Informative Speech Topics For College

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 10.12.2019
Informative Speech Topics For College

The purpose of a good informative speech is to simply present facts regarding any specific topic. You do not necessarily want to get the audience to agree with your point of view but rather for them to get educated. Since it may be a hard task to present a topic that is interesting to you and not to persuade the audience, many of your professors might want you to write a speech yourself. When given the task of writing and presenting an informative speech for college classes, choosing an interesting topic may actually take a lot of time.

Luckily for you, wants to save you from the struggle. Below, you’ll find some of the most interesting topics for the next good informative speech you’ll write. All of them actually concern a lot of various subjects, and we’re sure you already feel passionate about at least a few of them. So feel free to pick any one you feel works best for you!

List of 75 Informative Speech Topics For College

  1. A fair trial
  2. A moment that changed my life
  3. A turning point in my life
  4. America’s Got Talent
  5. Anne Frank: The girl who believed in people’s good nature despite everything
  6. Cancer
  7. Cell phones
  8. D. Squad against lung cancer: New prospects, new discoveries
  9. Differences in non-verbal communication in different cultures
  10. Don’t drop out of school
  11. Dyslexia
  12. Effects Of Woman Liberation In The United States
  13. Energy drinks – useful or dangerous?
  14. Fast food
  15. Gangs or gang violence
  16. How to buy a car
  17. How to entertain on a budget
  18. How to lose weight and keep it off
  19. How to plan a vacation
  20. How to reduce your carbon footprint
  21. How to stop smoking
  22. Human Resource Planning In College
  23. Ideas for spring break trips
  24. If I won the lottery…
  25. Illiteracy
  26. Immigration
  27. In the light of recent fuel issues: Storage of solar energy
  28. Insomnia and its causes: Blowing the cover off the old mystery
  29. Is Abortion Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life
  30. Is Ebola a worldwide threat?
  31. Is Polygamous The Solution To Single Parenthood?
  32. Is Single Parenting Proving To Be Effective In Raising Children?
  33. Is there life after death?
  34. Is War The Only Answer To International Conflict?
  35. Life on other planets
  36. Martin Luther King Jr.
  37. Muhammad Ali
  38. Newest methods of child upbringing: Success and failure
  39. O.J. Simpson
  40. Platonic relationships
  41. PMS
  42. Positive And Negative Consequences Of Same-Sex Marriages
  43. Practice makes perfect
  44. Recent discoveries about neutrinos: Travel at the speed of light
  45. Satellite vs. cable television
  46. Scientology
  47. Should the school year be extended?
  48. Should We Abolish Capital Punishment?
  49. Sleepwalking: Myths and prejudices: Do not wake him up!
  50. Something people never knew about WWII: Unknown soldiers and their deeds
  51. Stem cells as a probable solution to terminal diseases
  52. Stephen King
  53. Teacher pay raises
  54. The ‘fake news’ phenomenon and its dangers
  55. The entire story of the Higgs boson: No parallel universe
  56. The failure of the public school system
  57. The history of the internet
  58. The importance of a college education
  59. The importance of a good night’s sleep
  60. The Importance Of Establishing A Secure Gender Equality System
  61. The importance of exercise
  62. The invention of Segway: Down with the cars of yesterday!
  63. The invention of the telephone
  64. The Kardashians
  65. The media and self-esteem
  66. The mystery of names: Discovering their history
  67. Things people never knew about space: Bordering a sci-fi novel
  68. Trump and Twitter
  69. Unknown inventors: Chester Carlson and his Xerox machine
  70. What is a tornado?
  71. What is your credit score?
  72. What to look for in a roommate
  73. What type of legacy will you leave behind?
  74. When Will We See An End To Racism?
  75. Why Is The Death Sentence Considered As Inhumane?

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Informative Speech Ideas For College

Informative speeches are designed to improve communications between speaker or presenter and a specific audience while presenting required information about various objects, events, persons, concepts or ideas. College students should practice their informative speech performance to improve their ability to inform the audience, help them learn and understand the topic and finally to keep the whole speech interesting. When trying to choose the best informative speech topics for college, Topicsmill comes helpful with its great list of creative examples. These lists provide rich collection of common themes centered around attractive, up-to-date or universal subjects, helping you to create your own unique speech.

There is an example of a good informative speech attached to each of these topics you can analyze, study and look up to while writing your own. These samples should provide quality directions and picturesque concepts of informative speech designed for college students and they should help you not only generate ideas for topics, but also to improve quality and experience level of your informative speech writing. Finally, these lists and examples should teach you how to achieve writing style and overall atmosphere of the speech, so your audience will remember it and be moved by it.

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