Tribute Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Tribute Speech Topics

The first thing to do and determine a tribute speech in writing is your level of familiarity with the person you are paying tribute to. It helps to know the honorable person. However, there are cases where only the person is known in the professional sphere. In this case, obtain a suspension of the person’s curriculum vitae and further familiarize yourself with this person. Help interview people who are familiar with the person you are paying homage to. Do a thorough research and verify the facts while writing your tribute.

It is important that you keep your tribute short and simple. Writing a short speech as opposed to a long one is advantageous as short speeches hold your audience’s attention span longer than dwindling and long speeches. In addition, here are some tips to follow as you proceed with writing a tribute speech.

Gain valuable feedback from other people through discussion and communication. To do this, you must actively brainstorm and provide your ideas. It is important to brainstorm with people who are intimately familiar with the honoree, regardless of whether your level of familiarity with the awardee is on a personal or professional level.

Personalize your speech. This works well especially if you know the person outside the professional setting. However, you may ask for help from other people as you proceed with this tip. Tell stories but make sure that the stories are appropriate. Make sure as well that you are retelling the story as accurate as possible, especially if you are researching for anecdotes from other people.

Insert humor with caution. While humor keeps speeches interesting, make sure that your jokes are appropriate and that there is a fine balance between humor and the seriousness of the celebration.

Practice diligently. Practicing will help you gain feedback from friends and other acquaintances of the honoree. Feedback goes a long way, especially coming from people closer to the awardee than you are. With practice, you will be able to remove offensive statements, if there are any, bad jokes and inappropriate anecdotes. Moreover, practicing can build your confidence and help you deliver your speech properly with articulation.

Tribute speeches are supposed to be moving and inspiring. However, don’t force it too much or else the opposite of moving and inspiring might happen. If you are stuck or are finding hard to get started with writing, there are various internet resources available to assist you in writing a tribute speech. In addition, professional help can be sought in writing. These professionals will surely guide you all the way as you write an informative speech for your valued honoree.

List of Tribute Speech Topics

  1. A toast to the wedding couple at their reception party.
  2. My mother, who made me what I am today.
  3. My wife, who stood beside me when I was a nobody.
  4. The author who influenced me.
  5. The business partner who had a lion’s share in making this business a success.
  6. The friend who inspired me to change for the better.
  7. The hospital director who reopened the Cancer Research Center.The incident that changed my life.
  8. The movie which inspired the world.
  9. The musician who made me believe that true love does exist.
  10. The old couple who made me change my thinking.
  11. The person who saved my life.
  12. The student who inspired the entire college/university.
  13. The teacher who made a marked impression on my life.
  14. The woman who changed my mentality.

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