Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 30.12.2019

In order to write a good academic essay on animals, you must understand the subject really well. But, even before you start writing, you must choose a good subject for your paper. This page is for students who are looking for good subjects for writing argumentative essays on animals.

Picking up argumentative essay topics about animals for your paper is not as easy as it sounds. To choose a good one, you must be familiar with the subject you are going to write about. If you find it a bit confusing, your teacher can help you make an informed decision.

You can also talk to other students about it. In most cases, they will be able to help you find the best idea for your paper. Research is important for finding good argumentative essay topics about animals.

It is also important to rely on your intuition. Only you know whether you will be able to write the paper. Do some research online and find something that you really like. The list provided in this page will fire your imagination, and you will be able to choose good argumentative essay topics about animals.

List of Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Animal cruelty must be banned
  2. Animal extinction through a human action should be banned
  3. Animal health is a money-making venture
  4. Animal testing is beneficial
  5. Animal testing is justifiable in some cases (e.g., medical), but not in others (e.g., cosmetics)
  6. Animals do not have any rights
  7. Are there reasons for treating cats and dogs humanely?
  8. Are wild life preserves healthy for various species?
  9. Bullfighting is fun and should be continued
  10. Chaining or tethering dogs outside is unethical, inhumane, and a form of animal neglect
  11. Companion animals can help people who are lonely
  12. Conserving some endangered animals is more important than conserving others, due to their respective ecological roles
  13. Dairy cows should be given drugs to boost milk production
  14. Deer hunting is legal
  15. Dolphins are friendly
  16. Euthanizing stray animals is a humane solution
  17. Euthanizing stray animals is unethical
  18. Factory farm conditions are conducive to the spread of avian influenza among chickens and other domestic fowl
  19. Factory farm treatment of animals is inhumane
  20. Fish should not be kept in goldfish bowls without filters or temperature control
  21. Foxes should be bred into companion animals
  22. Foxes should not be bred into companion animals
  23. Hunting for sport is a normal, acceptable passtime
  24. Hunting for sport is unethical and inhumane
  25. Important factors to consider when adopting a pet
  26. Is it justified to kill animals for fun?
  27. Is it okay for people to have exotic pets?
  28. Is it okay to test antibiotics and cures on animals?
  29. It is necessary and acceptable to use higher animals, such as monkeys and chimpanzees, in laboratory research
  30. It’s irrational to be afraid of spiders, since most of them are harmless
  31. Keeping animals in zoos is inhumane
  32. Keeping wild-caught exotic pets is inhumane
  33. Killing animals for food is justified
  34. Medical animal testing is ethically wrong
  35. Medical animal testing is justifiable
  36. Monkeys are the most intelligent animals among all mammals in the forest
  37. People should not be kind to poisonous animals
  38. Pets should be spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation
  39. Primates and other sophisticated vertebrates should not be used in laboratory research
  40. Protecting endangered animal species is important
  41. Protecting the Giant Panda is ecologically important
  42. Research studies using animal participants are ethical
  43. Rhinos’ extinction by seeking their horns is unavoidable
  44. Sacrificing animals for religion is ethical / moral
  45. Should animal fashion be banned?
  46. Should animal testing for cosmetics be banned?
  47. Should the percentage be higher for the endangered list?
  48. Should there be a bigger consequence for poaching?
  49. Should there be harsher laws for animal cruelty?
  50. Should they be kept in captivity?
  51. Should they have more rights?
  52. The impact of human beings on wildlife
  53. There is no need of respecting animals
  54. Trading products made from animals is a worthwhile venture
  55. Veterinary care is very expensive
  56. Water pollution is not dangerous to aquatic life
  57. We do not have a responsibility of reporting people abusing animals
  58. Zoos are good for animals
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