World History Argumentative Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 30.10.2019

List of World History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. A Brief History of the Journey of Lewis and Clark in St. Louis
  2. A Call to Resist the Advances of Great Britain
  3. A Comparison Between the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire
  4. A Comparison of the Intentionalists’ and Functionalists’ Point of View Regarding the Holocaust
  5. A Discussion on Herodotus’ Writings on the Battle of Marathon in 490BC
  6. A Discussion on the Issue of Chinese Officers Being Allowed to Do What They Want
  7. A Historical Understanding of Japan’s Opening
  8. A History and Consequences of the 1986 Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl
  9. A History and Various Factors That Led to the Colonization of Africa
  10. A History of a Violent Islamic Taakeover of the Defeat of the Umayyads by the Abbasids in 750 CE
  11. A History of the 1700 European Era
  12. A History of the Era of Good Feeling
  13. A History of the Genocide in Nigeria Conducted by the Nigerian Military and Hausa-Fulani Terrorists
  14. A History of the Kinder Transports During the Holocaust
  15. A History of the Louisiana Purchase
  16. A History of the Struggle for Equality in America
  17. A History of the Testing of Nuclear Weapons in the Pacific Islands Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s
  18. A History of White Supremacy and Violence Against the Blacks
  19. A Landscape of American Growth in Epochas
  20. A Letter of Proposal for a Peaceful Life to King George III of England
  21. A Recap of the Events of the War of 1812
  22. A Research on the Causes of the Fall of the Western Roman Empire
  23. A Research on the Life and Culture of the Lenape People
  24. A Review of Annotated Bibliographies on the Kent State Shootings
  25. A Review of the Purpose of NATO’s Creation
  26. A Review of the Significance of Carthage in History
  27. A Review of the Spanish Expedition in Cajamarca
  28. A Review of the Tumultuous Decades in America
  29. A Short History of Political Parties of America
  30. A Short Overview of the First World War
  31. A Study of Beard Growing in Society
  32. A Study of Canada’s Role in the Korean War
  33. A Study of the Cultural Diversity in Monsoon Asia
  34. A Study on the Achumawi People of America
  35. A Study on the Power of the Atomic Bomb and the Devastation Caused on Hiroshima and Nagasaki During World War II
  36. A Summary and Analysis of Chapter 2 of After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection, a Book by James West Davidson and Mark Lytle
  37. African Americans Should Be Treated with Respect and Equality
  38. An Analysis of American Republicanism and Nationalism During the Colonial Era
  39. An Analysis of Issues of Our Time, a Book by Amartya Sen
  40. An Analysis of the Accomplishments of Great Presidents
  41. An Analysis of the American Victory in the War of 1812
  42. An Analysis of the British Rule in Its Colonies
  43. An Analysis of the Different Perspectives Surrounding the American Revolution
  44. An Analysis of the Factor That Boosts the Nazi’s Rise to Power
  45. An Analysis of the Mai Lai Massacre
  46. An Analysis of the Main Causes of the American Civil War
  47. An Analysis of the Political Immaturity of Africa
  48. An Analysis of the Repercussions for Opposing Great Britain
  49. An Analysis of the Social Factors That Contribute to the French Revolution
  50. An Assessment of America During the Interwar Period
  51. An Assessment of Nat Turner as a Hero and a Maniac
  52. An Examination of the Moral Values of America
  53. An International Tragedy Happened on the Independence Day
  54. An Overview of Harbin, the Capital of Heilongjiang
  55. An Overview of Imperialism Throughout History
  56. An Overview of Serbia During and After the World Wars
  57. An Overview of the Antebellum Period in American History
  58. An Overview of the Battle of the Atlantic
  59. An Overview of the Different Notorious Killers in History
  60. An Overview of the Expansion of American Society
  61. An Overview of the First World War
  62. An Overview of the History of Brazil
  63. An Overview of the Impact of The Crusades
  64. An Overview of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan
  65. An Overview of the True Cause of the American Revolution
  66. An Overview of the Vietnam War in the Eyes of Mark Lawrence Atwood
  67. Bimarck: The Trump of Germany
  68. Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Roles of Truman and Stalin in the Development of the Cold War
  69. Conformity and Its Characterization of the 1950’s America
  70. Did Truman Cause the Cold War?
  71. England’s Outlawing of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery Itself in 1807
  72. Examining the Evolution of the Fashion Trends in the 1900’s and the Role of the United States and Europe in Spreading the Trend
