Health Persuasive Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 43 Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Healthcare system.
  2. Legal status of lab testing over animals.
  3. Risk of buying medicines from online pharmacies without doctor’s prescription and consent.
  4. Validity of acupuncture technique in medical field.
  5. Health awareness campaigns to educate people regarding the risks of getting overexposed to sun.
  6. Which one is better to cure colds effectively: traditional medicine or alternative remedies?
  7. Should the human organs’ sale be legalized?
  8. Funding the research over cancer diseases.
  9. Which situations demand shock therapy?
  10. Why eating breakfast daily is beneficial for health?
  11. Should it be mandatory for the tobacco sector to fund the research on lung cancer?
  12. Are food additives unhealthy?
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  14. Extreme level of meat consumption affects health adversely.
  15. Are disposable diapers unhealthy and dangerous for children?
  16. The safety techniques and technology adopted now-a-days for preserving food.
  17. Does mental health complement our physical health?
  18. Treating depression as a disease than viewing it as mental weakness.
  19. Healthcare reporting – accurate and timely recording of adverse events.
  20. Useful ways to treat insomnia.
  21. Wearing ill-fitting shoes – potential health risks involved.
  22. Is the laser technology really helpful in curing certain diseases?
  23. Is hormonal imbalance become difficult to treat as the age passes?
  24. Importance of maintaining the right level of cholesterol.
  25. Diabetic friendly sweeteners – are they worthy enough for use?
  26. Health insurance.
  27. Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal usage
  28. Do steroids have negative impacts?
  29. How to help your children to avoid drugs at school?
  30. What makes domestic violence reporting difficult?
  31. Can stem cell research be helpful to treat HIV and other terminal diseases?
  32. Why the government should reduce taxes on life saving drugs?
  33. What makes cancer a leading cause of death in the United States?
  34. Should the government need strong healthcare policy?
  35. Is your data secure with online healthcare management systems?
  36. What reforms are needed to enhance the quality of life in the United States?
  37. Should governments tax sugary drinks and use the revenue for public health?
  38. Has cosmetic surgery risen to a level that exceeds good sense?
  39. Is the fast-food industry legally accountable for obesity?
  40. Should school cafeterias only offer healthy food options?
  41. Is acupuncture a valid medical technique?
  42. Should assisted suicide be legal?
  43. Does consuming meat affect health?
  44. Is dieting a good way to lose weight?

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