Business Essay Topics

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Business Essay Topics

Many students find it frustrating when it comes to writing an academic paper for business essay topics while pursuing a degree in economics or business studies, and we know why. The thing is that to write the most effective, interesting, and informative work, they need to study the topic in detail, immerse themselves in non-stop searching for good professional papers titles and reading them online or in the library before starting writing a word for the assignment. Why the list of business essay topics from Topics Mill can be of great help for your education?

Picking some specific ideas to work on already eliminates the need for using your imagination and extra time for thinking. Plus, you claim the topic you choose so nobody in the class will write on the same subject (if you are allowed to come up with your own idea for the project, of course). In addition, any of the business essay topics can be used for further elaboration or modification depending on the class requirements or your professor’s instructions. The best part? You can even leave the writing for a professional if anything comes up the way you didn’t expect.

List of Business Essay Topics

  1. Analysis of Lewis & Levis, P.C., an Accounting Firm
  2. John Davison Rockefeller – an American Businessman
  3. 1968’s Kennecott Copper Corporation Purchase of Peabody Coal Company
  4. A Better Understanding of Trend Lines in a Scatter Plot Diagram
  5. A Biography of John Davison Rockefeller, a Famous Businessman
  6. A Biography of the Life of Ellen Goldstein Born in Germany in 1927
  7. A Biography of the Life of William Henry Gates, III and the Creation of Microsoft
  8. A Biography of the Life, Achievements and Influence of Benjamin Franklin
  9. A Biography of the Life, Family and Influence of Henry Ford
  10. A Biography of Thomas J. Watson Jr, IBM Savior
  11. A Biography of Vanderbilt, an American Steamship and Railroad Builder
  12. A Biography of Wally Amos, an American Businessman
  13. A Biography of Walt Disney and His Influence in Today’s World
  14. A Biography of William Gates, a Chairman and CEO at Microsoft Corporation
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  16. A Biography of William Hearst, an American Entrepreneur
  17. A Biography of Yang Ian a Businesswoman
  18. A Biography Paper About John Di Pippo
  19. A Book Analysis of Being the Shopper by John Wiley
  20. A Book Analysis of Donald Trump’s the Art of the Comeback
  21. A Book Analysis of Successful Leadership by C. A. O’Conner
  22. A Brief Life Story of Henry Ford
  23. A Business Analysis of Aramco
  24. A Business Analysis of Max Muscle
  25. A Business Analysis of Pollock’s Bakery
  26. A Business Analysis of Sears’s Market Recovery
  27. A Business Analysis of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  28. A Business Analysis of the Acquisition of GEICO Corporation by Berkshire Hathaway
