Persuasive Speech Topics For Kids And Teens

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 74 Persuasive Speech Topics For Kids And Teens

  1. All students should be required to undertake a fixed period of voluntary work
  2. All students should learn a foreign language
  3. Apart from necessary studying, all homework should be banned
  4. Are chat rooms safe for children?
  5. Between studies and hobbies, teens are WAY over-scheduled
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  7. Boys and girls should be taught in separate classroms
  8. Children should be allowed to ‘divorce’ their parents
  9. Corporations should not be allowed to advertise in schools
  10. Cyberbullying should be grounds for school suspension
  11. Do Video games promote violence among children?
  12. Education Speech for kids
  13. Gay and lesbian relationships should be promoted to students in a positive light
  14. Gender Roles Speech for kids
  15. Girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams
  16. Hobbies and Recreation for kids
  17. How do I convince my mother to let me eat ice cream everyday?
  18. Is education important?
  19. Is it all right to hold parents responsible for the actions of their children?
  20. Is the growing obesity among American children related to their fast food consumption?
  21. Kids under 15 shouldn’t have Facebook pages.
  22. Music with bad language should be banned from school dances
  23. Opinions Speech for kids
  24. Parents should restrict the amount of time their teens spend in front of a screen
  25. Recycling: How will it help our future?
  26. Religion should not be taught in school
  27. Safety is more important than privacy.
  28. Schools should ONLY be allowed to serve healthy meal options
  29. Sex education should not be a part of the curriculum in public schools
  30. Should animals be kept in a zoo?
  31. Should children be sent to boarding schools?
  32. Should couples get married before having children?
  33. Should homework be given to children?
  34. Should teenagers be allowed to purchase aggressive video games?
  35. Should the content on the Internet be censored before kids go through it?
  36. Should the results of exam be used to label students as intelligent, average and below average?
  37. Should the school authorities search student lockers from time to time?
  38. Should there be a longer time for recess?
  39. Should uniforms be made compulsory in schools?
  40. Single parenting – Is it good or bad for children?
  41. Smokers should pay a health tax.
  42. Snow days are great for family quality time.
  43. Social Issues Speech for kids
  44. Spam mail should be outlawed.
  45. Students should be allowed to eat freely in the classroom
  46. Students should be allowed to wear headphones to listen to their music in class
  47. Students should be given access to free contraception
  48. Students should be given notebook computers instead of textbooks
  49. Students should be permitted to use cellphones at school
  50. Students should no longer be forced to read ‘classic’ literature
  51. Teachers should never be Facebook friends with their students
  52. Teenage girls suffer body image issues due to the way women are portrayed in the media
  53. Teens are becoming more and more obsessed with material possessions
  54. The advantages and disadvantages of obeying my mother.
  55. The five most popular television shows among children in my school.
  56. The outsourcing of work to developing countries is making it hard for unqualified teenagers to earn a living wage
  57. The parents of obese children should be prosecuted
  58. The voting age should be lowered to 16
  59. There is a fine line between pranking and bullying
  60. Too little is being done to deal with poverty in America
  61. Violence in video games leads to violence in real life
  62. We should all grow our own vegetables.
  63. What if I become a Hollywood star when I grow up?
  64. What if there were separate classrooms for boys and girls? Would that be more suitable?
  65. What would happen if all the teachers in the school take leave for one day?
  66. What would happen if I get a chance to spend a day with Santa Claus?
  67. What would I do if I am all grown up today?
  68. What would I do if I did not have to go to school?
  69. Who is stronger – Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man?
  70. Why are Harry Potter books so famous among children and adults?
  71. Why do I feel shy talking to girls in my class?
  72. Why do I have to drink milk everyday?
  73. Why my dog is the silliest creature on earth?
  74. Why should cell phones be allowed/not allowed in schools?
  75. Yearly driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years after getting a license.

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