Debate Topics For Youth At Church

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 02.01.2020

List of 70 Debate Topics For Youth At Church

  1. A year from now, how would you like to be more Christ-like?
  2. Anonymous spams Church of Scientology with faxes to deplete their black ink: do you agree with this?
  3. Australian Catholic Church sex scandal: Will the church do the right thing this time?
  4. Church of England members advocate gay marriage: Should same-sex marriage be deemed religiously and morally acceptable?
  5. Do churches and their leaders overstep their boundaries when they speak out against certain groups such as the LGBT community?
  6. Do you expect Churches to be forced to perform so called Same Sex Weddings?
  7. Does the book ????? ?? ?????? incorrectly portray God and the Roman Catholic Church?
  8. Does the Roman Catholic Church need to be more vigilant about child pornography among its priests?
  9. Does the wedding in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster take the religious liberties too far?
  10. Everyone should go to church or participate in religion
  11. How would you define the word “Christian?”
  12. How would your life be different if you knew Jesus was returning in six months time?
  13. If God could only say one thing to you, what do you think He would choose to say?
  14. If you knew Jesus was coming back tomorrow, who would you want to make sure knew about Him as the Savior today?
  15. In what area of your life do you need to trust God more?
  16. Is Mormonism (LDS church) a cult?
  17. Is sex abuse in churches still a prevalent issue?
  18. Is the Church dying in some places, but growing in others?
  19. Leah Remini demanding damages from the Church of Scientology: Should churches be allowed to stop your first amendment rights?
  20. Leah Remini Demands the Church of Scientology Pay Her $1.5 Million for Damages: Do you think that’s fair?
  21. Megachurch ousts Pastor: Should NewSpring Church have fired Rev. Perry Noble because of his alcohol abuse?
  22. Norway’s biggest church loses more than 25,000 members after a new online system makes it easier to leave. Are people becoming less religious?
  23. Pope tells women to feel free to breastfeed in church. Will his more modern approach gain the church a greater following?
  24. Scientology and tax exemption: Should the Church of Scientology be tax exempt?
  25. Should a homosexual pastor be allowed to lead a church?
  26. Should Churches be required to perform same-sex weddings by the State?
  27. Should gays be allowed in Christ church
  28. Should parents be able to force their children to attend church regularly?
  29. Should Schools allow or inforce Church/Religious activities during school hours? (bible studies, reading bibles in school, promoting church activity, etc..)
  30. Should security in churches become a thing?
  31. Should the Catholic Church make celibacy in the priesthood voluntary?
  32. Should the Catholic Church make celibacy optional?
  33. Should the Catholic Church recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples?
  34. Should the Church of Scientology have its tax-exemption revoked?
  35. Should the government and the church stay separate?
  36. Should the IRS revoke the Church of Scientology’s status of tax-free?
  37. Should we TAX OUR CHURCHES and feed the hungry!
  38. Should we tax the churches?
  39. Should women in the Catholic Church be allowed to join the priesthood.
  40. Should you be able to curse in church? Yes, why not frik
  41. Specifically, why do you worship God?
  42. The Anglican Communion has suspended the Episcopal Church over its acceptance of same-sex marriage. Good move (yes) or bad move (no)?
  43. The Catholic Church acquits a Mexican priest who admitted to raping 30 young girls even though he knew he was infected with HIV. Has the Church progressed sufficiently?
  44. The Church of Scientology tried to frame Journalist Paulette Copper for bomb threat she had nothing to do with because she spoke out against the church: is Scientology getting out of hand?
  45. The church uses fear rather than evidence to get people to believe and is completely without evidence supporting its doctrines.
  46. The devil’s advocate: Should the Catholic Church be more open to dissent?
  47. Were the 25,000 members that left Norway’s biggest church actual participating members?
  48. What “non-spiritual” activity in your life makes God smile?
  49. What are some of the changes you have seen in your life since you became a believer?
  50. What draws you closer to God more than anything else?
  51. What important beliefs have you changed your mind on since following Jesus?
  52. What is one of your most favorite worship songs?
  53. What is one question God might ask you?
  54. What is one step God is calling you to take in faith to become more like Jesus?
  55. What is one verse of Scripture that you have memorized?
  56. What is one way you can worship God this week without using music?
  57. What is something about God or Christianity that you have a hard time believing?
  58. What is your favorite part about being in the family of God?
  59. What is your most urgent prayer request right now?
  60. What one question would you like to ask God?
  61. What small thing could you do for God this week?
  62. What’s your favorite characteristic of God?
  63. When do you feel farthest from God?
  64. When was the last time you prayed?
  65. Where in your daily routine could you become more aware of God’s presence?
  66. Which Biblical character do you most relate to or identify with? Why?
  67. Which person from the Bible do you most identify with?
  68. Who is a model of Christ-likeness in your life?
  69. Why does God care more about our hearts than our outer appearance?
  70. Will an atheist celebrate Christmas, marry in church, want religious ritual in their funeral ? Pls answer with an yes or no.

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