Sports Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 30.12.2019

List of 409 Sports Debate Topics

  1. A female minor league pitcher once struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig: Are there enough good female baseball players to warrant a professional women’s league?
  2. A sheriff claims he was bullied by the NFL in his investigation of kicker Josh Brown. Did the NFL use undue influence?
  3. According to statistics and performance, do you feel Germany should have won the World Cup?
  4. Adidas and Manchester United deal: Is it ethical for a company to pay to have its logo on a certain team’s jerseys?
  5. After this incident, should Ryan Lochte get his Olympic medals taken away?
  6. Another Australian Open surprise: The return of the old Roger Federer. Will Federer’s comeback last?
  7. Another win for the Warriors: Is their lucky streak going to last?
  8. Antonio Brown snagged a 6 figure Facebook deal. Is bad behavior rewarded in the NFL?
  9. Are “powderpuff” sports sexist?
  10. Are athletes today only in it for the money?
  11. Are bowl games in colder destinations where it might snow appealing to watch?
  12. Are bullfights good?
  13. Are cowboys good or are they bad yes is good no is bad.
  14. Are cricketers given more importance than other sports people?
  15. Are dates between professional atheletes newsworthy?
  16. Are drugs in sports bad?
  17. Are Existing Testing Efforts Effective in Detecting the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs?
  18. Are famous athletes role models for youngsters.
  19. Are hockey players too spoiled?
  20. Are men’s afl players overpaid?
  21. Are mixed martial arts another form of human cockfighting?
  22. Are northern Italians on average nicer than southern Italians?
  23. Are Olympic Gymnast at serious risk for injury?
  24. Are parents of child athletes out of control today?
  25. Are sport stars paid too much?
  26. Are sport teams entitled to punish members that are exposed as homosexuals
  27. Are sports important?
  28. Are sports more important than the arts?
  29. Are sports needed with studies?
  30. Are sports personalities more interested in making money than sports?
  31. Are swim goggles a thing of the past?
  32. Are the Blackhawks one of the best teams in NHL history?
  33. Are the Giants still capable of making the championships after Victor Cruz’s knee injury?
  34. Are the Green Bay Packers the best sports franchise
  35. Are the Montreal Canadiens the best NHL team to exist?
  36. Are the Oklahoma City Thunder going to reach the NBA Finals?
  37. Are the Olympics important?
  38. Are the Philadelphia Eagles capable of making the playoffs this upcoming season?
  39. Are the Philadelphia Eagles giving Tim Tebow his last shot at the NFL?
  40. Are the Red Sox trading away too many of their talented central players?
  41. Are the rules regarding how coaches treat players too strict?
  42. Are the San Antonio Spurs the best NBA franchise of the 21st century?
  43. Are the Yankees better than the Astros?
  44. Are there cultural benefits of hosting the Olympics?
  45. Are there too many rules on physicality in sports?
  46. Are too many intentional fouls allowed in NBA games?
  47. Are we over-emphasizing cricket at the cost of other games?
  48. Arrest Warrant Withdrawn for Josh Gordon after DNA Test: Should Gordon be suspended for entirety of 2016 NFL Season?
  49. As an American, does it matter to you if America wins at the Olympics or not?
  50. As of 2014, has Ben Roethlisberger passed his prime?
  51. Attractive jersey in Women’s world cup
  52. Based upon recent comments, should Jonathan Papelbon request to be traded from the Philadelphia Phillies?
  53. Belgium beats South Korea: Does Belgium have the most delicious waffles in the world?
  54. Bill Haas leads Masters after 68: Will he be able to beat the odds and hold onto his lead?
  55. Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup: Did Duncan Keith deserve the 2015 Conn Smythe Trophy?
  56. Blue Jackets on a win streak: Is hockey the best sport in the world?
  57. Brittney Griner domestic violence arrest: Should the WNBA do more to address its domestic violence problem?
  58. Broncos CB Aqib Talib was shot in the leg: should the incident force him to leave the Broncos?
  59. Brooks Wheelan fired from Saturday Night Live: Will Wheelan be better off post-SNL?
  60. Bryce harper is best baseball player of all time
  61. Buffalo Bills sold for more than $1 billion: Did Pegulas spend more than the team’s worth?
  62. Can Albania advance at Euro Cup?
  63. Can Andrew Luck save the Colts?
  64. Can cycling’s doping culture be fixed?
  65. Can Iceland win the Euro 2016 soccer competition?
  66. Can Jeremy Lin Rebuild the Brooklyn Nets?
  67. “Can Liverpool win the title this year?
