Sports Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020
Sports Research Paper Topics

Many students may not expect that they will have to study in a library or reading academic resources they find online when it comes to Sports Research Paper Topics, but they need to know that such is opposite from the truth. When it comes to finding some interesting topic ideas for an effective research paper on sports, it is important to choose something that will not only earn you a perfect grade but will also be great to work on. Regardless of whether you’re interested in psychology, management, or history of sports, the Sports Research Paper Topics list created by Topics Mill team will be sure to help you with your papers.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of formal education, having to work on a writing assignment in your studies can be used to help you become a good professional in any field. Using any of the below titles will help you develop the best idea among your peers and make the most out of your written task.

List of 76 Sports Research Paper Topics

  1. A review of sporting culture among women. Are they fully participating in all countries?
  2. Academic Success through Athletic Invlolvement
  3. An insight to the history of baseball in America
  4. Are college football players receiving quality education? Or are they spending more time in the field?
  5. Are Football Fans Morons?
  6. Are sport celebrities overrated and over paid as compared to what they actually do? Why does an entire nation feel affiliated to a single football goal
  7. Are sports drinks that safe?
  8. Are women athletes prone to injuries than men?
  9. Athletes and protein how much is enough?
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  11. Can mental rehearsal and visualisation improve performance before competition?
  12. Can sports hypnosis improve healing on an injury?
  13. Can you do too much weight training?
  14. Discuss gender stratification through study of sports.
  15. Discuss natural grass versus artificial turf on playing fields.
  16. Discuss sports and nationalism.
  17. Discuss sports law and functions of a sports lawyer.
  18. Discuss the development of sports for the disabled in your country.
  19. Discuss the life and personality of Dennis Rodman.
  20. Discuss the role of lactic acid in an athlete’s performance.
  21. Discuss the sociological aspect of money and sportsmen.
  22. Discuss tips to avoid performance anxiety before a big game.
  23. Does an athlete need a sports manager?
  24. Does being athletic improve your intelligence?
  25. Does corruption in FIFA have an impact on football fans?
  26. Does European football differ from American football?
  27. Does youth sports play a part in character formation?
  28. Elite Sports Players Deserve their Enormous Income
  29. Explore sports journalism.
  30. Football is too dangerous for players
  31. Gambling in sports today has never created so many problems.
  32. Give examples to show sport events that are a clear depiction of extravagance and should have been spent to benefit human lives than making it a point of luxury
  33. Golf and social class. Is there a barrier for participation?
  34. Healthy career, unhealthy retirement
  35. How can sports injuries be prevented in rugby?
  36. How do anti inflammatory drugs work? Are they considered drugs?
  37. How has sports evolved with technological advances?
  38. Is advertising and promotional purpose behind a sport greater than the true soul of the sport itself?
  39. Is bubble football entertainment or a sport?
  40. Is it true that sport is among the easiest ways to scams in the third world?
  41. Is the involvement of huge amounts of money taking away the true spirit of a game?
  42. Is the result of the Bruce Protocol effective on flexibility of a sports person?
  43. Is there a correlation between aggression and hockey players?
  44. Is wrestling considered a healthy sport
  45. Life long benefits of child sports.
  46. Many superstars have insured their body parts. Do you see this as ethical?
  47. Muslim women and sports.
  48. Performance Enhancement through Biotechnology Has No Place in Sports
  49. Research on the history of ancient sports.
  50. Should cross gender coaching be encouraged?
  51. Should sports academies be in every county?
  52. Should sports betting be banned.
  53. Should women lift weights?
  54. Should women sports get more coverage than the male sports?
  55. Sport and gender. Transgender sportspeople
  56. Sports are essential to keep one’s soul and minds fresh. How true is this statement
  57. Sports betting and its negative impact on the society.
  58. Sports celebrities do not deserve high pays because their work is simple
  59. Sporty people are more intelligent
  60. The Benefits of Team Sports Participation
  61. The development and history of golf
  62. The issues that take place in coaching and the methods of coaching
  63. The role of media in promoting sports world wide.
  64. What are the attributes of a high school coach?
  65. What are the ramification of use of steroids and drugs in sports.
  66. What can be done to avoid shoulder related sports injuries?
  67. What challenges do sports nutritionist face with the athletes?
  68. What is the difference between indoor games and outdoor sports
  69. What is the impact of sports role models to the youth?
  70. What is the role of a sports psychologist?
  71. What is the whole host of problems that come as a prize of fame in sports?
  72. What proper measures can be taken to avoid sudden death in athletes during a game?
  73. When does topical pain relievers become unsafe for an athlete?
  74. Who is the best NBA basketball player of all time?
  75. Why Student Athletes Struggle with Time Management?
  76. Women Are Strong Enough To Overcome The Disadvantages in Sports
  77. Worship of Sports Teams and Athletes

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