Problem Cause Solution Persuasive Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 50 Problem Cause Solution Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Advertisements engaging children should be restricted on the government level.
  2. All students should be encouraged to enroll on foreign language courses and speaking clubs.
  3. Beauty contests in schools and colleges should be banned.
  4. College students should be more cautious and prudent when posting controversial or personal information online.
  5. Cyber-attacks pose threats internationally.
  6. Dependence on ACT and SAT scores during admissions should be abolished.
  7. Educated people should work as tutors of literacy on a voluntary basis in the third world countries.
  8. Fast food restaurants should initiate the campaign of publicly displaying calories next to each meal.
  9. Feminists’ standpoint devalues family and motherhood.
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  11. Foreign help to dictatorships should be eradicated by the government.
  12. Girls should be prohibited from participating in football and wrestling competitions.
  13. How to ensure local food movement support? Will it have a positive impact on the local entrepreneurship?
  14. In-vitro fertilization should be prohibited.
  15. Marriage should not be allowed before school graduation.
  16. Media advertisements targeted at children population should be banned by the government.
  17. Media marketed for youths and teens convey immoral and unethical ideas.
  18. Mobile phone usage, texting, and Internet using in classroom prevents students from being involved in the studying process and lowers the attention span.
  19. Networks in educational establishments should have special filters to prevent student from accessing inappropriate material.
  20. Oil companies should get disaster control before engaging in offshore drilling.
  21. Online learning can be equaled to classroom education in terms of its effectiveness and accessibility.
  22. Patients suffering from chronic mental diseases should be preserved in “halfway houses” instead of mental hospitals.
  23. People molesting children should be restricted from the right to adopt.
  24. Psychologists and psychiatrists should witness and testify in the court of law representing the non-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity.
  25. Race, ethnic, and gender equality should be supported in politics.
  26. Recycling should be encouraged worldwide.
  27. Security should be increased in motels and hotels as a means to guarantee security of all its residents regardless of their income.
  28. Social networks do not interfere with school education.
  29. Staffed flights into space are far more expensive than unstaffed research missions.
  30. Student athletes representing their educational establishment in competitions should be given scholarship to cover at least partial college expenses.
  31. Students should not be harshly encouraged or pushed to participate in sports competitions.
  32. Surveillance cameras should record all trials in court.
  33. Tax incentives should be introduced for adopting children internationally.
  34. The acute immigration problem will hardly ever be solved by constructing the border fence.
  35. The construction and building of venues before the Olympic Games should be banned by UNESCO as it harms a lot.
  36. The contemporary taxation system does not fairly treat lower-income and middle-income population groups.
  37. The FBI should keep the self-proclaimed militia under scrutiny.
  38. The federal government should adopt a law that standardizes trunk release systems in new transport.
  39. The government should not allow allocation of billboards in interstate highways.
  40. The government should release churches from tax incentives.
  41. The issue of minors getting tattoos should be more controlled by legal institutions: minors should either be accompanied by their guardians or be given a written consent from them.
  42. The National Health Insurance Program is supposed to provide the basic health care for all US citizens independently from their income.
  43. The pressing need in school system reform.
  44. The problem of identity theft is extremely aggravated and the community should pay attention to it.
  45. The problem of spying and media leaks in international and domestic communications.
  46. The restrictions on exploitation of the Antarctic resources should be maintained and Antarctic should be viewed as a preserved place merely devoted to science.
  47. The role of art and music therapy in patients’ rehabilitation.
  48. The role of the United Nations internationally.
  49. The usage of paperback textbooks should be eradicated and changed into e-book usage.
  50. Usage of technological advancement in teaching.
  51. Weapons should not be sold internationally across the countries.

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