  68. 5 Games to go and they have the players, but can they do it.”
  69. Can Shane McMahon defeat the Undertaker?
  70. Can sports athletes impact social change?
  71. Can the Arizona Cardinals sustain their momentum through the second half of the season?
  72. Can the O’s win the World Series?
  73. Can the Rio Olympics be seen as a success after so many empty seats?
  74. Can you trust NFL game predictions?
  75. Cardale Jones turns down the draft: Should college athletes be able to accept pay before their NCAA careers?
  76. Carson Wentz played well in his debut for the Eagles. Will he have a good rookie year?
  77. Cheerleading IS A Sport
  78. China Closes 111 Golf Courses: Should China Close Off Sports to Save its Environment?
  79. Chris Carter teamed up with Twitter after being dropped by ESPN. Does Twitter enhance viewing the game?
  80. Clayton Kershaw’s No-Hitter: Was it the best pitching in history?
  81. Cleveland Cavaliers Interested in Rajon Rondo and Mario Chalmers: Are these two the best options for Cleveland Cavaliers?
  82. Cleveland had its parade to celebrate its NBA championship. Should municipalities spend money on these parades?
  83. Clippers vs. Warriors: Do you believe that Stephen Curry was fouled at the end of game 3?
  84. Coastal Carolina tops Arizona to tie CWS finals. Will they win it all?
  85. Competitive sport does more harm than good to students
  86. Could the Utah Jazz have done better in the NBA Finals if they had not traded Kawhi Leonard?
  87. Cowboys Beat Steelers: Is Ezekiel Elliott Rookie-of-the-Year Material?
  88. Cricketer should not be allowed to take part in advertisements
  89. Cubs are trash
  90. Curry defeats Harden on the playoff court: Is Stephen Curry worthy of his MVP title?
  91. Dak Prescott: Is he Dallas salvation
  92. David Luiz returned to Stamford Bridge on Transfer Deadline Day for £30m on a three-year deal. Will this lead to higher pay for soccer players?
  93. DeMarcus Cousins: Should the Kings trade Cousins?
  94. Derrick Gordon: Is it important for sports stars to disclose their sexual orientation?
  95. Despite his constant battle with alcohol addiction, should an NFL team sign Johnny Manziel?
  96. Detroit has put in more bids to host the Olympics than any other city that has never been selected: Are the Olympics selection processes fair?
  97. Did bad refs impact the outcome of the Colts-Eagles game on 9/15?
  98. Did Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester grease the ball during World Series Game 1?
  99. Did Carson Palmer go too far with his birthday suit?
  100. Did Germany deserve the 2014 world cup win?
  101. Did gymnast Oksana Chusovitina prove that age is just a number?
  102. Did Ken Griffey Jr. earn his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
  103. Did Lindsey Vonn break up with Tiger Woods in order to focus on her skiing career?
  104. Did Michael Sam use his sexuality to get ahead in the draft?
  105. Did Paterno know about the abuse?
  106. Did the emotions of dealing with Joe McKnight’s death help USC win?
  107. Did the Toronto Maple Leafs get the better end of the Phil Kessel deal?
  108. Dirty trick or smart tactic: Did L.T. go to far sending hookers to his opponents’ rooms the night before a big game?
  109. Do American viewers deserve to become eligible to vote upon the continuing employment of sports broadcasters such as Bob Costas and Cris Collinsworth?
  110. Do Athletes Gain an Unfair Advantage by Using Performance Enhancing Drugs?
  111. Do athletes get paid too much?
  112. Do Olympic parents push too hard?
  113. Do professional athletes receive too much money today?
  114. Do professional athletes, musicians, and actors get paid too much?
  115. Do prostitutes frequent sporting events?
  116. Do sports and drugs controversies negatively impact children who idolize sports professionals?
  117. Do sports teams do better when they have more enthusiastic fans?
  118. Do the Cavs rely too much on two players?
  119. Do the Denver Broncos have a shot at winning the 2015 Super Bowl?
  120. Do the Detroit Lions really play worse in cold weather?
  121. Do the Red Wings need a new stadium?
  122. Do the St. Louis Blues have a shot at winning the 2013-2014 Stanley Cup?
  123. Do Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger deserve their recent successes?
  124. Do u think sports is better than movies and why???
  125. Do women deserve equal prize money?
  126. Do you agree that Aaron Rodgers is still the best quarterback in the NFL?
  127. Do you agree with Shaun White’s decision to drop out of slopestyle at the Olympics?
  128. Do you agree with the IOC’s decision to allow Transgender athletes to compete as the other sex in the Olympics without having gender reassignment surgery?
