Social Studies Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 26.06.2019
Updated: 27.12.2019

List of 159 Social Studies Essay Topics

  1. A Book’s Cover is Merely the Beginning
  2. A Good Social Studies Teacher
  3. A Look at Various Stereotypes
  4. A Study of College Drinking
  5. A World That Revolves Around Money
  6. Aboriginal Land Rights in Australia
  7. Affirmative Action: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
  8. African American Studies: Trends and Developments
  9. African and Native American Influence in America
  10. Aggression In Human Beings
  11. America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It.
  12. An Analysis of The Corrupting Nature of Ambition and Power
  13. Analysis of the Social Studies Framework
  14. Ancient Kingship and Rulers
  15. Anna Freud: A True Child Advocate
  16. Anti Oppressive Social Work Practice And Gender Studies
  17. Aretha Franklin Knew What She Was Talking About
  18. Brave New World vs. The American Dream
  19. Bridging The Generational Gap
  20. Building The Comparison Matrix Exposed Both The Pros And Cons Of Different Social Studies
  21. Bullying and Bullycide
  22. Can We Teach Students Of Social Studies
  23. Capturing Student’s Attention with Artisitc Depiction of Historical Events
  24. Career Choice to Be a Secondary Social Studies Teacher
  25. Case studies in Corporate Social Responsibility and the Practice of Outsourcing
  26. Characteristics Of Conformity And Compliance Based Studies And Experiments By Social Psychologist Dillard, Milgram And Asch
  27. Childhood Amnesia and the Beginnings of Memory for Four Early Life Events
  28. Chinese Influence on Japan and Korea
  29. Christianity and The Promotion of Slavery
  30. Classism and Social Determinism in One’s Character
  31. Classroom And Social Studies Classroom
  32. Controversial Issues in Social Studies Curriculum
  33. Critical Pedagogy in Social Studies Education
  34. Cultural Studies On Race And Social Classes
  35. Defining Old Age and Aging
  36. Defining Social Studies
  37. Education and Health are Dependent Upon Economic Growth
  38. Effective Use of Formative Assessment in a Social Studies Classroom
  39. Egypt and Mesopotamia: A Societal and Religious Comparison
  40. Examining Habits and Patterns of Generation Y
  41. Exclusive Personalities Through Life Experiences
  42. Experiences of British Home Children in Canada
  43. Factors Leading to The Collapse of Past Societies
  44. Genocide & Civil War In Africa
  45. George Orwell: Sociopolitics of the 1930’s
  46. Global Social Studies Attempts to Think Globally and Act Locally
  47. Greece’s Role in Shaping the Western Civilization
  48. Guidelines for Using Technology to Prepare Social Studies Teachers
  49. Hazing In The University Environment
  50. Heroes and Superhuman Deeds
  51. Hospitality in The Hebrew Scriptures
  52. How 9/11 Has Changed Americans’ Views on Islam and Muslims
  53. How Can Social Studies be Integrated?
  54. How Literature and Science Contribute to The Understanding of Individuals and Societies
  55. Human Culture
  56. Identity-Disabled People
  57. Individual Rights versus Cultural Rights
  58. Individualisation – Past and Present
  59. Integrating Global Education into Middle School Social Studies Classes
  60. Is Body Image Affected By Mass Media?
  61. Is Learning a Second Language Necessary?
  62. Just Joking?
  63. Labeling Youths…and The Consequences Thereof
  64. Legal Opinion For 8th Social Studies
  65. Liu Xiaobo: Advocating Justice From Behind Bars
  66. Loyola University School of Education Graduate School Entrance Essay
  67. Make Love, Not War
  68. Marketing And Social Media Case Studies
  69. Masculine Identity
  70. McDonaldization in Modern Culture
  71. Meaning and Purpose of Multicultural Social Studies Education
  72. Meaningful Social Studies
  73. Militancy in Yemen
  74. Military Leaders and Suicide Deaths
  75. Mobility Systems and Space
  76. Multicultural Social Studies