  73. Henry Daid Thoreau’s and Louisa Maay Alcott’s Views on Slavery
  74. How Germany Loast Its Beauty After World War II
  75. How Has NATO Affected the Relations Between the United States and Europe?
  76. How the City Texas Changed From 1876 to 1990 in Terms of Economy, Population and Culture
  77. Humanity’s Quest for Space Exploration Throughout History
  78. Is America Again Walking a Path of Mass Internement?
  79. Key Events in America in the 21st Century
  80. Labor Unions in the Late 19th Century
  81. Martin Luther King and the History of the Reformation
  82. Nigerians Should Stand Together as One
  83. Paine’s View of the Obstacles of Daily Life Being Proved in The General History of Virginia
  84. President Abraham Lincoln’s Attempts of Unifying the North and the South
  85. Preventative Measure in Italy Against the Plague of 1348
  86. Slavery in the United States and the Will of Harriet Jacobs to Achieve Her Freedom
  87. The 1763 Signs That the Colonies’ Relationship with Britain Was Stressed Out
  88. The Abolishment of Slavery in the United States
  89. The Accomplishment of the Civil Rights Movement in American History
  90. The Action of America to Halt a Communist Regime
  91. The Actions of War and Greed During the Second Gulf War
  92. The Aggressive Actions of the United States Against the Soviet Union in Jeffrey Burds’ The Early Cold War in Soviet West Ukraine, 1944-1948
  93. The America’s Witch Hunter An Analysis of Joseph McCarthy
  94. The American Conflicts with the Native Americans in the Second Half of the 19th Century
  95. The Ancient Egyptian and Roman Religious and Belief Systems within Their Cultures
  96. The Ascension of Alexander the Great to the Macedonian Throne and His Campaign
  97. The Belief in Australia That Australian Men Should Be Willing to Die for Their Country
  98. The British’s Contribution to the Defeat of Nazi Germany During World War II
  99. The Celebration of Traditions During the Holiday of Kwanzaa
  100. The Change in Culture Brought by the Enlightenment
  101. The Changes and Benefits Caused by the September 11 Terrorist Attack on American Soil
  102. The Changes in the US Economy Throughout History
  103. The Chinese Traditions of Childbirth in Leah Brown’s Childbirth Traditions Around the World: China
  104. The Concept of White Superiority in America
  105. The Contributions of Sacagawea to the Expedition of Lewis and Clark in Colonial America
  106. The Culture Industry and Society
  107. The Dichotomy Between the East and West of Greece Regarding the Rational and the Spiritual
  108. The Differences Between Yellowface and Yellow Peril and Their Importance in the History of Changing Asian and Asian American’s Political Position