  129. Do you believe collisions at home plate should still be allowed in the MLB?
  130. Do you believe England is experiencing a golden generation with their current crop of players?
  131. Do you believe professional sports focus more on money (yes) or playing well (no)?
  132. Do you believe sports are as important as American makes them out to be?
  133. Do you believe that real Madrid is talented enough to win the world cup?
  134. Do you believe the game of Cricket is still viable in today’s society?
  135. Do you believe the sport of Cricket receives too much money and too much attention?
  136. Do you care about the Mexico vs. Netherlands soccer game?
  137. Do you support a salary cap in professional sports?
  138. Do you think all major college conferences should have their own TV network? (Big Ten Network, Pac 12 Network)
  139. Do you think bodybuilding is a legitimate sport?
  140. Do you think ex-Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck is guilty of rape?
  141. Do you think ggg could beat up canelo alvarez
  142. Do you think it was a steal that the NY Jets picked up USC’s Defensive Tackle Leonard Williams with the number 6 pick?
  143. Do you think Matt Kemp’s trade to the Padres will hurt the Dodgers’ chances next season?
  144. Do you think NFL should keep airing on tv after the protest?
  145. Do you think NFL Thursday night games are negatively affecting the quality of play?
  146. Do you think Novak Djokovic will win Wimbledon this year?
  147. Do you think Olympic runner Caster Semenya uses performance enhancing drugs?
  148. Do you think paintball is a sport?
  149. Do you think something needs to be done about concussions in the NFL?
  150. Do you think steroids should be allowed in the Olympic games?
  151. Do you think Texas A&M’s Howard Matthews should be punished for punching the opposing team’s player?
  152. Do you think that 18 should be the legal age to ride a horse with a helmet?
  153. Do you think that athletes should be paid more than government officials?
  154. Do you think that The Vikings will make it to the Superbowl without Norv Turner?
  155. Do you think the Baltimore Orioles will advance to the World Series?
  156. Do you think the heavy police presence for the 2015 Boston Marathon is overkill?
  157. Do you think the Nashville Predators can beat the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 4 of the Western Conference First Round?
  158. Do you think the Packers will continue to have a good season?
  159. Do you think the Rams NFL team should stay in St. Louis?
  160. Do You Watch the Super Bowl?
  161. Does Brazil have what it takes to win the World Cup 2014?
  162. Does Cris Collinsworth owe a large debt of gratitude to John Madden and Al Michaels for pioneering NFL broadcast banter and discussion?
  163. Does Danica Patrick have any real talent or business being in NASCAR?
  164. Does England have a good cricket team?
  165. Does fighting still belong in the NHL?
  166. Does horseback riding make you stronger?
  167. Does Monaco stand a chance at winning the UEFA Champions League competition?
  168. Does Team USA have a real shot at winning the Women’s World Cup?
  169. Does the East have a better NBA All-Star roster than the West?
  170. DOes the news about unsafe water mean that swimmers should not compete in the olympics?
  171. Does the NHL need to do more about players’ safety?
  172. Does the risk of injury, disability, and/or death influence young and talented athletes when they consider offers to compete professionally?
  173. Does the success of this generation of NBA players (like LeBron James) come primarily from changes to the rules that were designed to favor offense and lead to higher-scoring games?
  174. Does the US win over Mexico mean the United States has a stronger team this year?
  175. Does the use of performance-enhancing drugs violate the “spirit of sport?”
  176. Dolphins lose to Packers: Has Miami’s starting lineup returned too late?
  177. Dominick Cruz comeback: Are UFC fighters the toughest in the world?
  178. Donald Sterling Makes Racist Remarks: Should Donald Sterling be forced to give up ownership of the Clippers in light of racist remarks he made?
