Tropicana Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Tropicana Speech Topics

List of Tropicana Speech Topics

  1. A good friend: Who is this person for me?
  2. Adventure for Me.
  3. Being a Miami Hurricane Fan in F S U Territory.
  4. Critters, Gators, and Geese.
  5. Do I have enough leisure time?
  6. Fairy Tales 101.
  7. Funny things I and my friends do
  8. How do I make friends?
  9. How do I spend my free time and how would I spend it?
  10. I Just Want a Medal.
  11. I would/wouldn’t like to participate in … but …
  12. If I could talk to animals, I would …
  13. Major Payne Compared to Major Pain.
  14. My family background: What do I know about my family?
  15. My family leisure: How do we spend free time together?
  16. My family’s traditions
  17. My ideal school day: How would I spend it?
  18. My scientific experiment
  19. My Weird Family.
  20. Never Do It Again.
  21. One Day on Planet Neptune.
  22. One meal I know how to cook is …
  23. Should I have many close friends?
  24. The commitments of each member in my family
  25. The contents of my lunch box
  26. The Difference Between Elementary and Middle School.
  27. The flavors of food cooked by my mom.
  28. The ideal family size for me
  29. The Little Brothers – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  30. The most delicious food I’ve ever eaten
  31. The most interesting class I would attend every day
  32. The relationships in my family: Is my family close-knit?
  33. The school of my dream: What is it?
  34. The wonders of the animal kingdom
  35. The world of science: What is it for me?
  36. What … What Did You Say?
  37. What do I do in science class usually?
  38. What does my friend think of me?
  39. What is my favorite pet I have or would like to have?
  40. What Makes A Legal Pad Legal.
  41. What part of science would you like to study in the future?
  42. What wild animals have I seen and where?
  43. When Parents Play Games.
  44. Who is my favorite teacher at school?
  45. Yes, It’s Not Easy Being Me.

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