Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

List of 20 Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

  1. Analysis Of The Reception History Of Famous 80’s Pop Hit
  2. Are the creators of pop culture product responsible for the influence it causes on other people and should they ever feel responsible?
  3. Can a term “high quality” be ever used to determine the quality of pop culture?
  4. Does the Internet really play this big role in the development and formation of our tastes in the pop culture?
  5. How can it be that some popular choice in, say, literature, is shunned by reputable critics? Why does the audience love so much what specialists name nothing else but trash?
  6. How did it happen that we started to choose friends, judging on the music they like?
  7. How do you see the participation of social media in the development of popular tastes?
  8. How do you see the reasons that make really talented celebrities sell out their talent, making low-quality pop music that is equal to easy money?
  9. How does pop culture change with every generation?
  10. How has the phenomenon of soap operas declined within the recent decades?
  11. Is it true that joining countercultures and subcultures based on popular trends is somewhat meant to make the elder generation mad?
  12. Is it true that some great ideas have been spoiled and destroyed by many fans after becoming overly popular?
  13. Is piracy a natural part of any pop culture?
  14. Is pop culture a manifest of a generation or does a generation develop and achieve form under the influence of pop culture?
  15. Is Pop Culture Good for People?
  16. Is the pop culture of today really soaked with racism and sexism?
  17. Is there any good sense in worshiping celebrities? Has it anything to do with worshiping heroes?
  18. Is there anybody in the today’s pop culture whom you would name talented but wasting the talent?
  19. The Decline of Pop Culture amidst the Zombie Attack
  20. The Progress of the African American Female Stereotypes from the Slave Period to Pop Culture

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