International Relations Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 06.04.2020
International Relations Essay Topics

Most of you know that the world is in the need for good, effective management when it comes to politics, and the students who study the IR and related academic courses are potentially the ones who might help with it. Many teachers choose the writing assignment to top the list of the main instrument to encourage the reading activity, and that’s why offer interesting international relations essay topics for the students to work as professional researchers both online and in a library and find solutions to the problems the world is facing now due to some poor decisions made in the past. Why using the case study method might be the best idea?

First, it is the aim of education: to teach you how to convey your great ideas into the words so they can be used when applicable. Second, the international relations essay topics are not about finding the solution to the problem but come up with the most perfect one that considers all the stakeholders. (Think about the Iran Nuclear Deal only, and you’ll see why it’s important). Topics Mill’s topic titles for papers will set you in the mood for considering various factors when offering a comprehensive strategy to any of the following issues.

List of International Relations Essay Topics

  1. A Lesson For America
  2. A Rising China Will Benefit the US and Its Allies
  3. A Socioeconomic View of Globalization
  4. Al Qaeda: Origins, Development and Objectives
  5. American And Russian Conflict
  6. American Foreign Policy: Human Rights and Democratization
  7. American Hegemony During The Cold War
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  9. American Influence and Foreign Policy in Iranian Revolution and Iranian Hostage Crisis