  109. The Different Changes in the American Way of Life
  110. The Different Killing Methods Used by the Nazi Germans During the Holocaust
  111. The Different Reasons Why Slaves Stayed as Slaves
  112. The Downward Spiral of American Society
  113. The Ethnic Cleansing During the Holocaust and Its Effect on World War II
  114. The Events and Policies That Led to the Fall of the Era of Good Feelings
  115. The Events During the Era of Good Feelings in the United States of America
  116. The Events in America That Could Have Been Prevented by Faster Communication
  117. The Evolution of the American Dream Over the Past 50 Years
  118. The Experiences of Trauma of Malcolm X During His Early Life
  119. The Explanation for the Unwillingness of Slaves to Pursue Their Freedom
  120. The Factories During the 1831 to 1844 Period as Places of Exploitations
  121. The Factors That Helped Create a Successful Expedition for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
  122. The Fall of Segregation After the Second World War
  123. The Flaws and Conflicts with Our Excellent Communication Networks
  124. The Forgotten Aspect of the Vision of Martin Luther King Jr.
  125. The Four Causes of World War I
  126. The Global Impact of the Collapse of the Soviet Union
  127. The Great Chicago Fire and Its Influence on the Attitude of Chicago’s Population
  128. The History and Objectives of the African American Civil Rights Organization
  129. The History and the Life of African Americans in Chicago
  130. The History of America’s Treatment of Chinese Immigrants
  131. The History of Europe and the Leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte
  132. The History of Red Scare in America
  133. The History of Scotland
  134. The History of Slavery and the Evolution of Slave Culture in America
  135. The History of the Black Lives Matter Movement
  136. The History of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776
  137. The History of the Era of Good Feelings
  138. The History of the Poor People’s Rebellions
  139. The History of the Practice of Slave Trade Throughout History
  140. The Iconic Role of Propaganda in World War One
  141. The Impact of British Colonization in Kenya
  142. The Impact of European Colonization in Early America
  143. The Impact of Mao Zedong’s Death in China
  144. The Impact of Religion in the New World
  145. The Impact of Revolution in France
  146. The Impact of the Second World War in Jerusalem
  147. The Impact of the Student Movements on the Political Situation in Mexico and in the United States and the Eventual Massacres
  148. The Impact of the Treaty of Paris on America
  149. The Impact of Xuanzong and Yang Gifei on the Tang Dynasty That Ruled in China
  150. The Importance of Castles to William I in His Quest of Securing His Throne and Frontiers
  151. The Importance of Communication and Socialization in America’s History
  152. The Importance of Learning from Primary Sources
  153. The Importance of the History from Below
  154. The Importance of the Small War and Its Cost to the American Nation
  155. The Importance of Traditions and Key Role of Village Rituals
  156. The Important Events in the History of the United States
  157. The Important People and Events in the History of Slave Rebellions in the United States
  158. The Influence of Christianity and Architecture on the Restoration of the Byzantine Empire
  159. The Influence of the Manifest Destiny on 19th Century Americans
  160. The International Community and Its Lack of Actions in the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide
  161. The Issues Surrounding African Americans and the American Civil War
  162. The Key Politicians and Their Rise to Prominence Post Civil War in the United States
  163. The Key Role of Colonialism and Capitalism in the Society of Canada and Australia
  164. The Lack of Unity by the Greeks During the Greco-Persian Wars
  165. The Life and Reign of Alexander the Great and Charlemagne
  166. The Life and Reign of Edward the Confessor
  167. The Life and Times of Genghis Khan
  168. The Life of the Native American Shawnee Warrior and Chief, Tecumseh
  169. The Life, Ambition, and Success of Julius Caesar as a Ruler of the Roman Republic
  170. The Major Aspects and Key Achievements During the American Revolution
  171. The Migration to the Backcountry of Appalachia in Albion’s Seed, a Book by David Hackett Fischer
  172. The Military Participation of Canada in the Korean War
  173. The Motives of the USA, Franse and Britain Testing Nuclear Weapons in the Pacific in the 1950’s and the 1960’s
  174. The Myth of the War Experience During the First World War
  175. The Negative Impact of European Colonization in Early America
  176. The North and South Views on Slavery
  177. The Orange Revolution in the Ukraine During 2004 and 2005
  178. The Origins of American Culture and the Influence of British Ancestry on American Society in Albion’s Seed, a Book by David Hackett Fischer
  179. The People, Art, and Literary Movement of the Harlem Renaissance
  180. The Political and Social Struggles of the African Americans in the United States
  181. The Political Factors That Inflenced the American Revolution
  182. The Practice of Raping Slaves During the 1800’s in the United States
  183. The Prevalence of Populism and Ideology During the Holocaust
  184. The Problems and Challenges Faced by the American Industrial Workers During the Progressive Era in the United States
  185. The Radical Side of the American Revolution
  186. The Reasons Behind the Failures of the Rebellions During the Colonial Period
  187. The Reasons for the Start of the Civil War
  188. The Refugee Crisis in Syria During the Civil War
  189. The Relationship Between the US and Its NATO Allies
  190. The Response of Jourdan Anderson to the Letter of His Former Master
  191. The Role of America in the Global War on Terror
  192. The Role of Race in the Progression of the World Wars
  193. The Role of Women in the Later Roman Empire
  194. The Second World War and the Contributions of Technology to the Outcome of World War II
  195. The Social Mobility Problems as Challenges to an Individual’s Aspiration of Achieving the American Dream
  196. The Sovereignty of Europe in Dipesh Chakrabarty’s Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Who Speaks for Indian Pasts?
  197. The Statement Made by the American Revolution
  198. The Stealing of Black Possessions in Mississippi
  199. The Strongest Claim to the Crown of Edward the Confessor
  200. The Struggle for the Control of the Black Hills and the Fall of the Native Americans in the United States
  201. The Sufferings and Problems Faced by the Wyoming Communities During the Boom Period of the 1970’s and Early 1980’s
  202. The Tension Between the Relationship of the United States and the Soviet Union During the Cold War
  203. The Transition from Empire to Nations in North Africa
  204. The Treaty of Versailles and the Impact of the Treaty After the First World War
  205. The United States History of the Era of Good Feelings
  206. The Use of Annamaboe as a Major Slave-Trading Port in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  207. The Ways Colonialism Affected Kenya
  208. The Worldwide Impact of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  209. Understanding Culture Beyond Physical Observations
  210. Understanding the Concept of Desa, Kala, Patra in Balinese Culture
  211. Understanding the Ideology of North Korea
  212. Understanding the Triggers of the Conflict Between American Colonies and Great Britain
  213. United States History of Taxation Through the British Administration in Colonialism
  214. Unpacking the Joke to Understand the Joke in Robert Darnton’s The Great Cat Massacre
  215. Women, Literature and Film During WWI

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