  29. A Business Analysis of the Aqua Spiritus & Co. Hotel
  30. A Business Analysis of the Back to the Roots Company
  31. A Business Analysis of the Black and Decker Corporation’s Market
  32. A Business Analysis of the Components of the Marketing Plan of Bad Ass Coffee Company
  33. A Business Analysis of the Disney Company’s Theme Parks and Resorts
  34. A Business Analysis of the Dow Chemicals Company
  35. A Business Analysis of the EMC Corporation
  36. A Business Analysis of the Express Mail Industry in the United States of America
  37. A Business Analysis of the Food Service Industry in the United States of America
  38. A Business Analysis of the Gillette Products
  39. A Business Analysis of The Goodyear Tire Corporation
  40. A Business Analysis of the Kodak Company
  41. A Business Analysis of the Market Segmentation
  42. A Business Analysis of the Starbucks Corporation
  43. A Business Analysis of Toyota Corporation’s Lean Manufacturing Process
  44. A Business Analysis of Votorantim a Brazilian Cement Company
  45. A Business Analysis of Zumiez Inc, a Niche Retailer
  46. A Business Analysis on the Managing of the Airport Business
  47. A Business Analysis on the Sun Microsystems, Inc
  48. A Business Analysis: Apple’s Organizational Structure
  49. A Business Analysis: Conseco Inc.’s Acquisitions Strategy
  50. A Business Analysis: Maytag Corporation
  51. A Business Analysis: princess Yachts Plymouth Company
  52. A Business Analysis: Reasons Behind Business Models Failures of the Command Audio Company
  53. A Business Analysis: Victoria’s Secret
  54. A Business and Strategy Analysis for J. Crew, an Apparel Company
  55. A Business and SWOT Analysis of the Bharat Forge Company
  56. A Business and SWOT Analysis of the Haute Beverage Company
  57. A Business Case Analysis of Doe v. XYC Corp.
  58. A Business Classification of the Boots Company
  59. A Business Description of Manufacturing Tires
  60. A Business Evaluation of Allstate Insurance Company
  61. A Business Industry Analysis: Frito-Lay Inc. Company
  62. A Business Industry Analysis: New Look Trading with the U.S.
  63. A Business Industry Analysis: The KONE Company
  64. A Business Plan for a Company Producing Clothes
  65. A Business Plan for a Hypothetical Progressive Consulting Company
  66. A Business Plan for a Small Theme Restaurant EmotiaScapes
  67. A Business Plan for Coffee Parlor a Coffee Sale Point
  68. A Business Proposal About a Golf Range
  69. A Business Report on Fantasy Rock
  70. A Business Report on General Electric, a Transnational Organization
  71. A Business Report on Southwestern Bell Communication Inc.
  72. A Business Report on the Tesco Company
  73. A Business Research on the Bizrate Insights
  74. A Business Should Profit Themselves and Others
  75. A Business Strategy of Apple Inc.
  76. A Business Strategy of Coal Procurement from India to Overseas
  77. A Business Strategy of Launching Our Company NeverWet in Japan
  78. A Business Strategy of My Family’s Transport Company
  79. A Business Strategy of the Broadway Cafe
  80. A Business Strategy of the Quill Mobile Program for Creating Effective Writers
  81. A Business Strategy Recommendation for the Shipper Manufacturing Company
  82. A Call to All Executive Secretaries
  83. A Call to the CEO’s of the World
  84. A Career Launched with the Help of AEG Network Live
  85. A Career of a Real Estate Agent
  86. A Case Analysis For Starbucks Corporation
  87. A Case Analysis of Al Zawawi Company
  88. A Case Analysis of an Efficient Production Style for Play Time Inc
  89. A Case Analysis of Apple’s Market Objectives and Strategies
  90. A Case Analysis of Arundel Partners
  91. A Case Analysis of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s Ice Cream Industry
  92. A Case Analysis of High River Gold, a Canadian Company
  93. A Case Analysis of Lance Inc.
  94. A Case Analysis of McDonald’s
  95. A Case Analysis of Nucor Corporation
  96. A Case Analysis of Problems Facing GeneOne Company and Possible Solutions
  97. A Case Analysis of Sure Cut Shears
  98. A Case Analysis of the Bagby Copy Company
  99. A Case Analysis of the Betaseron Decision
  100. A Case Analysis of the Company, Aston-Blair, Inc
  101. A Case Analysis of the Ethical Issues and Problems in the Corporate World
  102. A Case Analysis of the History, Trends and Strategies of Kodak
  103. A Case Analysis of the Jones-Blair Company in the United States of America
  104. A Case Analysis of the Strategic Marketing Regarding Brannigan Foods
  105. A Case Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of
  106. A Case Analysis of Toy World’s Marketing Strategies
  107. Analysis of Business Techniques
  108. Analysis of Compaq’s Profitability, Allocation of Profits and the Acquisition of Digital