  10. An Analysis of Joseph Nye’s Use of “Soft Power” and its Relationship with Morality in International Relations
  11. An Examination Of Us Foreign Policy
  12. Analysis of the Importance of Domestic Policies to International Relations
  13. Anti-colonial Global Inequality and Justice
  14. Anti-dumping is a Necessary Part of International Trade Legislation
  15. Approaches in Decision Making for Foreign Policy
  16. Central Concepts to the study of International Relations in the Caribbean.
  17. Chile and Peru Tacna-Arica and US Involvement
  18. China: History, Politics and Economy of this Great Country
  19. Chinese-Australian Relations
  20. Colonial International Relations
  21. Commodore Matthew Perry and Trade with Japan
  22. Compare and Contrast Between Rwanda and Darfur Genocide, from the Constructivism and Realism Perspectives
  23. Concept of Security in the Context of International Relations
  24. Constructionism Theoretical Critique
  25. Crimea and Ukraine – 2014 Crises
  26. Critical Review: Bradley A. Thayer, Bring in Darwin: Evolutionary theory, Realism, and International Relations
  27. Cross-Cultural Communication
  28. Divisions and Conflicts Between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus
  29. Do We Need Foreign Students?
  30. Dynamics of Change in International Relations
  31. Early US-Chilean Relations and the War of the Pacific
  32. Effects from the Dispute between China and Japan over Senkaku Island
  33. Enhancing the Tourist Destination: An analysis of the Official Tourism Website of Indonesia
  34. Ethics and International Relations
  35. Expectations and Challenges Regarding Intervention of China in the African Continent
  36. Foreign Policies And Foreign Policy
  37. Freedom of Protest in Youth Movement
  38. Future of English
  39. GA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee
  40. Gender And International Relations, Men And Masculinities
  41. Gender in International Relations
  42. Germany and United States Relations
  43. Global Communication
  44. Global Power Dynamic
  45. Globalization and International Relations
  46. Globalization and Regional Institutions
  47. Guyana and the New World Group
  48. History using in the bilateral relations
  49. How Destabilization of South Sudan Would Effect U.S. Foreign Policy
  50. How Does We Solve World Peace?
  51. How I Chose to Study International Relations
  52. How Much Influence Do International Organizations Have on States?
  53. Human Nature in International Relations
  54. Human Rights
  55. Humanitarian Intervention
  56. Idealism and Realism in International Relations
  57. Impact of Globalization on People
  58. Impact of Great Depression on International Relations in the 1930s
  59. International Affairs: Public Relations
  60. International Business
  61. International Communication
  62. International Governance: The United Nations
  63. International Journal Of Intercultural Relations
  64. International Organizations
  65. International Politics Of The Twentieth Century
  66. International Relations
  67. International Relations And Global Politics
  68. International Relations and Its Three Theories
  69. International Relations And World Politics
  70. International Relations As A Moral Compass
  71. International Relations Can Be Viewed Under Realism Or Liberalism
  72. International Relations in Robert O. Kehoane and Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Power and Interdependence
  73. International Relations Midterm
  74. International Relations of Asia
  75. International Relations of Djibouti
  76. International Relations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  77. International Relations Perspectives
