Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 24.12.2019

List of Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are nurses exposed to more health hazards than doctors?
  2. Doctors and nurses should be given a global visa
  3. Does nursing receive the same prestige and attention as doctors do?
  4. Does working more hours impact the quality of work done by nurses?
  5. How are the impacts of nurses and doctors different in the healthcare marketplace?
  6. How big of an issue is the neglect or the abuse of power by home nurses?
  7. How far does the abuse of power of home nurses go?
  8. Increased number of working hours has an impact on the work quality of nurses
  9. Is home nursing really safe?
  10. Is it alright for a nurse to be involved in ending the life of a patient with a terminal illness?
  11. Is it okay to allow nurses to end the lives of patients with extreme/fatal afflictions?
  12. Is it okay to force nurses to work overtime?
  13. Is nursing a woman’s job? Should the government encourage men to become nurses?
  14. Is racial discrimination a problem in the nursing profession?
  15. Is the role of a nurse more important than the role that a doctor plays?
  16. It should be mandatory for all nurses in the developed countries to spend 2 years nursing in developing countries to complete their degree
  17. Nurses should be paid as much as doctors
  18. Nursing is a woman’s job
  19. Should every nurse in an industrialized nation be required to work for two years in a developing nation?
  20. Should government play a part in encouraging men to become nurses?
  21. Should Halloween costumes that sexualize nurses be banned?
  22. Should home nursing be required to have more oversight?
  23. Should it be legal for nurses to prescribe medicine?
  24. Should medical professionals be given a global visa so that they can work wherever they are needed easily?
  25. Should night nurses make more than the nurses on the day shift?
  26. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medicine?
  27. Should nurses be given bonuses related to patient outcomes?
  28. Should nurses be required to work overtime?
  29. Should nurses get additional degrees for the on-job training and knowledge that they acquire?
  30. Should nurses have residencies like doctors do?
  31. Should nurses receive a wage that is on par with doctors?
  32. Should nurses receive raises based on the amount of overtime that they work?
  33. The ideal work relationship between a doctor and a nurse vs the reality
  34. The impact of nursing vs the impact of doctors on healthcare services
  35. The nursing profession is plagued by racial discrimination
  36. The profession of nursing is more respectable than that of a doctor
  37. The role of a nurse is more important than that of a doctor
  38. The role of nurses in the outcome of patients
  39. The sexualisation of the image of a nurse should be banned
  40. What is the best number of nurses to have in a hospital?
  41. What is the ideal working relationship between doctors and nurses?
  42. What should be the ideal number of nurses in a hospital?
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