Monty Python Imbibed Into Cotemporary Theatre
  162. The Shakespearean Theatre
  163. The Tallahassee Hispanic Theatre Presented Nights Of Ephemeral Love By Paloma Pedro
  164. The Theatre and its Identity Crisis
  165. The Theatre Metaphor in The Tempest
  166. The Theatre of Orson Welles
  167. The Three Globe Theatres: Shakespeare’s Theatre
  168. The Transition Between Film and Theater: War Horse
  169. The Various Theatres of War and the Final Outcome.
  170. The Victoria Theater
  171. Theater : A Complex Interpretation Of Essential Human Need
  172. Theatre and Popular Opinion In Eighteenth-Century Paris
  173. Theatre as a Platform for Addressing Current Issues in Society: A Number, by Caryl Churchill
  174. Theatre as Philosophy
  175. Theatre In Changing Society
  176. Theatre in the Community
  177. Theatre Is A Dying Art Form
  178. Theatre of the Absurd
  179. Theatre of the Absurd and Samuel Beckett
  180. Theatre Of The Absurd Humour Often Relies On A Sense Of Hopelessness And Violence.
  181. Theatre Ontario
  182. Theatre Play
  183. Theatre Response: A Christmas Play
  184. Theatre Review of Scorcher
  185. theatre Studies Portfolio.
  186. Theatrical Illumination
  187. Thesis About The Cherry Ochard And Peter Tromiov
  188. Threatre Review of Woman in Black
  189. To Know Our Foundations: The Greek and Elizabethan Eras
  190. Ukraine After The Chernobyl Disaster in 1986
  191. Uses of ICT in Theatres
  192. Using Stimuluses to Make a Final Performance
  193. Victorian Playwrights
  194. Waiting for Godot and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: The Theatre of the Absurd
  195. Waiting For Godot, By William Beckett
  196. What Does it Means to be a Theatre Director
  197. What is the federal theatre project
  198. What is the main contribution made by the chorus in The Burial at Thebes?
  199. When The Rain Stops Falling
  200. Why Does Theatre Survive
  201. Why was Elizabethan theatre so successful?
  202. Women in restoration theatre: stages of liberation

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