Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020

The topic of healthcare management is not only interesting but also important as it makes for the effective and safe activities of healthcare services in various contexts and professional institutions. Finding and having to choose appropriate Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics can be a complicated task for many students. While some topics can require you to spend one too many study sessions in a library or online doing all the writing and reading jobs, others simply won’t make a cut for the perfect grade.

At Topics Mill, we know that you may need some assistance, which is exactly why we decided to help you and compile this great list of Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics. We find it important for good titles to be used as ideas for academic papers. If you want to make the most out of your studies and make higher education work for you, we think that using the best topics for every paper assignment is a great idea.

List of 37 Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

  1. 4 functions of management in a healthcare setting
  2. ABC hospital as a privately owned community hospital
  3. Accounting & financial reporting in healthcare institutions
  4. Challenges confronted by the healthcare management team to manage the privacy of patients.
  5. Coordination & administration of patients plus other nurse’s duties
  6. Difficulty to maintain the politeness and collect the charges from rude and stubborn patients for financial manager of the healthcare sector.
  7. How a hospital can be ensured about free of criminal occupancy by the management?
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  9. How to deal with the financial crises in a hospital by managing the proper supply of drugs and other sorts of medicines to patients?
  10. How to develop and maintain the infrastructure of hospital owing to the fact that you are the part of the management team of that hospital.
  11. How to manage the patients with criminal backgrounds in your hospital being a healthcare manager?
  12. How to manage the problem of low staff in your hospital to serve all the patients equally?
  13. How to motivate your staff of the hospital to bring out the maximum output from their work for the hospital?
  14. How to save your healthcare department in which you are serving as a management part from getting into any sort of disgrace related to the infrastructure?
  15. How to utilize the profit money in the development of hospital being a financial manager of the hospital?
  16. Importance of maintaining and managing secret records of your patient’s history and not disclosing it to anyone.
  17. Is it good to leave payment from the poor patient to enhance the market reputation of the hospital?
  18. Legal responsibility of the hospital administration
  19. Management principles for healthcare professionals
  20. Methods used to improve staff relations in healthcare environment
  21. People who are responsible for any failures during the surgeries
  22. Public vs private hospitals
  23. Role of financial management software and its knowledge in the healthcare department for the management.
  24. Should every member of staff be asked to come on weekends and not given with any left to run a hospital smoothly?
  25. The correlation between the quality of patient service and revenue
  26. The impact of regular staff training on the quality of patient services
  27. The role of human resources management in hospitals
  28. The role of surgeons in the healthcare setting
  29. Things to keep in mind for maintaining a good relationship between the members of your staff.
  30. Third-party Payers
  31. Utilization of the hospital fund in the development of infrastructure. Is it a good idea or not?
  32. Ways how a typical registered nurse can become a physician
  33. What is the role of the healthcare management team to maintain the security of patients?
  34. What serious challenges can be thrown towards the management team in case of poor staff?
  35. What type of infrastructure facilities are common and crucial to be managed in every hospital to give comfort to patients?
  36. What type of roles a management team plays in taking the decision related to the infrastructure of the hospital?
  37. Why infrastructure management of healthcare is very crucial and how to develop it?
  38. Why it is important to preserve the rights of staff members in the healthcare sector to manage the daily activities of the hospital in the best way?