  109. Analysis of Dell’s Competition, Value-Added Worth, and Innovation and Architecture Leadership
  110. Analysis of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Industry
  111. Analysis of General Motors, a Vehicle Manufacturing Company
  112. Analysis of General Nutrition Companies Inc.
  113. Analysis of Koc Holding, an Industrial Conglomerate in Turkey
  114. Analysis of Minimum Wage
  115. Analysis of Nike Corporation, an Athletic Shoe Industry
  116. Analysis of the Business Situation of the Travelodge Hotel
  117. Analysis of the Frito Lay’s Tostitos, the Corn Chips
  118. Analysis of the Johnsonville Sausage Company Founded in 1945 in Wisconsin
  119. Analysis of the Multi-Attribute Model of Consumer’s Attitude
  120. Analysis of The Strength, Weaknesses, Strategies and Threats of the Famous Cosmetic Brand Lancome
  121. Any Business Should Have a Set of Goals and Strategies to Achieve Success
  122. Background Analysis of LTK and its Products
  123. Background Information and Company Profile of Dazzling Diva Retail Stores
  124. Background Information and Strategic Management of Honda Motor Company Ltd.
  125. Background of the Danish Company B&E
  126. Background of the German Company Zwilling J.A. Henckels AG and an Analysis and Solutions of the Problems It Has Encountered
  127. Basic Overview of Wal-Mart’s History
  128. BECOA Report on Investing in the Far East
  129. Better Understanding of the Concept and Application of Activity Based Costing
  130. Bibliography and References of CoolJet
  131. Bibliography of the Inception of J.F. McCullough’s Homemade Ice Cream Company
  132. Bill Gates – a Co-Founder of Microsoft and a Person Who Made a Big Difference in American History
  133. Biographical Research of Bill Gates, the Revolutionary Man of Computer Technology
  134. Biography and Life of James J. Hill, a Canadian Railroad Executive
  135. Biography and Life Work of Henry Ford, an American Automobile Businessman
  136. Biography and Life Work of Nike Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight
  137. Biography of Aaron Montgomery Ward, an American Entrepreneur
  138. Biography of Andrew Carnegie the Industrial Tycoon and Philanthropist
  139. Biography of Barney Barnato and Cecil John Rhodes, the Creators of De Beers Consolidated Mines
  140. Biography of Bill Gates, Director of the Microsoft Company
  141. Biography of Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation
  142. Biography of Charles Goodyear, an American Businessman
  143. Biography of Don Facundo Bacardi Masso
  144. Biography of Donald Trump, an American Businessman
  145. Biography of Donna Karan an Entrepreneur
  146. Biography of Engineer Henry Ford
  147. Biography of Ferruccio Lamborghini
  148. Biography of Frederick Charles Trump, the Father of Donald Trump
  149. Biography of Garrett Augustus Morgan, an American Inventor
  150. Biography of George Mortimer Pullman the American Engineer and Industrialist
  151. Biography of Henry Ford and an Overview of His Achievements in the Automobile Industry
  152. Biography of Isaac Asimov a Businessman
  153. Biography of John D. Rockefeller, the Creator of the Standard Oil Company
  154. Biography of John Francis Welch Jr., a CEO of General Electric
  155. Biography of John Pierpont Morgan a Wall Street Banker
  156. Biography of Madam C J Walker a Business Woman
  157. Biography of Marco Polo, an Italian Traveler and Trader
  158. Biography of Mario Valentino an International Designer
  159. Biography of Mike Duke the CEO of Wal-Mart
  160. Biography of Oskar Schindler, a German Industrialist
  161. Biography of Popular Gangster Al Capone
  162. Biography of Sam Walton, the Founder of Wal-Mart
  163. Biography of Sir John Alexander MacDonald, a Scottish Businessman
  164. Biography of Sir Rich Arkwright the Founder of Finest Artificial Hair
  165. Biography of Sir Richard Branson, the Founder of the Virgin Group
  166. Biography of Tim Tyrell-Smith, an American Businessman
  167. Bk Ale House and Brewery, an Atlantic Beach Based Pub and Microbrewery
  168. Book Report on When Corporations Rule the World by David Korten
  169. Book Review of Business Policy and Strategy: An Action Guide
  170. Book Review of Cannibals with Forks
  171. Brand Analysis: Cadbury Schweppes
  172. Branding Strategy Plan for Toyota, the Leading Brand in the Car Manufacturing Industry
  173. Breakdown of Why Total Quality Management Does Not Work
  174. Breed Selection For the Management of Duncans Tea Estates
  175. Brief Analysis of the Platinum Medical Corporation
  176. Brief Biography of Ferdinand Porsche a Man Behind the Machine
  177. Brief Company Profile Overview of TIM Hellas Telecommunications
  178. Brief Description of Service ACES
  179. Brief Examination of an International Company, Hilton Worldwide in Regard to Observation of the Marketing Principles
