Marketing Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Marketing Thesis Topics

List of 36 Marketing Thesis Topics

  1. An examination of the relationship between perceived risk and brand equity: A comparison of supermarket retailers in UK.
  2. Are switching costs effective barriers to customer retention in the airline industry?
  3. Can automotive vendors afford to treat consumers as a homogenous mass? The case of the North-South divide in Sweden.
  4. Can brand equity be transferred to a supermarket’s own branded products in the low price segments?
  5. Can brand image be transferred between sectors? The case of Virgin Cola in the UK.
  6. Can luxury goods retailers prevent barriers to switching by locking in customers through a unique set of services and products?
  7. Do consumers really understand a company’s brand values? The case of Starbucks vs McDonalds
  8. Do leading brands need to have the products which attract to a large number of customer segments?
  9. How and why can the relationship marketing be used to attract new customers through social media?
  10. How can charge a premium price by using its diverse set of services and products?
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  12. How can companies adopt social media for successful development of relationship marketing with customers?
  13. How can companies use smart phone apps to improve brand equity? The case of Starbucks and Café Nero
  14. How can innovations sustain brands through the use of social media marketing?
  15. How do firms use corporate social responsibility to build brand equity? The case of Body Shop.
  16. How do marketers take into account regional differences in “national” culture? The case of banks in the Basque country and Catalonia, Spain.
  17. How do retailers cope with polygamous behaviour among consumers?
  18. How do supermarket chains overcome language differences in Switzerland?
  19. How does culture affect the marketing of automotives? The Case of Toyota in China
  20. How does customer loyalty at Waterstone’s change when customers shop at their online store rather than in the high street as compared to customers of
  21. How does individualism-collectivism influence the sales of mobile phones? The case of the People’s Republic of China.
  22. How does innovation and culture influence the market performance of SMEs in China?
  23. How does language impact upon brand identity? The case of Coca-Cola in the People’s Republic of China.
  24. How does product quality affect customer loyalty among high and low contact products?
  25. How does the relative importance of tangible and intangible brand values vary across product types?
  26. How does unethical behaviour affect brand image? The cases of Shell, Nike and Starbucks.
  27. How is brand image affected by product availability for SME?
  28. How is globalisation affecting the organisational culture of Toyota’s global operations?
  29. In what ways does Waterstone’s improve its customer loyalty through its online store and smart phone apps?
  30. Targeting customers in ethnic markets: The case of Indian food customers in the UK supermarket sector
  31. Using smart phone apps to attract and retain new customers: Advantages and challenges for MNCs.
  32. Using social media marketing to attract customers to brands of small companies.
  33. What are the challenges for small companies when adopting social media for increasing customer loyalty?
  34. What are the challenges for Tesco’s loyalty card scheme in today’s competitive business environment?
  35. What are the effects of social media on organisational culture in the UK’s fashion industry?
  36. What are the motivations and expectations behind loyalty schemes for businesses to attract customers in the long run?
  37. What effect does culture have on marketing communications? The case of Coca Cola in India

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