Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 07.02.2020
Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

List of Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are All Religions Good?
  2. Can gender segregation be good for education?
  3. Candid camera elevator experiment
  4. Derren Brown’s identical twins experiment
  5. Different forms of intelligence: why is emotional intelligence as important as logical-mathematical intelligence?
  6. Do Politicians Take Part In Illegal Activities? Why?
  7. Do sweet products help people avoid depression?
  8. Do you agree that critical thinking should become the central element of all the study programs?
  9. Does Going to the Grocery Store While Hungry Really Increase Spending?
  10. How Can Personality Disorder Be Treated?
  11. How Do Certain Foods Influence Behavior?
  12. How do children with mental diseases socialize?
  13. How Do Diverse Classrooms or Work Environments Improve Cognition?
  14. How Does Corporal Punishment In Schools Influence Students Long-term?
  15. How Does Google Make Us Smarter?
  16. How Does Mental Illness Contribute to Violence In a Society?
  17. How Does Mental Illness Influence Relationships?
  18. How does religion influence behaviour of teenagers?
  19. How Is Someone In Charge Of Their Own Morals?
  20. How Legitimate Is Déjà Vu?
  21. How Teenage Parents Influence Children
  22. How to Avoid Getting Asked Out On a Date
  23. How to Get Away With Telling a White Lie
  24. How to Positively Influence Your Teachers For Better Relationships
  25. In What Ways Is Education Commercialized?
  26. In What Ways Should Schools Be Improved to Better Equip Students?
  27. Is Gender Discrimination In Religion Causing Negative Effects?
  28. Is Graffiti Art? Compare the Creative Processes Of Graffiti With Other Types of Art
  29. Is Homosexuality a Psychological Condition? What Negativity Surrounds The Idea?
  30. Is It Ethical to Give Children Cognition Enhancing Medications?
  31. Is there a difference in the behaviour of children raised by the same-sex couples, compared to traditional families?
  32. Jack Brehm’s cognitive dissonance experiment
  33. Jane Elliot’s blue eyes/brown eyes experiment on racism
  34. Juan Mann’s free hugs campaign
  35. Memories of the past: how do they affect people’s emotional well-being?
  36. Parents Should or Should Not Gender Stereotype Their Children
  37. Pavlov’s dogs experiment
  38. Pessimism: why is it bad for health?
  39. Piano stairs from Volkswagen: The fun theory
  40. Pink and blue blankets: do parents encourage gender stereotypes?
  41. Should Parents Monitor And Limit What Their Children Are Doing Online?
  42. Should Teen Marriage Be Allowed?
  43. The Milgram obedience experiment
  44. The Most Important Characteristics In a Relationship
  45. The Positive Effects of Standardized Testing And IQ Testing On the Brain
  46. The role of siblings: do children grow up less socialized if they don’t have brothers and sisters?
  47. What Are the Contributing Factors to One’s Morality?
  48. What Are the Most Common Reasons for Eating Disorders?
  49. What Are the Positive Effects That Children May Experience From Divorce? Where Can These Be Found?
  50. What Can Be Done to Prevent Cyber-Bullying?
  51. What Causes an Awkward Date? What Causes a Good One?
  52. What Causes the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health?
  53. What Effect Does Sex Education Have on Young People?
  54. What Effects Does Yoga Have On Someone’s Mental State?
  55. What factors are considered responsible for negative events in lives of teenagers?
  56. What Influence Do Parents Have On a Child’s Interests?
  57. What Is the Best Environment for People to Work In for Increased Productivity?
  58. What is the best way for connecting people?
  59. What Links Can Be Found Between Music And Psychology?
  60. What methods should parents use in order to communicate with children effectively?
  61. What Type Of Training Should Parents Be Required To Take Before Having Children?
  62. Why Advertising Works On The Human Brain
  63. Why Are Certain Stereotypes Present With Certain Careers?
  64. Why are some addictions more serious than others?
  65. Why are some mentally ill people violent?
  66. Why Are Women Frequently a Part of Music And Song Lyrics?
  67. Why do girls fall for so-called ‘bad boys’?
  68. Why do so many people like speaking of themselves as victims?
  69. Why do some people manage to mask dishonesty when they are being checked using lie detectors?
  70. Why Do Students Procrastinate Their Homework And Essays?
  71. Why does it make sense to teach babies a sign language in order to communicate effectively?
  72. Why Impulsive Decisions Are Seen As Being Negative
  73. Why Is It Easier For Children To Learn A Second Language Than Adults?
  74. Why Is It Easier For Children to Learn How to Play Instruments Than Adults?
  75. Why Laughter Is The Best Way to Become Closer to People
  76. Why People Get Annoyed With One Another After Spending Too Much Time Together
  77. Why Stereotypes Are Good
  78. Why There Are So Many Teen Mothers
  79. World famous violinist Josh Bell playing in a Washington D.C. metro station
  80. Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment

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