Expository Essay Topics For High School

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 24.01.2020

List of Expository Essay Topics For High School

  1. Attaining Peace
  2. Describe the change of communication in the Era of Technology.
  3. Does your emotional state affect your memory?
  4. Dogs as Pets
  5. Dwell on the issue that does not get enough attention. Why is it so?
  6. Enumerate some useful ways students can spend their leisure time.
  7. Explain the consequences of constant procrastination.
  8. Explore how obesity affects a nation’s productivity and economy.
  9. Gun Control
  10. Highlight the interrelation between the mood and time perception.
  11. History of Pepsi
  12. History of Television
  13. How can humanity deal with Earth’s overpopulation?
  14. How do you plan to change the world?
  15. How does workplace organization affect the working process?
  16. How Racism Emerges
  17. How to reduce the influence of the social media on our lives?
  18. Humor and Stress
  19. Invent and describe a brand-new religion.
  20. Is it possible to overcome racism/discrimination?
  21. Mars
  22. Reality TV and Its Impact on Teenagers
  23. Should people try to create artificial intelligence?
  24. Speak about the generation of consumers. How to be a wise consumer?
  25. Stress Coping Mechanisms
  26. The American Dream
  27. The Carpathian Mountains
  28. The Causes of War
  29. The Dangers of Uber
  30. The Fear of Success
  31. The History of Tennis
  32. The History of Walmart
  33. The Nile
  34. The Role of Men
  35. Top 10 useful and interesting activities with youngsters.
  36. Virtual Reality
  37. What are the ways to catch the liar?
  38. What can video games teach youngsters?
  39. What symbolizes your culture?
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