Cancer Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020

List of 22 Cancer Research Paper Topics

  1. Are children with cancer more likely to develop it again as an adult?
  2. Cancer is a deadly disease but can it relate to the foods we eat, lifestyles we follow and the cultures we have adopt
  3. Cancer patients who have survived without medical treatment and fighting off with their will power and meditation
  4. Controversial differences between radiation and chemo therapies.
  5. Every one in four woman is prone to have breast cancer, what are the reasons for this high level risk and what is the government doing about it
  6. How is it possible that after years of research and in an age of information and technology, there is no ailment for cancer?
  7. How to encourage cancer patients to join support programs and therapies to help them feel better
  8. If excessive use of cellphone or earplugs causes brain cancer than why are these technologies not revised and why does the government let them sell such products
  9. Is cancer a genetic disease? Can anyone be a victim of this disease or does this have something to do with genetics, race, demographics and geographical regions
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  11. Is it possible to cure cancer through medication, therapy, belief system, religious practices or yet any other method. If so, why does the rest of the world not adopt it
  12. Life of a cancer patient, what troubles they face when feeling extremely happy or extremely sad, Is life any better with or without the treatment
  13. Most effective cancer treatments helping people live longer.
  14. Psychological effects of cancer.
  15. Rising costs of cancer treatments.
  16. Rising rates of childhood cancer development.
  17. Understanding where donations go in relation to cancer research.
  18. Ways cancer survivors help themselves live longer.
  19. What causes lung cancer other than smoking, what are the possibilities of a non-smoker having cancer and a smoker not having lung cancer
  20. What is the best way to stay cancer free if you do not want to have a deadly disease and how to tell if someone will never have it
  21. What steps is the government taking to spread awareness about cancer, its different types, its causes and prevention
  22. Why a cure is out there but not being talked about.
  23. Why cancer research costs so much money?

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