  180. Brief Financial Analysis of and
  181. Brief Historical Perspective of the Nike Company
  182. Brief History and and the Capital Structure Issues in Polaroid Company
  183. Brief History and Operations of PEPSICO Company
  184. Brief History and Overview of the Company John Deere & Co.
  185. Brief History and the Origins of Coca-Cola
  186. Brief History of Dell Company Owned My Michael Dell
  187. Brief History of Disneyland Created by Walt Disney
  188. Brief History of PEPSICO and its Operations
  189. Brief History of Sears Holding Corporation
  190. Brief History of the Company, Land’s End, Inc.
  191. Brief History of the Corporation Johnson Medical Products
  192. Brief History of the Merger of MCI and WorldCom Inc Between 1997 and 1998
  193. Brief History of the Origins of Christmas Lights
  194. Brief History of the Procter & Gamble Company
  195. Brief History of the Work of Walt Disney the Creator of Mickey Mouse
  196. Brief Introduction to the Business Kama – House of Exotic Decor
  197. Brief Look at the 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme LS
  198. Brief Look at the Lycos Search Engine
  199. Brief Outline of the E-Business
  200. Brief Overview of E-Commerce
  201. Brief Overview of Marketing Mix
  202. Brief Statement of the British Business Status and Its Attractiveness to Foreign Investors
  203. Brief Summary and an Introduction to the Scripps Research Institute
  204. Brief Summary of Benefit Eligibility
  205. Brief Summary of Gap Inc. A Leading International Retailer
  206. Brief Summary of the Company Da Chan Food in Asia
  207. Brief Summary of the Management in Jaguar Company
  208. Brilliant Pepsi Cola Marketing Gimmick
  209. Business Administration Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Company Bristol-Myers Squibb
  210. Business Analysis of Alpha Gearing Systems of Illinois
  211. Business Analysis of, INC.
  212. Business Analysis of American Travel Services’ Purchase of the Carnival Ship
  213. Business Analysis of AOL Time Warner, an American Company
  214. Business Analysis of Bama Pie, Limited
  215. Business Analysis of Ben and Jerry’s, an Ice Cream Company
  216. Business Analysis of Burger King, a Fast Food Company
  217. Business Analysis of Continental Airlines
  218. Business Analysis of Domino’s Pizza, a Pizza Company
  219. Business Analysis of Fantasy Rock
  220. Business Analysis of Godiva International a Chocolate Producer
  221. Business Analysis of K-Mart in the United States
  222. Business Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation, a Food Service Organization
  223. Business Analysis of Michael Dorf’s Management Style in His Company KnitMedia
  224. Business Analysis of Penang Mutiara Hotel in Penang
  225. Business Analysis of PepsiCo, a Company in the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry
  226. Business Analysis of Podere Riosto an Italian Winery and Vineyard
  227. Business Analysis of Seagram, a Diversified Enterprise
  228. Business Analysis of the Global Marketing Services in British Columbia
  229. Business Analysis of the Goodyear Company
  230. Business Analysis of the Millennium Experience Company
  231. Business Analysis of the Nike Corporation, an Athletic Shoes Company
  232. Business Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Consulting Firm
  233. Business Analysis of Thirsty, a Company in Boca Raton, Florida
  234. Business Analysis on the Benefits of E-Commerce to the Research in Motion Limited Company
  235. Business Industry Analysis of the School Bus Market in the United States
  236. Business Plan of Elsafe Australia, an Electronics Manufacturer
  237. Business Plan Proposal for a Fundraising Campaign
  238. Business Plan to Establish a Coffee House The Orange Cup
  239. Business Plan to Open Ed’s Sports Card & Memorabilia World
  240. Business Process Modelling and Its Application in Computing
  241. Business Project: Checking the Probability of Setting Up a New Retail Outlet in Your Local Area
  242. Business Proposal to Introduce My New Product for the Students in the University
  243. Business Proposition for Creating Website, a Free Online Supplement Database
  244. Business Report on Aquamarine Farms LTD, a Corporation in the Fish Farming Sector
  245. Business Report: Strategic Planning for Coca Cola
  246. Business Risk Analysis of MBS Inc in the Venezuelan Market
  247. Business Strategy of the Los Angeles Tribune to Boost Revenue, Reduce Cost, and Effectively Manage Employees
  248. Business Strategy to Revamp the Beauty Section of Any Marshalls or TJ Maxx Store
  249. Career Profile of Heineken Australia Marketing Manager Steve Muller
  250. Case Analysis by Hemant Sashittal on the Ineffective Use of Money through Advertising on Facebook
  251. Case Analysis of the Proctor & Gamble Document Management
  252. Case Analysis of the Profile and Operations of DuPoint Company
  253. Case Analysis of the Shouldice Hospital in Ontario, Canada
  254. Case Analysis of the Struggles of the Team of MGI Company to Write a Business Plan
  255. Case Analysis of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company in the United States of America
  256. Cathay Pacific Airways Founded in 1943
  257. Cisco Systems Incorporated, the Worldwide Leader in Networking for the Internet
  258. Company Crocs Inc and Its Strategic Management to Address Issues
  259. Concept Behind the Consumer Price Index
  260. Current Company Culture and Organizational Theory in Antonio’s Company