  179. Doug Flutie’s parents pass away on the same day: Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
  180. Duke suspends a player for intentional tripping: Should he be sentenced to five hugs and a sorry note?
  181. Dustin Johnson takes leave of absence from golf: Is it a good idea to leave a tournament to focus on personal health and well-being?
  182. Egyptian Olympian athlete sent home after refusing to shake hand of Israeli competitor: Should sportmanship be a determining factor in Olympic participation?
  183. ESPN Overloaded During World Cup: Is soccer more popular in the United States than it used to be?
  184. Even Chrissy Teigen won’t pay: Are $87,000 ringside tickets a sign our culture has a skewed value system?
  185. Explaining thoracic outlet syndrome: Is Matt Harvey’s career over?
  186. Ezekiel Elliott wore a bracelet to support a young cancer patient: Should he have given money instead?
  187. Federer sweeps Monfils: Was Monfils having an off-day when he lost the final set to Federer?
  188. Fiji rugby team won the country’s first Olympic gold medal: are the odds stacked against small countries competing in the Olympics?
  189. Forty-three NFL players have been suspended for the year thus far. Do you feel that number is too high?
  190. Gaylord Perry, infamously hit a home run an hour after we put a man on the moon. Was this a coincidence?
  191. Giants beat Bengals in close game: Is this a future Super Bowl match-up?
  192. Given the San Diego Chargers history of what they do with head coaches when they finish in last place for the season, will they retain Mike McCoy?
  193. Glock 17 (yes) vs. Glock 18 (no)
  194. Golden State Warriors win Game 2: Will they improve with new assets in the NBA Draft?
  195. Golfing is NOT boring.
  196. Grayson Allen’s indefinite suspension only lasts one game: Should he have to sit out more games?
  197. Greg Hardy suspended: Should sports players be exempt from domestic violence charges?
  198. GSP (yes) vs. Johnny Hendricks (no): who will win?
  199. Gymnast that broke leg at Olympics got dropped while being loaded in ambulance: Was this the worst start to an Olympics for any athlete in history?
  200. Has Lebron James redeemed his image by returning to Cleveland?
  201. Have the N.C.A.A and professional sports been negligent regrading awareness and treatment of brain injuries to athletes?
  202. Have the Red Sox sealed their fate in trading key players?
  203. Have Youth Sports Become Too Intense?
  204. Hope Solo: Should poor sportsmanship be cause for suspension?
  205. Houston Texans: The Worst NFL Team This Year?
  206. Houston Texans’ offense: Should the Texans make changes to their offense?
  207. How do Charles Messier’s ‘110 Messier Objects’ relate to the 110 Floor WTC Towers and the Millenium Monolith Replica Hilton Hotel?
  208. How much did the loss of Przemek Karnowski factor in the poor NCAA tournament showing?
  209. If the Clippers make it to the Western Conference finals for the first time ever, will their inexperience cause them to lose right after that?
  210. In 1912 Olympics, an Australian swimmer requested a special qualifier for his American opponent who had overslept. Later, the American won gold and the Australian silver: Is good sportsmanship more important than winning a medal?
  211. In 1931, a 17 year old female baseball pitcher named Jackie Mitchell struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in the same exhibition game. Would this have ruined their careers if it got out?
  212. In the name of sportsmanship, should bloodsports be legal?
  213. India’s first female Olympic gymnast inspires a nation. Can Olympic athletes raise a country’s spirits for an extended period of time?
  214. Instant replay in baseball: Are there enough controversial calls to justify replay?
  215. Instant replay in baseball: Could the time consumed by instant replay be limited?
  216. Instant replay in baseball: Does baseball lend itself well to instant replay?
  217. Instant Replay in FIFA World Cup: Should instant replay call reviews be implemented in the FIFA World Cup?
  218. Is a Glock 17 preferred over a Glock 18?
  219. Is a rematch between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey a good idea?
  220. Is ballet a real sport?
  221. Is Barrel Racing a Sport?
  222. Is Baseball becoming more of a Business than a Sport?
  223. Is baseball dying?
  224. Is baseball great
  225. Is baseball still “America’s past time?”
  226. Is Bayern Munich the new powerhouse in club soccer?
  227. Is Ben Roethlisberger an elite quarterback on the same level as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?
