Visual Aid Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Visual Aid Speech Topics

List of Visual Aid Speech Topics

  1. 10 ways to use a curling iron
  2. A step by step guide to write an ebook
  3. Barometers, the instruments used to measure atmospheric pressure.
  4. Best ways to pack a suitcase
  5. Catcher hand signals in baseball and how to recognize them.
  6. Fireworks and other explosive devices precaution regulation.
  7. How a cardiac surgeon does a heart bypass operation to relieve pain on the chest and improve blood supply?
  8. How a radar detector, a speed countermeasure equipment, works.
  9. How air bags open.
  10. How an artificial pacemaker stimulates a heart.
  11. How an espresso machine produces your cup of coffee.
  12. How an STM image works
  13. How antique barometers work.
  14. How asphalt cement is made.
  15. How batteries and accus work.
  16. How bulletproof vests work.
  17. How lie detectors detect lies. This genre of topics for demonstration speech in education should be prepared with the help of professional officers of course.
  18. How meditation works
  19. How metal detectors for treasure hunting work.
  20. How original Aboriginal boomerangs work.
  21. How perfumes and fragrances are designed.
  22. How personalized rubber stamps for hallmark imprinted impresssions are made.
  23. How the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your eyes.
  24. How thermometer instruments work.
  25. How to ace a test
  26. How to alter your own clothes…take up a hem etc.
  27. How to apply for college
  28. How to apply make-up
  29. How to apply make-up correctly
  30. How to apply makeup.
  31. How to apply nail polish.
  32. How to apply table manners.
  33. How to arrange flowers
  34. How to arrange flowers.
  35. How to avoid ID theft.
  36. How to avoid making eye contact with your ex
  37. How to backup your DVDs.
  38. How to bake a birdhouse.
  39. How to bake bread, bagels…
  40. How to bake the best doughnuts.
  41. How to balance your time as a college student
  42. How to batik
  43. How to be a good student
  44. How to be a team player
  45. How to be an ninja (PS Joking sorry).
  46. How to be healthy.
  47. How to become a famous film star.
  48. How to become a good actress.
  49. How to blow a glass.
  50. How to board on sand.
  51. How to bonsai
  52. How to bottle your own wine
  53. How to break old habits
  54. How to breakdance
  55. How to brush your teeth properly.
  56. How to build a compost bin
  57. How to build a fence
  58. How to build a model.
  59. How to build a pyramid of a team cheerleaders.
  60. How to build a rabbit hutch or cages and runs.
  61. How to build a recycle compost bin in your garden.
  62. How to build a shed.
  63. How to build a snowman.
  64. How to build a web site.
  65. How to burglar proof your home
  66. How to buy a house
  67. How to buy online safely
  68. How to care for a kitten
  69. How to care for a set of golf clubs
  70. How to care for an injured or sick pet
  71. How to care for garden tools
  72. How to care for hamsters or other household pets.
  73. How to carve a pumpkin
  74. How to carve or whittle wood
  75. How to carve vegetables
  76. How to catch a fish
  77. How to change a baby’s diaper
  78. How to change a baby’s diaper.
  79. How to change a bank check.
  80. How to change a car tire
  81. How to change a flat tire
  82. How to check your blood sugar
  83. How to choose a college
  84. How to choose a digital camera.
  85. How to choose a pet
  86. How to choose clothes that suit you
  87. How to choose colors that suit you
  88. How to choose jewelry for an evening dress.
  89. How to choose tasty French champagne.
  90. How to choose the best pattern font for your website
  91. How to choose the perfect pet.
  92. How to choose the right piece of sporting equipment (bike, surf or skate board, shoes, protective gear…)
  93. How to choose the right plants for the right situations
  94. How to choose the right running shoe.
  95. How to clean and polish golden rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  96. How to clean your car.
  97. How to clean your golf clubs.
  98. How to clean your swimming pool.
  99. How to climb a building.
  100. How to close a client
  101. How to color eggs.
  102. How to companion plant to protect vegetables from insect pests
  103. How to construct a boomerang that comes back to you.
  104. How to cook a pie (or anything else you like / know how to cook).
  105. How to cook economically
  106. How to count the calories and make healthier choices.
  107. How to create a business plan
