Nursing Research Paper Topics

List of 60 Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. A stress management program for nurses
  2. Ambulatory care nurse
  3. Are nurses exposed to more health hazards?
  4. Bioscience; Is it a forgotten priority in nursing education?
  5. Burn-out in the nursing profession
  6. Can health facilities benefit from building strong nursing communities?
  7. Case management nurse
  8. Critical care nurse
  9. Current factors to consider to provide quality nursing care.
  10. Discuss impact of cultural issues in nursing.
  11. Discuss nursing date in COPD patients
  12. Discuss nursing measures to control high blood pressure
  13. Discuss possibilities of a nurse extensivist.
  14. Discuss the effects of nurse-led patient education on quality of life in patients with heart disease
  15. Doctors and nurses should be given a global visa.
  16. Does inadequate nurse staffing increase risk for patients?
  17. Examine nursing input in falls prevention behavior
  18. Examine the effects of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in nurses
  19. Forensic nurse
  20. Gastroenterology nurse
  21. Healthy nurses; They take care of others who takes care of them. Discuss how to take better care of self.
  22. Holistic nurse
  23. How can nurses and care workers work more efficiently together?
  24. How far does the abuse of power of home nurses go?
  25. Impact of government policies on the recruitment of nurses
  26. Increased number of working hours has an impact on the work quality of nurses.
  27. Informatics nurse
  28. Investigate the contributions made by nursing students to clinical care
  29. Is home nursing really safe?
  30. Is it okay to allow nurses to end the lives of patients with extreme/fatal afflictions?
  31. Is it okay to force nurses to work overtime?
  32. It should be mandatory for all nurses in the developed countries to spend 2 years nursing in developing countries to complete their degree.
  33. Legal nurse
  34. Management of pain in pediatric nursing
  35. Nurse Anaesthesia
  36. Nurses in the control of infectious diseases
  37. Nurses should be paid as much as doctors.
  38. Nursing is a woman’s job.
  39. Nursing practices with patients with multiple sclerosis
  40. Perioperative nurse
  41. Should government play a part in encouraging men to become nurses?
  42. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe antibiotics?
  43. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medicine?
  44. Strategies for better emotional health for nurses.
  45. Strategies for improving nurses’ emotional health
  46. Study the effects of nursing care of INR stability time in warfarin treatment
  47. Telehealth; Will it usurp the role of the traditional nurse?
  48. The ideal work relationship between a doctor and a nurse vs. the reality
  49. The impact of nursing vs. the impact of doctors on healthcare services.
  50. The nursing profession is plagued by racial discrimination.
  51. The profession of nursing is more respectable than that of a doctor.
  52. The role of a nurse is more important than that of a doctor.
  53. The role of nurses in the outcome of patients.
  54. The role of nursing in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke
  55. The role of nursing in treating drug dependence
  56. The role of the nurse in improving the clinical setting.
  57. The sexualisation of the image of a nurse should be banned.
  58. Ways of caring for patients with chronic pain
  59. Ways of enhancing nurses competence in providing spiritual care
  60. What should be the ideal number of nurses in a hospital?

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