Controversial Biology Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
List of 24 Controversial Biology Topics

List of 24 Controversial Biology Topics

  1. Twins. Are they similar or not?
  2. Vegetarianism: pros and cons
  3. Are all yogurts healthy?
  4. Cellular communication effect on a human body
  5. Cell phones influence on seeds and oat plants germination
  6. Living and dead water: is it a myth or reality?
  7. Life creation theories
  8. Should genetic screening be offered to all through a health plan, should it be mandatory?
  9. What is consciousness?
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  11. Is sugar a poison or an indispensable part of a daily menu?
  12. Cetaceans inverse evolution
  13. Speech development in an evolution process
  14. What caused hair loss in human descendants?
  15. Why did a human brain increase size in an evolution process?
  16. Are archeopteryx bones real or fake?
  17. Why did snakes get rid of limbs?
  18. Chemicals effect on plant growth
  19. Should there be stricter regulation of antibiotics? Should patients look elsewhere like herbals, diet, lifestyle for treatments?
  20. Is there life after death?
  21. Should stem cells be used for research or cures?
  22. Should the government allow cloning for tissues, organs?
  23. Is it possible to live without brains?
  24. Should the government regulate or allow genetically engineered food?
  25. Is the planet threatened with overpopulation?

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