  108. How to create a Halloween mask.
  109. How to create a marathon training plan
  110. How to create a seasonal center piece for the table
  111. How to create an awesome finished product
  112. How to create an email account
  113. How to create an iPhone app
  114. How to create the perfect study space
  115. How to crochet
  116. How to dance.
  117. How to decide what career you want
  118. How to decorate a cake
  119. How to decorate a cake.
  120. How to decoupage
  121. How to defend yourself (basic self defence)
  122. How to deliver an award-winning, persuasive speech
  123. How to deliver an effective speech.
  124. How to design wedding cakes.
  125. How to design your own clothes
  126. How to do a cheap style make-over
  127. How to do basic first aid
  128. How to draw a cartoon character.
  129. How to dress like a princess
  130. How to dress like a princess.
  131. How to dry fruits and vegetables
  132. How to dry your hair.
  133. How to eat oysters.
  134. How to eat politely
  135. How to embroider
  136. How to encourage birds or bees into the garden
  137. How to feed a dog, horse, cat,…correctly
  138. How to felt
  139. How to file taxes as a business owner
  140. How to find a good dorm roommate.
  141. How to find a part-time job
  142. How to find a roommate.
  143. How to find cheap airline tickets.
  144. How to find cheap textbooks
  145. How to find the best health insurance
  146. How to find the best spring break deals.
  147. How to find your ancestors.
  148. How to fix a blocked sink
  149. How to fix a flat tire on a bicycle.
  150. How to fix a flat tire.
  151. How to fix a leaking faucet
  152. How to fix a puncture
  153. How to fly a kite
  154. How to fly an real RC plane (only show this outdoors and only if you are good).
  155. How to fold an origami crane.
  156. How to fold napkins in a funny way.
  157. How to fold table napkins
  158. How to French braid hair
  159. How to get a refund after you bought something you do not like.
  160. How to get a satellite tv for free.
  161. How to get energy from solar cells on your roof.
  162. How to get rid of roaches, mice and other pests in the backyard the natural way.
  163. How to get your keys out of a locked car.
  164. How to give medicines to your dog, cat…
  165. How to graft a plant
  166. How to greet Japanese people.
  167. How to grow a vegetable garden
  168. How to grow from seed
  169. How to grow herbs – e.g. chamomile, parsley, catnip – in your own mini greenhouse.
  170. How to hold a softball bat
  171. How to how to design & make a greeting card
  172. How to how to make and upload a video to You-tube
  173. How to ice a cake
  174. How to identify if a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic.
  175. How to insert an image placeholder in WordPress
  176. How to install WordPress
  177. How to interpret a modern painting
  178. How to interpret animal behavior
  179. How to investigate a black box in an airplane.
  180. How to iron a shirt properly
  181. How to keep a pet dog or cat in an apartment
  182. How to keep fit
  183. How to knit
  184. How to knit a scarf.
  185. How to knit a sweater
  186. How to knot a carpet.
  187. How to knot a tie
  188. How to lay bricks or paving stones
  189. How to learn break dance tricks and street moves.
  190. How to learn fast reading.
  191. How to learn French, German, Italian…
  192. How to learn playing guitar.
  193. How to learn to draw, sketch
  194. How to learn to paint in water colors
  195. How to learn to skate board
  196. How to learn to surf
  197. How to lift without damaging your back
  198. How to lose weight safely and with a lasting effect.
  199. How to make a bird feeder
  200. How to make a children’s play area
  201. How to make a Christmas wreath
  202. How to make a cocktail.
  203. How to make a dancing show.
  204. How to make a fast summer salad.
  205. How to make a genealogical tree.
  206. How to make a golf swing.
  207. How to make a greenhouse
  208. How to make a new candle of old ones.
  209. How to make a no-dig garden
  210. How to make a paper airplane.
  211. How to make a patio or deck garden
  212. How to make a perfect cup of coffee, tea…
  213. How to make a perfect posy of flowers
  214. How to make a pinata.
  215. How to make a presentation
  216. How to make a real Italian pizza with classic recipes.
  217. How to make a swing
  218. How to make a water-color.
  219. How to make a windbreak
  220. How to make an effective complaint
  221. How to make an emergency kit.
  222. How to make any professor like you
  223. How to make banana pudding.