  228. Is Ben Roethlisberger the hottest quarterback in the NFL right now?
  229. Is bowling a sport?
  230. Is boxing a safe sport?
  231. Is boxing a Violent sport? Why? Why not?
  232. Is boxing barbaric?
  233. Is Brett Favre a top 5 player of all time?
  234. Is Brett Favre the best QB
  235. Is Calvin Johnson one of the greatest wide receivers of all time?
  236. Is Carlos Beltran a good baseball player?
  237. Is Colt McCoy a better quarterback than Robert Griffin III?
  238. Is dance a sport (yes) or an art (no)?
  239. Is Derek Jeter overrated?
  240. Is doping good for sports?
  241. Is Draymond Green guilty of assault?
  242. Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer?
  243. Is field dressing a deer animal cruelty?
  244. Is figure skating a growing sport?
  245. Is flex tape a legend
  246. Is Formula 1 better than Nascar?
  247. Is Formula One a sport?
  248. Is Germanic and German the same?
  249. Is golf getting too expensive?
  250. Is Hockey better than Soccer?
  251. Is Holly Holm’s knockout of Ronda Rousey the biggest upset in UFC history?
  252. Is hunting a good thing?
  253. Is hunting a sport?
  254. Is it easy to keep up with soccer?
  255. Is it justifiable to bomb military targets when the risk of killing civilians is high? (This is in specific reference to WW2.)
  256. Is it necessary for a high school to have an athletic program to be considered well-rounded?
  257. Is it time to change baseball because of a bad call?
  258. Is it worth it to spend $1.3 billion on sporting events (uniforms, logos, shoes, etc.)?
  259. Is it wrong for parents of child athletes to yell and scream during games?
  260. Is Jacking Off a Sport?
  261. Is Jason Bay currently the best player in the MLB?
  262. Is Jeremy Lin a good asset for the Nets?
  263. Is Jeremy Lin worth the money the NBA pays him?
  264. Is Joe Calzaghe the greatest boxer of all-time regardless of weight class?
  265. Is John Cena a real athlete?
  266. Is John Elway still famous?
  267. Is Kemba Walker better than Kevin Durant?
  268. Is Kobe Bryant a top 10 player of all time?
  269. Is Kobe Bryant better than Micheal Jordan?
  270. Is lacrosse a bad sport?
  271. Is lebron better than curry
  272. Is Lebron better than Kobe
  273. Is LeBron James a better athlete than Michael Jordan?
  274. Is LeBron James the best player in NBA history?
  275. Is Lionel Messi a better soccer player than Cristiano Ronaldo ?
  276. Is Lionel Messi the best soccer player in the world?
  277. Is Luis Suarez a bad player?
  278. Is Luis Suarez better than Wayne Rooney?
  279. Is Manuel Neuer the best goalkeeper in the world?
  280. Is Mark Cuban’s racism justified?
  281. Is Mexico better than the USA?
  282. Is Michael Jordan better than Lebron James?
  283. Is Mike Tyson crazy?
  284. Is Mo’ne Davis overhyped?
  285. Is motorcross the hardest sport?
  286. Is Muhammad Ali the best boxer of all time?
  287. Is NASCAR too dangerous?
  288. Is Olympic boxing involved in corruption?
  289. Is organizing sport competition in Africa a waste of resources?
  290. Is playing golf better than playing soccer?
  291. Is professional bowling worth watching?
  292. Is Rafael Nadal the best tennis player of all time?
  293. Is Rio de Janeiro a safe place to hold the Olympics?
  294. Is Ronda Rousey “the Michael Jordan of her sport”?
  295. Is rugby a safe sport?
  296. Is Russel Wilson better than Peyton Manning?
  297. Is Russell Westbrook an early favorite for league MVP?
  298. Is Serena Williams “the greatest American tennis player ever”?
  299. Is Sidney Crosby the best player in the NHL?
  300. Is Simone Biles the ‘best’ athlete at the Rio Olympics?
  301. Is soccer a contact sport?
  302. Is soccer for sissy’s?
  303. Is soccer relevant?
  304. Is sport good (yes) or bad (no) for teenagers?
  305. Is sports better than the arts?
  306. Is street fighting a sport?
  307. Is Stuart Scott a legend?
  308. Is the Boston Marathon more popular than the Tour de France?
  309. Is the championship effectively over for Barcelona?
  310. Is the four-team FBS playoff format sufficient to determine a national champion (yes) or should the playoffs be expanded to eight teams (no)?
