Informative Speech Topics For Teens

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 76 Informative Speech Topics For Teens

  1. Bad presents to get and bad gifts to give
  2. Basic Chinese phrases to survive travelling in China
  3. Best tips for picture-perfect selfies
  4. Cool, useful things my parents have taught me
  5. Different ways to use a brick
  6. Famous/successful people who were told “no” before they were told “yes”
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  8. For the funniest videos on YouTube, search for _______
  9. Gossip: How to know what’s real and what isn’t
  10. Gym class: What’s the worst that could happen?
  11. How not to get a date with your crush
  12. How schools can help obese students get their lives back
  13. How to be smart and pretty
  14. How to do more homework in less time
  15. How to fake a sickness and get out of school
  16. How to find out for sure if your friends are truly your friends
  17. How to get a new outfit out of your parents with little effort
  18. How to get out of class/school without getting in trouble
  19. How to get someone to do your work for you without asking
  20. How to get the ________ you’ve been dreaming of (shoes, purse, pony, etc.)
  21. How to make it through Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend/girlfriend
  22. How to make people buy what you’re “selling”
  23. How to make your parents proud by doing what you love
  24. How to master procrastination and still pass all your classes
  25. How to overcome your painful shyness in speech class
  26. How to prepare for your first kiss
  27. How to teach your grandma to text
  28. How to tell someone to “go away” without sounding rude
  29. How you can easily burn out of homework
  30. If I could create my own holiday, it would be ________
  31. If I could write a letter to the President
  32. If I ruled the world…
  33. My dream job would be…
  34. My generation’s obsession with all things scary
  35. Popularity: How to get it, how to keep it
  36. Remarkable texts in ads
  37. Special effects of horror movies revealed
  38. Teens’ obsessions with material objects and status
  39. Ten things to remember about garage sales
  40. Ten uses for duct tape that everyone should know
  41. The alarming signs you are addicted to web games
  42. The best hobbies you won’t want to miss out on
  43. The coolest art project I’ve made
  44. The coolest inventions I’ve ever seen
  45. The coolest place on Earth
  46. The coolest science projects that will get you an A every time
  47. The difficulty of finding employment as a teenager
  48. The last time I got caught in a lie…
  49. The latest hair trends
  50. The most dangerous snakes you have to watch out for in the fields
  51. The most widely accepted excuses for not handing in your homework on time
  52. The real feelings behind exams
  53. The secrets behind the preparation of your food in fast food restaurants and the marketing trap you are walking in as soon as you enter the establishment where they serve meals to customers.
  54. The secrets to nailing the “innocent” look
  55. The top five bizarre tabloid news articles
  56. The top five parent excuse notes
  57. The top five topics to talk about on your date
  58. The top tricks to faking a cold and getting away with it
  59. The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten
  60. Things I’ve learned that have made me wiser
  61. Things my parents say that annoy me
  62. Things that boys/girls don’t know about girls/boys
  63. Tips for buying gifts and gadgets for someone who is not a close friend but more of some sort of an acquaintance of your parents
  64. Tips for pulling off the ultimate makeover
  65. To get a job or not to get a job, that is the question
  66. Top five things I do that annoy my mom
  67. Top tips to behave effectively in the class of Mr. or Mrs. …
  68. Ways to get your parents to apologize to YOU
  69. What I think the world will be like in 100 years
  70. What it’s like being the oldest/youngest sibling
  71. What makes a bully become a bully
  72. What my dream house would be like
  73. What my life will be like in twenty years
  74. What to look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
  75. When your family forces you to spend time with them…
  76. Why a chicken still walks even with the head cut off
  77. Why some young people are self-harming.

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