Conversation Topics With Crush

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.12.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Conversation Topics With Crush

List of 25 Conversation Topics With Crush

  1. How do you calm yourself down when you are angry?
  2. What bullet have you recently dodged?
  3. What country do you not know the location of even though you should?
  4. What do you find hilarious but most people don’t find funny?
  5. What do you have a hard time with but most people find quite easy?
  6. What do you judge people for most often?
  7. What do you spend most of your time doing?
  8. What do you spend way too much money on?
  9. What event small or large has changed the course of your life the most?
  10. What fad have you held on to, even though it isn’t popular anymore?
  11. What is something you have read or heard that has stuck with you for a long time?
  12. What is the most cringe worthy thing you have seen someone post on social media?
  13. What is the most ridiculous rule you have to follow?
  14. What is your worst getting trolled story?
  15. What was the best of year of your life so far?
  16. What was the most beautiful view you have ever experienced?
  17. What’s a huge story in the news that you care absolutely nothing about?
  18. What’s something that people go on and on about, and you just can’t take sitting through?
  19. What’s something you can do that most people can’t?
  20. What’s the best compliment that someone can receive?
  21. What’s the most impressive skill you have?
  22. What’s your favorite thing to do on the internet?
  23. What’s your favorite thing to shop for? Why?
  24. When was the last time you tried to do something to look cool and it ended in utter embarrassment?
  25. Who do you have a hard time taking seriously?

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