Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Developmental Psychology Paper Topics

List of 88 Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Are free range parents better than helicopter mom and dad or vice versa, which one is better for the kid
  2. Are older adults who rate high in self-efficacy more likely to have a better memory than those with low self-efficacy?
  3. Are Piaget’s stages of concrete operation describing when children start using logic and reasoning still valid?
  4. Are tangible rewards like candies, chocolates, toys better than social appreciation and acknowledgement? For instance, clapping for your child when he says the right word or letter
  5. As a person ages are they more likely to move toward blaming external variables for their behaviors whereas younger adults may tend to blame internal variables?
  6. Attachments and aging
  7. Child abuse prevention
  8. Children in non-traditional families
  9. Children who eat their breakfast perform better than those who don’t
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  11. Could packaging nutritious foods in visually appealing ways encourage children to make healthier food choices?
  12. Determinants of psychological illness in adolescents. What therapies effectively treat their physical and mental development?
  13. Developmental psychology careers.
  14. Different types of phobias. What are the ways to treat them? Role of science with period of time.
  15. Discipline at school and self-discipline
  16. Do children learn better through sign language or through verbal communication
  17. Do children who eat breakfast perform better in school than those who do not eat breakfast?
  18. Do mental games such as word searches, Sudoku, and word matching help elderly adults keep their cognitive skills sharp?
  19. Do only-child parents feel more troubles in bringing up the baby than those with many kids? Is it better to have one child only to help him excel better in life
  20. Do students who listen to music while studying perform better or worse on exams?
  21. Do the limits of short-term memory change as we age? How do the limits of short-term memory compare at ages, 15, 25, 45, and 65?
  22. Do word games and mental activities help older adults retain their cognitive abilities longer?
  23. Does a child pick a food by its packaging, color and other aesthetics or its taste
  24. Does a tangible reward such as candy work better for reinforcement when getting children to complete their homework than does praise?
  25. Does birth order have an impact on procrastination? Are first-borns less likely to procrastinate? Are last-borns more likely to put off tasks until the last minute?
  26. Does eating breakfast have a positive effect on children’s school performance?
  27. Does teaching infants sign language help or hinder the language acquisition process?
  28. Early entry of toddlers should be banned in schools.
  29. Eating disorders and habits
  30. Emigration and cultural development
  31. Emotional turmoil felt by children while dealing with challenges.
  32. Exposure to violence and children’s security
  33. Extended family and social development
  34. Factors affecting human development at various age groups
  35. Genetics and developmental disabilities.
  36. Good mentoring through parents and elders can guide adolescents
  37. How borderline personality disorders can be treated? Can they be treated by medicines or by love and affection of people living in surrounding?
  38. How children’s psychology can be changed? How parents can understand their emotions and groom their personality?
  39. How do explanations for the behavior of others change as we age? Are younger adults more likely to blame internal factors for events and older adults more likely to blame external variables?
  40. How do parenting styles impact a child’s level of physical activity? Are children raised by parents with permissive or uninvolved parents less active than those raised by parents with authoritative or authoritarian styles?
  41. How do patients of schizophrenia behave? Is it life threatening? Are medicines the only way to keep them under control?
  42. How does bullying impact student achievement? Are bullied students more likely to have worse grades than their non-bullied peers?
  43. How does emotional development proceed in infants as compared to adolescents?
  44. How does short-term memory change as a person ages?
  45. How emotional bonding affects human behaviour?
  46. How emotional turmoil of rape victim can be treated?
  47. How environmental behaviour affects an individual’s perspective?
  48. How family rituals affect mindset of people? How stringent rituals hampers family environment?
  49. How IQ is different from EQ? What are their roles and which is more important?
  50. How learning can affect intellectual disabilities?
  51. How memory can be enhanced in an easy way?
  52. How schools play-way affects perceptual, cognitive and social development of a small kid?
  53. How surroundings affect a depression patient?
  54. How theoretical Psychological studies are different from Practical Psychological studies?
  55. Is antisocial personality disorder genetic or develops through surrounding? Can it be treated? How?
  56. Is music a good way to teach the young brains
  57. Is there a correlation between birth order and likeliness to procrastinate?
  58. Is there a correlation between self-efficacy and memory?
  59. Is women vulnerability the sign of her weakness? How mental strength plays more important role in determining the strength?
  60. Memory and age
  61. National and international consequences of increasing crime? What can be its future repercussions?
  62. Prenatal development.
  63. Religion and moral development
  64. Role of sports in mental development
  65. Sex in the media and sexual development
  66. Should I appreciate my child on little achievements or ignore them, which one is better for his self esteem
  67. Social media and social development
  68. Society and instant gratification
  69. Some surprising facts about the right brain and left brain. Make a comparative study.
  70. Technology and physical development
  71. The five developmental stages of a kid and how does it change with time
  72. The impact of society, profession and environment on an individual
  73. The science behind the family rituals. Is it psychological or holds some significance in scientific terms.
  74. Too much pressure affects physical and mental development.
  75. What are different parenting styles and how does it affect the physical activity level and mental development of the infant
  76. What are the 4 stages of intellectual growth?
  77. What are the biggest factors that affect the development of language in children 9 months to 3 years old?
  78. What are the mental and physical effects of adolescent depression?
  79. What difference does it make to be a first child and to be the last child, are former better in completing their tasks on time than latter
  80. What do little children fear most, and how do those fears translate into other areas of their life as they grow older?
  81. What factors affect the brain development of a baby during gestation as compared to infancy?
  82. What is child abuse and how does it affect a child in his practical life
  83. What is seasonal affective disorder?
  84. What is the effect of bullying on the academic performance of the students
  85. Whether pressure enhances or suppresses personality grooming and mental development?
  86. Which type of reinforcement works best for getting students to complete their homework: a tangible reward (such as a piece of candy) or social reinforcement (such as offering praise when homework is completed on time)?
  87. Why criminals are involving children in crimes? How it impacts the society?
  88. Why do teenagers commit suicide or harm themselves physically
  89. Would it encourage children to eat healthier and make better food choices to simply package nutritious food items in visually appealing bags or containers?

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