Architecture Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020

List of 76 Architecture Research Paper Topics

  1. A building as a symbol
  2. A postmodern business center
  3. Advanced structures & Lightweight architecture
  4. Airports design
  5. Architectural Conservation
  6. Architecture of the Future
  7. Architecture of Virtual World
  8. Assessing sustainability in the context of rapid urbanization
  9. Big cities vs. small towns
  10. Can architecture sustain water?
  11. Cities and Caliphs
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  13. Citizens are the ones that construct cities
  14. Classic architecture in the modern times
  15. Climatic buildings
  16. Community living in the urban scenario
  17. Constructing a virtual city
  18. Convention center
  19. Cultural Expressions in Architecture
  20. Design as a tool for creativity
  21. Designing a children’s room
  22. Disaster Resistant Buildings and Management
  23. Effective town planning and increased productivity
  24. Engineers as new architects
  25. Engineers in villages
  26. European architecture influences on Islam
  27. Footing insulation
  28. Greeks and Romans as architects
  29. Heritage and architecture
  30. Hospitals functioning
  31. How IoT affects urban design?
  32. How to build a low-cost housing
  33. How to build a skyscraper
  34. How to Distinguish the Islamic style from other Asian ones?
  35. How to understand little Islamic details in buildings
  36. Indo-Islamic Symbiosis in architecture
  37. Integrated design – Campus planning
  38. Intelligent Transport System Approach to Traffic Congestion
  39. Invisible signs of Islam
  40. Is sustainable urban development necessary?
  41. Islamic buildings in Europe
  42. Islamic religion and buildings
  43. Modern church reconstruction
  44. Modern theatre architecture
  45. Parametric design in architecture
  46. Parametric Modeling
  47. Planning For Educational Facilities In Rural Areas
  48. Protecting wildlife near urban areas- the need for sanctuary
  49. Reading postmodern cities
  50. Redesigning of highway – for sustainable urban mobility
  51. Repairs may be a threat to old buildings
  52. Resilient architecture
  53. Resort design
  54. Restaurants and urban revitalization
  55. Restoring an old national park
  56. Riddle of Islamic churches
  57. Role of Conservation in preserving cultural heritage
  58. Roman architecture through times
  59. Roman invasion in Greek cities
  60. Roman protochurches
  61. Roman temples
  62. Rural areas and architecture
  63. School of art and design
  64. Structures in Architecture
  65. Sustainable Design and Technology
  66. Symbols of Islam
  67. The 15th century in urban architecture
  68. The effect of modern design on culture
  69. The effect technology has on architecture
  70. The effects of uncontrolled housing developments
  71. The infrastructure of cities through time
  72. The ruins mean more than we might think
  73. The symbols of Roman buildings
  74. Traffic problems in cities
  75. Transit planning in small and medium-sized towns
  76. Vernacular Architecture and Settlement
  77. What should a media center look like?

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