Birthdays Conversation Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.12.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Birthdays Conversation Topics

List of 54 Birthdays Conversation Topics

  1. What was your most memorable birthday?
  2. What do you usually do to celebrate your birthday?
  3. Do you think that the person having the birthday should pay for the birthday party or should their friends and family pay for the party? Why?
  4. Where is the best place to have a birthday party?
  5. What gifts do you like to receive on your birthday?
  6. What is the most heart warming birthday wish you can give someone?
  7. What is the best birthday party for someone else you’ve been to? How about the worst?
  8. What were your birthdays like when you were growing up?
  9. What birthday traditions are unique to your culture?
  10. At what ages do people have a massive birthday party in your culture?
  11. What flavor cake or what type of food do you like to eat on your birthday?
  12. How are birthdays celebrated in your country?
  13. What are some birthday traditions you know of from other countries?
  14. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?
  15. What is your best birthday memory?
  16. What is your worst birthday memory?
  17. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party for yourself or someone else?
  18. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?
  19. What is the worst birthday gift you have ever received?
  20. What are some things you like to do for your birthday?
  21. When is your birthday?
  22. Did your parents give you birthday parties when you were a child?
  23. In your opinion, What is the best time of year to have a birthday?
  24. How do people you know celebrate turning 40?
  25. Do you think getting older (40, 50, 60) is depressing for people, or a happy occasion?
  26. What do you think is the best age?
  27. Do you like going to work on your birthday?
  28. Did you like going to school on your birthday when you were a child?
  29. Have you ever had a surprise party?
  30. Whose birthday do you always remember?
  31. Among your close friends and relatives, whose birthday is coming up next?
  32. About how many birthday gifts or cards do you send or give to people each year?
  33. Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday that you should have remembered?
  34. Do you know any famous people’s birthdays? (Are any the same as yours?)
  35. Do you know of any big events that happened the year you were born?
  36. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?
  37. What is the best birthday gift you have ever given?
  38. What is the worst birthday gift you have ever received?
  39. What is the worst birthday gift you have ever given?
  40. If you are in your teen years, tell how old you will be in twenty years time and say whether you look forward to that age or does it scare you.
  41. If you could celebrate your own birthday the way you wanted, what would you do?
    1. Where would you like to go?
    2. How many people would you invite?
  42. Would you rather celebrate your birthday with just your relatives or just your friends?
  43. Do you remember what gifts you received on your last birthday?
  44. What would you like to get most for your birthday this year?
  45. Is the cost of a present important to you?
  46. What kind of gift do you usually prepare for your friend’s birthday?
    1. Your mother’s?
    2. What about for other family members?
  47. Which is a better present, a well-chosen gift or money?
  48. Are birthdays really important?
  49. How do you celebrate your birthday?
  50. How have birthdays changed from generation to generation in your culture?

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