Persuasive Speech Topics For High School

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 79 Persuasive Speech Topics For High School

  1. Is imprisonment an effective punishment?
  2. Should body piercing/tattooing be banned?
  3. Should learning foreign language be made mandatory in schools?
  4. Are chat rooms safe?
  5. Is censorship effective/appropriate?
  6. Teachers should be paid according to performance.
  7. Press rights/freedom of press should be severed.
  8. Human cloning is a boon/bane.
  9. Ban on mobile phones in certain areas.
  10. Should paparazzi be banned?
  11. Gender equality is a must in every nation.
  12. Severe eligibility criteria should be set for diplomats and statesmen.
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  14. Use of arms is essential for personal security in high tension areas.
  15. Should casinos be banned?
  16. Computers should be provided for free to students.
  17. Ban on keeping certain animals as pets.
  18. Juvenile criminals should be subjected to psychiatrist treatment.
  19. Proper diet and sleep is very essential.
  20. Use of fireworks should be banned.
  21. Juvenile criminals should be sentenced like adult criminals.
  22. Sex education should be mandatory in schools.
  23. Vaccinations should be made compulsory.
  24. Wrestling/boxing should be banned.
  25. Immigration laws should be severed/relaxed.
  26. Use of animals for any form of entertainment should be banned.
  27. Voting should be mandatory.
  28. Use of solar power should be made mandatory in tropical regions.
  29. Drinking should not be permitted without a license.
  30. People should be made aware of pollution and its harmful effects.
  31. There should be a standardized system of measurement all over the world.
  32. Which is better: Hamlet or Macbeth?
  33. Paper is the most useful thing on the Earth.
  34. Being a single parent can also be fun.
  35. Life without Internet is impossible.
  36. Working women face more difficulties than housewives.
  37. Do ghosts exist?
  38. Is there life after death?
  39. Unsolicited phone calls/junk mail be banned.
  40. Use of artificial sweeteners.
  41. Do movies actually inspire people?
  42. Fad diets can be life-threatening.
  43. Tipping for service should be banned.
  44. Charity/community service should be made compulsory.
  45. Is Internet dating harmful?
  46. Small towns/villages are better than metro cities.
  47. Finance education should be compulsory in high school.
  48. Safety measures in college laboratories.
  49. Beauty pageants set false rules on beauty.
  50. All citizens in the world should have the right to practice any religion.
  51. Advancement in technology is a boon/bane for children.
  52. The history of abortion
  53. Contraceptives and their role in society’s history
  54. Discrimination at school and its impact on the students
  55. The impact of bilingualism on school progress
  56. Who should be held liable for students’ progress – parents or school?
  57. The Internet and its control measures: how justifiable they are?
  58. Should education be free?
  59. Marijuana legalization: pros and cons
  60. How justifiable are vaccines?
  61. The impact of dieting on weight loss: does it bring more harm than good?
  62. The latest facts about anorexia
  63. Latest stats about obesity and its reasons
  64. Should mandatory physical training be a part of school education?
  65. Sleep disorders: causes and effects
  66. Can parents impose a vegetarian lifestyle on their under-age children?
  67. The role of religion in society
  68. How does technology affect our daily communication?
  69. Equality: what is it and can it be achieved?
  70. The hazards of alcoholism
  71. Should the drinking age be changed in the US?
  72. Should the government legalize drugs?
  73. Can distance education be considered effective?
  74. How far is social media affecting our lives?
  75. Spam abuse: its effect on our communication
  76. Cyber theft: should we introduce stricter laws?
  77. How is plastic surgery affecting our self-esteem?
  78. Eating disorders and their psychological causes
  79. How far should social workers go in controlling domestic violence?
  80. Should prostitution be legalized?

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