  261. Decline in the Sales of Pastries and Baked Goods in Ann’s Bakery in Northern Florida
  262. Dell – Business Success
  263. Description of TGI (Target Group Index); A Fast Growing, Global Network of Single-Source Market Research Company
  264. Development of State-Business Relations in Turkey Throughout the Years
  265. Development of the Coca-Cola Company
  266. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche – The Founder of Porsche Cars
  267. Earl Silas Tupper – the Inventor of Tupperware
  268. Early Life of Bill Gates and the Start of Microsoft Company
  269. Eli Whitney – an American Manufacturer
  270. Elizabeth Arden, a Business Person, Beauty Advisor, and Woman’s Advocate
  271. Elon Reeve Musk, a Businessman, Inventor and Investor
  272. Entertainment Business
  273. Experience and Life of John Pierpont Morgan, an American Financier, Banker and Philanthropist
  274. Explanation About the Accounting Regulation and Standards Set for Capital Instruments
  275. Fleischer Studios, Once the Biggest Competitior of Disney
  276. Ford Motor Company, an Automobile Manufacturing Company
  277. George Eastman, an American Entrepreneur and Founder of the Eastman Kodak Company
  278. George Soros the Worlds Most Famous Hedge Fund Manager
  279. Herbert Alexander Simon a Contributor in Radical Alterations in Microeconomics
  280. History of American on Line (AOL) in 1992
  281. History Of COBOL and Its Future in World Businesses
  282. Howard Coffin – One of the Founders of the Hudson Motor Car Company
  283. Human Resources Management (IHRM) and Its Main Terminologies
  284. Influence of Joseph Patrick Kennedy, An American Businessman
  285. Introduction on Context Aware Modeling in an Organization
  286. Introduction to the Methodology of Activity-Based Costing
  287. J. Pierpont Morgan a Banker and Industrialist
  288. James Martin a Man Who Helped Transform Gawler into the Town We See Today
  289. John Jacob Astor a Fur Trader, Businessman and Real Estate Investor
  290. Joseph Grundy, an American Manufacturer and Businessman
  291. Kmart Corporation in the Retail Trade Industry in the United States of America
  292. Kulala Company And Its Development
  293. Labor-Intensive Subsistence vs Traditional Agriculture
  294. Lawrence J. Ellison, A Look Into His Life and Accomplishments
  295. Lee Iacocca a Employee of Chrysler Corporation
  296. Lewis Company and the Importance of Management Thinking for the Future Success of the Organization
  297. Life and Biography of James J. Hill, the Railroad Tycoon
  298. Life and Biography of Steven Paul Jobs, a Co-Founder of Apple Computers
  299. Life of Thomas Alva Edison, an American Businessman
  300. Life Success of Christopher Charles Skase, an Australian Businessman
  301. Life Work of Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish Industrialist
  302. Lincoln Electric as an Example of an American Firm That Is One of the Best in United States
  303. Loeb Strauss – a German-Born American Textile Businessman
  304. Market Share, Strategy, and Possible Alternatives of America Online Company’s Expansion into Japan
  305. Martha Stewart, an American Writer and Businesswoman
  306. Michael Eisner and His Views About Company Leadership
  307. Milton Hershey, One of the Greatest Chocolate Makers
  308. Outsourcing in the United States of America with an Example of IBM Company
  309. Overview of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  310. Overview of the Basic Management Functions in the Company The Body Shop
  311. Overview of the Rights Stipulated in the Trade Union Act in the U.S.
  312. Potential Problems That Occur When Mattel and Arthur Anderson Are at Fault
  313. Production, History and Consumption of Beer
  314. Progressive Consulting and Its Importance to Company Growth
  315. Raise and Fall of Nokia Company
  316. Report on How the Fair Work Act Does not Favor the Employer
  317. Report on the Corning Electronic Products Division
  318. Review of FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET)
  319. Review of Platinum’s Medical Products and the Required Additional Funding
  320. Review of PlatiNUMs Medical Products and the Additional Funding Required
  321. Richard Warren Sears and His Foundation of Sears, Roebuck & Company
  322. Rising, Transitional Economies and Business Opportunities for Hong Leong Group (HLG)
  323. Sa Sa International Holdings Limited Company in Hong Kong
  324. Sam Walton and Birth of Walmart Store
  325. Shrinkwrap Licenses and What Constitutes a Binding Contract
  326. Solution for the Social Problem of Students in Victoria B.C Canada Not Being Able to Find an Affordable Place to Rent
  327. Strategies for Marcus Company to Grow in Sales Revenue, Market Share and Increase Public Recognition
  328. Success of Cornelius Vanderbilt an American Businessman
  329. Success of Howard R. Hughes, an American Businessman
  330. Successes of Richard Branson the Chief Executive of the Virgin Group
  331. Summary of Cultural, Personal and Organizational Values
  332. Summary of the Five Forces by Porter in Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors
  333. Sumner M. Redstone, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Viacom
  334. Sumner Redstone – an American Businessman and Media Magnate
  335. SWOT Analysis of the Hewlett Packard Electronics Company
  336. Teleworking: A Practice of Working at Home or a Remote Location
  337. William Henry Gates III – Head of the Microsoft Company

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