Middle East Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020
List of 45 Middle East Research Paper Topics

The Middle East is the region that arguably has the most vivid and complicated history. Such countries as Iran and Saudi Arabia, among many others, have been the world’s source of not only oil but also a plethora of cultural, religious, and social ideas and values for many centuries. Unquestionably, each student who is interested in history, politics, and international relations should take into account these principles in this geographical context. Because of such a fact, Middle Eastern research topics are often quite popular among college and university students.

However, we understand that since so many topics have already been examined, it can be hard to find innovative and interesting topics to write about when talking about the Middle East. Below, you’ll find our ideas for the Middle East research paper topics, which were specifically chosen for you to be able to explore many concepts. So, if you’re interested in history, culture, or international relations, be sure to check the Middle East research topics at the bottom of this page.

List of 45 Middle East Research Paper Topics

  1. A Conceptual Study of the Traditional Islamic Ideology in the Middle East.
  2. A Research on the Impact of Media in Middle Eastern Wars.
  3. A Study on how and when Middle East Political Disputes Began.
  4. A study on Increasing Population of the Middle East and The Risks It Causes
  5. A Study on Influence of Religious History in the Middle East.
  6. A Study on Overgrowing Refugee Problem in Middle East.
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  8. Are Foreign Forces a Cause of Palestine-Israel Conflict
  9. Bhutan and it’s effort/results of keeping itself relatively isolated and happy
  10. Border Clashes and causes?
  11. Changes in the Persian Gulf
  12. Depleting water sources in the region and its consequences of how the countries act?
  13. Exporting Computers to Saudi Arabia
  14. How and Why Turkey Adopted to both Western and Islamic Principles.
  15. How has the Great Pyramid of Egypt Managed to Stay Undamaged for over a Century?
  16. How Historical problems originated in the Middle East?
  17. How India’s growing economy changed the world’s political stance towards it?
  18. How Saudi Arabia Became a Leader in the Middle East
  19. How the Discovery of Oil Changed The Middle Eastern Economy
  20. How the Ottoman’s Got Out of the Middle East
  21. How the Palestine Conflict Started.
  22. India-China – changing dynamic relationship and it’s impact on the World
  23. India-Pakistan-China-Afghanistan – the Balancing act
  24. India-Sri Lanka Relationship and the reason for Love/Hate
  25. India’s increasing need for oil and other resources and how it shapes geo-politics
  26. India’s naxalite question? who are they? what are their purposes?
  27. India’s new act east policy and how it affects the region?
  28. Indo-Iranian relationships and the prospects it holds for the future
  29. Iran-Pakistan relationship – why all the love/hate? and what it means for the middle east
  30. Marketing Music and Software CDs in Saudi Arabia
  31. Middle Eastern Women
  32. Nepal and the Gurkha’s and their effects on the political landscape between India and China and the effects of their people serving in foreign armed forces
  33. Pakistan, terrorism, nuclear weapons and their effect on Afghanistan’s democratic process
  34. Pakistan’s relationship with the Saudi’s and how it has affected the path the country went on?
  35. SAARC and the complex relationship
  36. Sri Lanka’s enamor with India’s rivals (first Pakistan now China)?
  37. Sri Lankan Civil War, spread of refugees/diaspora over decades and their effect on the Civil War and world politics
  38. The China-Sri Lanka Axis
  39. the dynamic India-Bangladesh Relationship and the effect/dynamic it brings to the region and the world
  40. The Impact of War on the Middle East.
  41. The Role of Foreign Countries in the Prevailing Unrest in the Middle East
  42. Why America’s Interest in the Middle East is Growing Day by Day
  43. Why Jews Started to Settle in Palestine
  44. Why Saudi Arabia Remain Safe During World War II
  45. Why Was Turkey Unaffected During World War II
  46. Zionism, The Jews, & Modern History

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