  224. How to make beer.
  225. How to make bread crumbs.
  226. How to make chocolate
  227. How to make desserts
  228. How to make friends on campus
  229. How to make healthy meals
  230. How to make homemade salsa.
  231. How to make honey.
  232. How to make ice cream.
  233. How to make ice.
  234. How to make Irish Coffee.
  235. How to make jello Jigglers.
  236. How to make jewelrey.
  237. How to make money while going to school
  238. How to make natural dyes
  239. How to make ornaments.
  240. How to make papier mache
  241. How to make peanut butter
  242. How to make pizza.
  243. How to make soup.
  244. How to make the crunchiest marshmallows at a camp fire place.
  245. How to make twirling confetti eggs for parties and events.
  246. How to make up a first aid kit for simple treatment of minor injuries.
  247. How to make your garden full of flowers year around.
  248. How to make your own cosmetics, creams etc
  249. How to make your own jewelry from antique buttons
  250. How to make your own relish, jam, pastry…
  251. How to make your own soft furnishings
  252. How to make your own wedding cake
  253. How to make your own wedding dress.
  254. How to meditate
  255. How to network
  256. How to oil a bike
  257. How to open a bottle of wine.
  258. How to organise a coffee morning
  259. How to organize a prom night the whole nine yards.
  260. How to organize a surprise party.
  261. How to organize closet space
  262. How to organize your closet.
  263. How to organize your email account
  264. How to organize your pantry
  265. How to organize your wedding.
  266. How to overcome fear of public speaking before you stand behind a desk.
  267. How to pack a suitcase that passes customs.
  268. How to paint eggs
  269. How to perform a magic trick.
  270. How to perform a simple magic trick
  271. How to perform a yoga pose
  272. How to perform an Olympic-style lift
  273. How to perform tai chi
  274. How to perform well on standardized tests
  275. How to pick a bottle of wine.
  276. How to pick a color scheme and palette.
  277. How to pick your schedule
  278. How to pitch your services
  279. How to plait or braid hair
  280. How to plan a menu
  281. How to plan a party
  282. How to plan a vegetarian meal
  283. How to plant a tree
  284. How to plant a window box of herbs
  285. How to plant spring bulbs
  286. How to play a computer game.
  287. How to play chess, checkers, dominoes, cards…
  288. How to play chess.
  289. How to play piano.
  290. How to play poker.
  291. How to play with a small child
  292. How to polish Shoes.
  293. How to polish wooden furniture
  294. How to pot a plant.
  295. How to practice active listening communication techniques.
  296. How to prepare a baby’s bottle
  297. How to prepare a banana chocolate shake to recover from a hangover.
  298. How to prepare a presentation you forgot all about
  299. How to prepare and plant a tub of flowers or vegetables
  300. How to prepare and set a fishing net
  301. How to prepare basic landscaping plans
  302. How to prepare chicken safely
  303. How to prepare for a job interview.
  304. How to prepare green tea and serve it correctly
  305. How to prepare invisible ink to write secret messages.
  306. How to press flowers
  307. How to prevent injury.
  308. How to prevent sporting injuries
  309. How to print a digital photo
  310. How to print a digital photo.
  311. How to prioritize your time
  312. How to program car keys and remotes.
  313. How to prune a rose bush
  314. How to put a weave in hair.
  315. How to quilt
  316. How to read a barometer and analyze the results.
  317. How to read a map.
  318. How to read a palm
  319. How to read body language
  320. How to read braille
  321. How to read music notes.
  322. How to read to a child
  323. How to recognize poisonous plants or insects
  324. How to recycle
  325. How to register for voting.
  326. How to register or establish a legal valued trademark or patent.
  327. How to replace a cracked tile
  328. How to research a potential product
  329. How to restore a piece of furniture
  330. How to ride a bike
  331. How to run a meeting
  332. How to saddle a horse
  333. How to saddle horse (I did this and tooka video of saddling my horse and narrated it to my audience).
  334. How to save gas
  335. How to save money
  336. How to score a game of tennis
  337. How to scrapbook
  338. How to scribe a good poem.
  339. How to sculpt your eyebrows properly.
  340. How to secure your home from burglars.
  341. How to select and prepare a backpack for travel abroad.
