5 Minute Informative Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 18.09.2019

List of 207 5 Minute Informative Speech Topics

Suppose you need to deliver a speech but you are asked to finish it in just 5 minutes. In such a case you must arrange your words carefully and say only what is necessary to say. But delivering a talk is not just about the content; it is also about how you say things.

When it comes to making a 5-minute talk, choosing suitable 5 minute informative speech topics is the most important thing. In this page you will find some topics that will be helpful for you.

Whether you are a student or other professional, speaking is one of the best skills you can develop. Figure out the most effective way to arrange words.

To be able to do it well, you must choose good 5 minute informative speech topics. Do some research. If you come across an informative and interesting website, bookmark it. Education is all about doing research and finding things that work for you. In this competitive world, good speakers almost always fare well, especially those working in marketing sector.

To finish it within a short time, you have to be precise while being appealing. Whether the discussion is on food, social issues or business, you have to say things that are absolutely necessary.

Hopefully you will find this list of ideas for 5 minute informative speech topics helpful.

  1. A particular period of architecture
  2. Advances in education
  3. Airplane stunts
  4. All about a favorite radio show
  5. All about your favorite vacation spot
  6. America’s fastest growing cities
  7. Antique collecting
  8. Ballroom dancing
  9. Banned books
  10. Basic economic principles
  11. Basic first aid
  12. Book reviews for a particular author
  13. Branches of the military
  14. Breeds of dogs
  15. Censorship in history
  16. Charitable organizations
  17. Child geniuses
  18. Chinese food
  19. Choosing a digital camera
  20. Choosing the right tires for your car
  21. City planning
  22. Civil War generals
  23. Code breaking
  24. Coin collecting
  25. Comparison of different religions
  26. Comparison of economic systems
  27. Competitive horseback riding
  28. Computer viruses
  29. Crazy laws
  30. Cruise vacations
  31. Deep sea fish
  32. Description of life in another country
  33. Differences in male and female communication
  34. Different philosophical perspective
  35. Diploma mills
  36. Disneyland
  37. Dog shows
  38. Dog training
  39. Dream interpretation
  40. Drinking problems
  41. Drug laws
  42. Drug problems
  43. Dyslexia
  44. Electric cars
  45. Evolution of the English language
  46. Evolution of video games
  47. Evolution of voting laws
  48. Exotic breeds of cats
  49. Exotic pets
  50. Facebook marketing – iam working as digital marketing manager
  51. Famous advertising campaigns
  52. Famous diplomats
  53. Famous riots
  54. Famous speeches
  55. Fear of public speaking n how did I overcome it
  56. Foriegn TV shows
  57. Former child stars
  58. Fringe known political parties
  59. Funny inventions
  60. Historical events that occurred on your speech day
  61. History of a favorite product brand
  62. How a computer works
  63. How bottled water is purified
  64. How galaxies are formed
  65. How nuclear power works
  66. How roads are built
  67. How search enginges work
  68. How the brain works
  69. How the circulatory system works
  70. How the telephone works
  71. How to apply make-up
  72. How to avoid boredom
  73. How to be more romantic
  74. How to break bad habits
  75. How to change your car’s oil
  76. How to construct an arguement
  77. How to cook vegetarian
  78. How to drive a stick-shift
  79. How to find cheap airline tickets
  80. How to find your ancestors
  81. How to get good grades
  82. How to improve your conversation skills
  83. How to improve your health
  84. How to improve your manners
  85. How to knit a scarf
  86. How to make a cocktail
  87. How to make a website
  88. How to make fishing lures
  89. How to make pizza
  90. How to make soup
  91. How to organize a closet
  92. How to perform a magic trick
  93. How to pick a bottle of wine
  94. How to plan a wedding
  95. How to play chess
  96. How to play Poker
  97. How to play the kazoo
  98. How to properly brush your teeth
  99. How to raise rabbits
  100. How to read a map
  101. How to set up an aquarium
  102. How to shoot a basketball
  103. How to survive a job interview
  104. How to swing a golfclub
  105. How to throw a good party
  106. How to tie various knots
  107. How to turkey-call
  108. How to weave a basket
  109. How to write a resume
  110. How to write a will
  111. I spoke about myself
  112. Ice cream making
  113. ID theft
  114. Impact of media on society
  115. Interesting cultures
  116. Interesting world records
  117. Interior decorating
  118. Interlinking of rivers in India
  119. Internet dating
  120. Investment strategies
  121. KEY phrases in a foriegn language
  122. Labor Unions
  123. Learning styles
  124. Lesser known Presidents
  125. Lie detecting
  126. Life in jail
  127. Life in the future
  128. Local folklore
  129. Medicines from nature
  130. Memory loss
  131. Mental illnesses
  132. Model railroading
  133. Multi-Level marketing
  134. Muscle cars
  135. My crush story in the college
  136. National Parks
  137. Native American tribes from your area
  138. Natural disasters
  139. Near death experiences
  140. Nursing homes
  141. Obesity epidemic
  142. Organized crime
  143. Origin of holidays
  144. Origins of superstitions
  145. Picking a name for your children
  146. Professional baseball stadiums
  147. Prohibition
  148. Psychological profiling
  149. Raising pet snakes
  150. Real life vampires
  151. Reality TV shows
  152. Reincarnation
  153. Religous cults
  154. Roadside attractions
  155. Sales tactics
  156. Saving money on your income taxes
  157. Saving wildlife in india
  158. Schools of painting
  159. Serial killers
  160. Spies
  161. Spoke about a small dream
  162. Spoon collecting
  163. Sports card collecting
  164. Sports card collecting
  165. Street gangs
  166. Stupid criminals
  167. Subhash Chandra Bose mystery
  168. The biography of your favorite actor
  169. The British Royal Family
  170. The FBI
  171. The Great Depression
  172. The history of comic books
  173. The history of the Bible
  174. The history of your favorite musical group
  175. The history of your hometown
  176. The Industrial Revolution
  177. The intelligence of dolphins
  178. The latest discoveries in astronomy
  179. The losingest professional sports teams
  180. The Lottery
  181. The Middle Ages
  182. The Miss America Pageant
  183. The most dangerous jobs
  184. The newspaper business
  185. The Seven Wonders of the World
  186. The story of how your school was founded
  187. The Supreme Court
  188. The three branches of U.S
  189. The trucking industry
  190. The U.S
  191. The United Nations
  192. The Welfare system
  193. The worst trades in sports history
  194. Trends in the stock market
  195. Types of birth control
  196. Types of cheese
  197. Types of common plants
  198. Types of poetry
  199. Types of tropical fish
  200. UFO’s
  201. Useful websites
  202. Voodoo
  203. Weight lifting
  204. Why should we read books??
  205. Working in the fast food industry
  206. World War II heroes
  207. Young billionaires

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