  311. Is the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry the biggest in sports?
  312. Is the NBA rigged?
  313. Is the Olympic Games a waste of money?
  314. Is the popularity of golf decreasing over time?
  315. Is the Superbowl overrated?
  316. Is the Ultimate Warrior Death Suspicious?
  317. Is there a need for speed suits in the sport of swimming?
  318. Is There an Ethical Difference Between Using Performance Enhancing Drugs and Using Performing Enhancing Technologies in Nutrition, Training, and Equipment?
  319. Is this rookie compensation system a good approach taken by the NFL?
  320. Is this the end of the goat curse?
  321. Is Tiger Woods a public figure that deserves privacy?
  322. Is Tiger Woods breaking down?
  323. Is Tom Brady (yes) or Peyton Manning (no) the best QB of the past ten years?
  324. Is Tony Romo a good quarterback?
  325. Is violence ever acceptable in sports?
  326. J.J. Watt is out until at least December. Does this doom the Texans’ chances for the playoffs?
  327. John Calipari rumors: Will John Calipari leave Kentucky to coach the Lakers?
  328. Katie Ledecky set an Olympic record. Did she overshadow Michael Phelps?
  329. Keion Carpenter, former NFL player dies at 39: Is the NFL too dangerous?
  330. Ken Griffey Jr. got emotional while giving his hall of fame speech. Would he be the all-time HR king if he stayed healthy?
  331. Kerri Walsh Jennings: Will she lead the American Beach Volleyball team to Olympic victory again in 2016?
  332. Kevin Durant will announce which team he will play for on The Players’ Tribune. Is he just creating drama?
  333. Khabib Nurmagomedov agrees to face Michael Johnson at UFC 205: Will Nurmagomedov beat Johnson?
  334. Klay Thompson: Should injured athletes be cleared by independent doctors not employed by their teams before they are permitted to return to play?
  335. Larry Nassar had child porn: Should Rita Wieber apologize for defending Nassar?
  336. Let’s admit,the NFL is fixed…Ray Lewis retires, ravens win… Peyton Manning… Broncos win,I bet patriots win with Brady’s retirement…A new phenomenon
  337. Lg customer care & service centre
  338. Look out, Louisville: Things click early for Clemson: Can Clemson beat Louisville?
  339. Los Angeles will host “Kobe Bryant Day.” Is this too high an honor for a sports star?
  340. Manchester City are probably just about to end Liverpool’s unbeaten Premier League home run this season.
  341. Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura got into a brawl. Should both Machado and Ventura be suspended?
  342. Mariano Rivera (Yes) vs. Jackie Robinson (No)
  343. Marlins Man Skips World Series Due To Safety Concerns: Are Major League Sports Fans Out of Control?
  344. Masters: Is it strange that Tiger Woods will not be at Augusta this year?
  345. Matt Harvey has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Is his career over?
  346. Mauro Ranallo joined the WWE this past January. Do you think wrestling should be televised?
  347. Messi or Ronaldo
  348. Michael Floyd Drunk Driving: Should athletes be allowed to drive drunk because they are famous?
  349. Michelle Wie: Is Michelle Wie to women’s golf what Tiger Woods was to men’s golf ten years ago?
  350. Milwaukee Bucks in the news: Is the NBA popular in Wisconsin?
  351. Minnesota Vikings lose 42-10: Is Teddy Bridgewater’s injury costing the team?
  352. MLB recently conducted its draft. Should high school players be eligible?
  353. MLB replay challenge: Are replay challenges in sports an unnecessary use of technology?
  354. More incriminating evidence has come out that Josh Brown, kicker for the N.Y. Giants, abused his wife. Should he serve more than a one game suspension?
  355. Muhammad Ali vs. Teofilo Stevenson in a 12 round boxing match.
  356. NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick is hopeful Dale Earnhardt Jr. can return to racing at Indianapolis. Should Earnhardt retire for his own safety?
  357. NBA All Stars: Should fans select the NBA All Stars?
  358. NBA draft: Should the Cavs have selected Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick?
  359. NBA player with Marfan syndrome: Does the NBA cause a lot of related injuries, like the NFL does?
  360. NBA’s new $24 billion TV rights deal: Does Lebron James deserve to make more than $21 million over the next two years?