  342. How to select the proper running shoes for recreational walks.
  343. How to select the right make-up for you
  344. How to set a dinner table
  345. How to set up a fish bowl
  346. How to set up an aquarium.
  347. How to sew your own clothes
  348. How to sharpen a knife
  349. How to shoot a basketball.
  350. How to shoot a goal
  351. How to shop at thrift stores
  352. How to sign up for classes
  353. How to ski.
  354. How to smoke a fish
  355. How to snow board.
  356. How to soothe a frightened dog, cat…
  357. How to speak Italian.
  358. How to spin or weave
  359. How to stake a rose bush to get more flowers.
  360. How to stamp greeting cards.
  361. How to start your own business
  362. How to stencil.
  363. How to stop thinking.
  364. How to store frozen food
  365. How to survive in the wilderness.
  366. How to swing a golf club
  367. How to take a brass rubbing
  368. How to take a good photograph
  369. How to take a pulse
  370. How to take a telephone message
  371. How to take control of your personal finances
  372. How to talk to a deaf person
  373. How to taste wine.
  374. How to teach a child to read the time
  375. How to teach a parrot to talk
  376. How to text
  377. How to text effective and clear messages.
  378. How to tie a tie
  379. How to tie a tie.
  380. How to tie Die shirts.
  381. How to tie various knots.
  382. How to tie-dye a garment
  383. How to train a puppy
  384. How to train for a marathon
  385. How to train your brain.
  386. How to travel safely in a foreign country
  387. How to understand cultural differences in body language
  388. How to use a cell phone
  389. How to use a makeup if you a guy.
  390. How to use a sextant for navigation like two centuries ago.
  391. How to use a snorkel correctly
  392. How to use chop sticks
  393. How to use seasonal vegetables
  394. How to use stencils
  395. How to use the content of articles without violating their copyrights.
  396. How to use the cruise control.
  397. How to use the process of deduction.
  398. How to use the U.S. Postal Service.
  399. How to use your breath when you sing.
  400. How to walk in high heels
  401. How to waltz (foxtrot, line dance …)
  402. How to wash a car
  403. How to wash a dog
  404. How to wax a surfboard
  405. How to wax a surfboard.
  406. How to weave a basket.
  407. How to weight lift.
  408. How to whistle
  409. How to work from home
  410. How to work puppets
  411. How to write a business-like letter.
  412. How to write a demonstration speech outline
  413. How to write a film script.
  414. How to write a resume.
  415. How to write a shopping list
  416. How to write a thank-you letter
  417. How to write a will.
  418. How to write an informative speech
  419. How to write in cursive
  420. How topographic maps and globes are fabricated.
  421. Impress friends with an amazing card trick
  422. Incorporate veggies and fruits into your day
  423. Intelligent high IQ tests of the Mensa foundation for gifted and talented students.
  424. Making fake UFO photo’s is not difficult.
  425. Marinate jumbo-size shrimps for your barbecue.
  426. Preparations for a tandem hang glider flight.
  427. Red/green/blue color mixing for website design
  428. Satellite orbit types – polar, sun synchronous, and geosynchronous.
  429. The Academy Awards ceremony of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy.
  430. The best way to eat a deviled egg without being messy
  431. The four forms a rainbow can take – primary, secondary and supernumerary rainbows, and glory clouds.
  432. The fundamentals of a weight-training routine
  433. The organization of political election conventions.
  434. The patent examining procedure of the Trademark Office.
  435. The proper running technique
  436. The proper way to fold a napkin
  437. The route of your Short Message Service text from your mobile phone to its destination. Ideal to show the virtual road for passage with a huge map.
  438. The smartest and impertinent money laundering conspiracy tricks revealed.
  439. The sun eclipse – the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sunview on Earth.
  440. The ultimate method to remove chocolate stains from your clothes or carpet.
  441. The UN Security Council explained – start with positioning the permanent
  442. The VoIP call process diagram demonstrated for teleconferencing.
  443. Tips for more privacy in a high school or college facebook.
  444. Unique uses for duct tape.
  445. Why hot air balloons fly after the sun is down.
  446. Why our red blood cell production is important.

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