  78. International Relations Questions and Answers
  79. International Relations Relating to Humanitarian Intervention
  80. International Relations Theories, Liberalism, Supports Free Trade
  81. International Relations Theorists
  82. International Relations Theory and the Terrorists Attacks of September 11
  83. International Relations Theory: Changes in the Hierarchy of International Politics
  84. International Relations, Realism And Liberalism
  85. International Relations: Beirut, Lebano and the US
  86. International Relations: Japan’s Engagement with China, 1990-2010
  87. International Relations: Liberalism and Realism
  88. International Security
  89. International Trade Relations
  90. Investigation of International Relations between Arabs and China
  91. Iran-Contra Affair
  92. Ireland’s Attractiveness for Foreign Direct Investment
  93. Is American Foreign Policy in the Middle East from 1945-2003 Driven by Their Desire for Oil?
  94. Is India Really and Emerging Super Power?
  95. Is Turkey Ready to Be Part of the European Union?
  96. Kantian Peace Theory: Insight Ino the Future Relations Between the United States and China
  97. Latin American Foreign Policies And The Regional And International Level
  98. Mainstream International Relations Has Excluded Multiplicity of Voices and Issues
  99. Mankind Must Put an End to War Before War Puts an End to Mankind
  100. Maximizing Naitonal Security Through Foreign Policy
  101. Modernization: Afghanistan vs. Turkey
  102. Negotiations in International Relations
  103. Neo-Realism and Liberalism: Comparing These Two Different Frameworks Used in International Relations
  104. Nepal to Qatar Migrant Flow: Ugly On the Inside
  105. North Korea International Relations: A Realistic Interpretation
  106. Overview of Geopolitics
  107. Perceptions and Misperceptions between the United States of America and the USSR during the Early Cold War
  108. Policy Brief Addressed To the South African Government Regarding Intervention
  109. Power and International Relations
  110. Power Of The Sea Region
  111. Problem Statement and Relevance of the Study
  112. Public Diplomacy
  113. Realism : Classical, Structuralist And Offensive
  114. Realism and Constructivism
  115. Realism And Liberalism : The Cold War
  116. Realism During the 1994 Rwanda Genocide
  117. Relations Between Iran and US
  118. Relationship Issues
  119. Relevance between Feminist Theories and International Relations
  120. Review of the Korean War
  121. Russia: Lost in Transition
  122. Scottish Separatist Movement – Yes Scotland vs. Better Together
  123. Self-Interest on the International Stage
  124. Should the United States Get Involved in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict?
  125. Should the United States Lift the Embargo on Cuba?
  126. Should Veto Power be Abolished in the U.N. Security Council?
  127. South Afric and Its Participation in International Relations
  128. Sovereignty is of declining significance in international relations
  129. Study of History and Theory of International Relations
  130. Summary of the debate between Thomas Pogge and Mathias Risse Regarding Our Obligation to the Global Poor
  131. Taiwan, Taipei: Why Does the Chinese Communist Party Place so Much Emphasis on Naming the Island?
  132. Terrorism and International Relations
  133. Terrorism and World Politics
  134. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the United Nations
  135. The Cases Of Bosnia, Haiti And Somalia In The Early 1990ies And Their Importance To American Foreign Policy Values.
  136. The Change Nature of Islam
  137. The Civil War in Sudan its Historical Background and its Effects on Comparative Politics and International Relations
  138. The Collapse Of The Soviet Union
  139. The Columbian Exchange: A Giant Step Towards Globalization
  140. The Concept of Power in International Politics
  141. The Contrasting Development of Democratic and Authoritarian States
  142. The Danger of Nuclear Weapons versus the Necessity of Nuclear Weapons
  143. The Democratic Peace Theory
  144. The Devastating Effects of Human Trafficking in South Africa
  145. The Economic And Political Policies Of The United States In Relation To Wto, Nafta, Eu And Balance Of Trade
  146. The Effects of Imperialism
  147. The English School: A Via Media
  148. The GCC and the International Relations of the Gulf: Diplomacy, Security and Economic Coordination in a Changing Middle East by Matteo Legranzi
  149. The Globalization Of International Relations
  150. The Good Neighbor Policy
  151. The Greatest Cause of War
  152. The Impact of Climate Change and Hostile International Relations on the Philippines
  153. The Impact of International Relations between China and Zambia
  154. The Impact of Liberalism on International Relations
  155. The Importance of Military Ethics in War
  156. The Importance of Oil in Saudi Arabia
  157. The Importance of the United Nations Security Council
  158. The Intergovernmental Authority on Development
  159. The International System Experiences Periods Of Order And Disorder
  160. The Just War Theory Described in Living Justice by Thomas Massaro
  161. The Late Arrival of Feminist Approaches to the Study of International Relations Theory
  162. The Link Between Hong Kong and their Economic Future
  163. The Maturation of War
  164. The Negative Role of Realism in World Politics
  165. The New Sovereignty in the International System
  166. The Nixon Doctrine and Its Effects on International Relations
  167. The Problem Of International Relations
  168. The Problem of Oversea Military Bases
  169. The Process of Reforming the United Nations
  170. The Process Towards Globalization
  171. The Prominence of Sex in International Government Relations
  172. The Raise of China and India, Questions and Answers
  173. The Realist and Liberalist Perspectives on International Relations and US Policy Stance Toward Iraq
  174. The Realist Approach to International Relations
  175. The Relationship Between Britain and the European Union
  176. The Role of Diplomacy and International Relations in the 19th Century
  177. The Role Of The Major American Philanthropic Foundations Of The Rockefeller And The Carnegie Foundation
  178. The Second Industrial Revolution and International Relations
  179. The Skeptic Theory of Morality in International Relations
  180. The State of US-EU Relations
  181. The Strengths and Weaknesses of International Law
  182. The Structural Theory Of International Relations
  183. The Theories Of International Politics
  184. The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom
  185. The United States Agency Of International Development
  186. Theory Of International Relations And Foreign Policy
  187. Three Traditions of International Theory
  188. To What Extent Did the Zimmerman Telegram Influenced the United States Decision to Enter WWI on the Side of the Allies
  189. Truman and the Creation of Israel
  190. Turkey: A Nation that Possesses Both Western and Islamic Features
  191. Types of Unemployment, Labour Relations, Trade Unions in South Africa and Other Concepts
  192. Understanding International Relations
  193. Understanding International Relations Through Level of Analysis
  194. US Foreign and Defence Policies
  195. US Foreign Policy: Past and Present
  196. US involvement in Peru and Chile
  197. US Needs to Have Energy Independence
  198. US-China Cooperation or Conflict
  199. US-China Forthcomings
  200. Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
  201. Water In the Middle East: Prospects for Conflict and Cooperation
  202. Ways to a Stronger Foothold: Djibouti
  203. Weaknesses And Weaknesses Of The International Political Administration
  204. Western states and Security Concerns
  205. Which Poses a Greater Threat to US National Security: Russia or China?
  206. Why I Want to Study International Relations
  207. Why Is Power Central to Realist Perspectives of International Relations?
  208. Why the Soviet Union Signed a Pact of Non-Agression in 1939
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