  361. NCAA 2016 Betting Favorites: Will Arizona and Gonzaga defeat their opponents?
  362. New England Patriots defense: Without Tom Brady, can the Patriots’ defense carry the team?
  363. NFL and DUI: Should the NFL issue harsh penalties to players arrested for DUI?
  364. NFL playoff standings 2017: Postseason picture, Do you think the schedule set after Week 17 Is O.K?
  365. NHL Playoffs: Do the Flames have what it takes to get to the Cup?
  366. NLRB rules in favor of College Athletes Players Association: Should collegiate athletes unionize?
  367. Novak Djokovic is struggling in the U.S. Open champion. Will he turn it around?
  368. Odell Beckham Jr. had a scarlet welt growing between his right eye and ear, the result of his swinging his helmet at a kicking net. Does he need to keep his cool?
  369. Oilers send prime forward, Taylor Hall to the Devils for defenseman, Adam Larsson. Is the trade as lopsided as it seems in favor of the Devils?
  370. Olympian medical data leaked: Should Olympians medical data be public?
  371. Olympic athletes are told to “keep your mouth closed” when in contaminated water. Should the 2016 Olympics be cancelled due to health concerns?
  372. Olympic athletes are warned not to put their heads or bodies in the water: Should there be a designated point when the Olympics are cancelled?
  373. Olympic volunteers quitting because of long hours and a lack of food. Do organizations take advantage of volunteers?
  374. One of the most controversial sports rivalries: Are the warriors better than the Cavaliers
  375. Otback Bowl: Will Iowa beat Florida in the OUtback Bowl?
  376. Packers keep hope alive: Do the Green Bay Packers have the most loyal fans?
  377. Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame.
  378. Phelps makes history by qualifying for the Olympics five times: Do his past problems with alcohol prevent him from being seen as a hero?
  379. Raiders fall to Chiefs: Did player snapcount percentage make a difference?
  380. Raiders lose to chiefs: Can the Raiders recover from this loss?
  381. Rangers win game 7: Will momentum help them win the Stanley Cup?
  382. Ravens Beat Browns with Strong Defensive Line: Is It Enough to Stand Up to Other Opponents?
  383. Ray Allen retires from the NBA: Is 41 years old too told to play in the NBA?
  384. Ray Allen’s representatives have reportedly contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers about a possible comeback. Do athletes know when to hang it up?
  385. Ray Rice: Is it fair for Rice to keep his salary despite his ban from the NFL?
  386. Real Madrid won the championship. Can they win again next year?
  387. Richie Ashburn hit foul ball off girl in stands: Should baseball use more netting to protect the fans from foul balls?
  388. Romo (yes) or Roethlisberger (no)?
  389. Ron Cook: Antonio Brown’s post game video not cause for alarm. Should Antonio have posted this video on Facebook?
  390. Russell Westbrook for the Thunder: Is Westbrook a team player?
  391. Russia stuns with Olympic gold in women’s figure skating. Do you think they cheated?
  392. Russian doping scandal: Should performance-enhancing drugs be accepted?
  393. Russian doping scandal: Should performance-enhancing drugs be against the rules?
  394. Russian doping scandal: Should performance-enhancing drugs be widely accepted?
  395. Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova’s tarred reputation: do you think Efimova should be judged by her past?
  396. San Antonio Spurs: Do they have what it takes to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder?
  397. Seahawks or Packers
  398. Seahawks vs. Patriots
  399. Serena Williams engaged to Alexis Ohanian: Is the engagement of an athlete to a business co-founder really more newsworthy than the engagement of two average citizens?
  400. Serena Williams fights off Halep to reach the US Open semifinals. Will she win the US Open?
  401. Serena Williams reaches the US Open semifinals. Is she the greatest woman tennis player ever?
  402. Shot spot challenge system in tennis: Is this system a good idea (yes), or should it be challenged (no)?
  403. Should a salary cap be introduced in the MLB?
  404. Should A-Rod be suspended?
  405. Should Adrian Peterson have lost his Castrol endorsment due to child abuse charges?
  406. Should Adrian Peterson still be paid his salary of $691,176.50 a week after being suspended indefinitely by the NFL for child abuse charges?
  407. Should African American boxer Jack Johnson be posthumously pardoned of his 1913 conviction for accompanying a white woman across state lines?
  408. Should Al Trautwig be fire for his comments about Simone Biles?
  409. Should Alex Rodriguez be banned from baseball?

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