  77. My Definition of Social Studies
  78. My Experience and Reflection on Teaching Kindergarten Social Studies
  79. My Views And Philosophy Of Social Studies
  80. Nobility: A Roman Model
  81. Offender Classification and Therapy
  82. Pakistan: A Human Analysis
  83. Peace, Peacemakers, and Tranquility
  84. Poverty is a Human Rights Issue
  85. Pre Service Social Studies Teachers
  86. Primary Sources for Social Studies
  87. Prison Nurseries
  88. Reaction to “Introduction to a New America”
  89. Role-Play: A Strategy for Teaching Social Studies
  90. Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and The Social Pressures of Adolescents
  91. Should Comparative Religion Be Taught in School
  92. Silence on Gays and Lesbians is Social Studies Curriculum
  93. Social and Political Propaganda
  94. Social Medi A Cultural And Sociological Context
  95. Social Medi Personal Display And Advertising
  96. Social Order
  97. Social Referencing in Infants: A Review of Historical and Current Research
  98. Social Studies
  99. Social Studies And The New Zealand Curriculum
  100. Social Studies in The Elementary Classroom
  101. Social Studies Rebellion Essay
  102. Social Studies Should be Integrated into Education
  103. Social Studies Teacher By Eugene Simonet
  104. Social Studies Teachers For Multicultural Classrooms
  105. Social Studies, Language Arts, And Music
  106. Social Studies: Medieval Times
  107. Societal Influence and Identity Formation
  108. Soup, Made to Order
  109. South Afric Studies On The Social Dimensions Of Globalisation
  110. South Africa Development Plan
  111. Sri Lanka: A Unique Geography
  112. Studies of Social Media and its Effects on Adolescent’s Body Image
  113. Study Proposal for a Social Studies and Premedical (Premed) Student
  114. Teachers Willingness to Teach Current Events
  115. The Ambiguity of Kinship
  116. The American Counterculture and The Vietnam War
  117. The Appearance of Social Classes after World War II
  118. The Arabic Invasion
  119. The Arts And Social Studies
  120. The Best Way to Teach a Class: Teaching Methods
  121. The Colliding Dynamics of Class Structure
  122. The Decline of Morality in Schools
  123. The Earth Charter
  124. The Easy and Meaningful Integration of Social Studies and Language Arts
  125. The Enlightenment: An Incredible Change
  126. The Harlem Renaissance: Planned Phenomenon and The Search for An Identity
  127. The History of Medicare
  128. The Homo Sapiens
  129. The Human Cost of Cutting Back on Emissions
  130. The Importance of Integrating Social Studies, Science, and Literacy in the Primary Classroom
  131. The Iranian Revolution
  132. The Kama Sutra and Class Correlation
  133. The Ku Klux Klan and Real-Estate Agents
  134. The Literature On Social Studies
  135. The Minority vs The Majority
  136. The Nature of Love and Compassion
  137. The Occupy Wall Street Movement
  138. The Plight of The African Slave
  139. The Relationship between Violent Video Games and Aggressiveness
  140. The Student Movement of 1968
  141. The Study of Depression and Excessive Internet Usage
  142. The Success of Experiential Activities
  143. The Utopian Vision of America, According to Walt Whitman
  144. The Value of a Liberal Arts and Sciences Education
  145. Understanding Scientific Practices
  146. Urban Inequality
  147. Urbanization and Crime
  148. Uses of Power
  149. Using Primary Sources in Research
  150. Video Games and Youth Violence: Is There a Connection?
  151. Violence In Video Games and Aggression
  152. Violent Video Games and The Human Psyche
  153. Was The Enlightenment Really The Age of Reason?
  154. What is a Hero?
  155. What Is Social Studies And Why Do We Teach It?
  156. What Types Of Assessments Are Useful For Teaching Social Studies?
  157. Why Were Jews and Christians Separated in The Elizabethan Time Period?
  158. Writing an Ethnography
  159. Your Best Filter Is Your Social Climate

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