Computer Science Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 08.01.2020

List of 65 Computer Science Research Paper Topics

  1. A list of the most important technologies in human history and their effectiveness
  2. Acceptable forms of behaviour and morality – How did the internet change its perception?
  3. Algorithms and complexity
  4. Application of mathematical models in art
  5. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  6. Artificial intelligence researches – To fund or not to fund
  7. Automated and reasoning robots
  8. Biomedical informatics and computational biology
  9. Can computers effectively assist in the sequencing of human genes?
  10. Challenges and potential of biometric systems
  11. Cloud storages: benefits and drawbacks
  12. Computer graphics and visualization
  13. Computer science and evolvement of work-from-home opportunities – What the future holds
  14. Computer science and sequencing of human genes – How it all started
  15. Computer viruses: security risks and solutions
  16. Computers and robotics in future
  17. Concepts behind medical informatics
  18. Controlling data mining on public systems
  19. Databases: architecture and management
  20. Digital network security in protecting private information
  21. Embedded systems
  22. Encrypting and decrypting of data
  23. Enhancement of ATM and bank security
  24. Evolving technology – Is it now all in the size? Mobile devices and TV sets as case studies
  25. Future computer architecture
  26. Future of search engine algorithms
  27. How can we enhance human-computer interactions?
  28. How safe is cloud computing?
  29. How useful is SCRUM in agile software development?
  30. Human dependence on technology – How extreme is “extreme”?
  31. Impact of wearable technology
  32. Implantation of computer chips and recovery of stray pets – Should it be taken a step further?
  33. Is their harm in tracing lost pets with microchips?
  34. Is time travel mutually exclusive to computer science?
  35. Key benefits of an open source software
  36. Neural networks and deep learning
  37. Physical limits of computation and communication
  38. Prevent and mitigation of the denial-of-service attack
  39. Programming languages and systems
  40. Prospects of quantum computers.
  41. Role of big data analysis in business
  42. Role of ethical hackers
  43. Social media and the first world countries – Helping or creating issues?
  44. Social media and the third world countries – The story so far
  45. Technology – What impact has it had on traditional means of interactions
  46. The evolution of torrents in data sharing
  47. The fears about artificial intelligence – Are they justified?
  48. The future of networking and distributed systems
  49. The impact of computer science on methods of learning – The story so far
  50. The internet and morality – Pornography as a case study
  51. The negative and positive sides of evolving technology
  52. The possible changes of the Internet in future
  53. The relation between virtual reality and human perception
  54. Time travel and computer science – Examining the relationship
  55. Use of computer assistance in support services
  56. Video game technologies development – Should government fund development?
  57. What are the extremes of human dependence on technology?
  58. What is the impact of virtual reality?
  59. What is the relationship between time travel and computer science?
  60. What is the role of artificial intelligence in space exploration?
  61. What is the role of computer science in genetic altering of children?
  62. What will be the impact of Blockchain?
  63. What’s the concern with artificial intelligence?
  64. Why are there so much programming languages?
  65. Will machine learning be a groundbreaking technology in the future?

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