Film Research Paper Topics

List of 50 Film Research Paper Topics

  1. African-Americans in cinematography.
  2. Alfred Hitchcock and his impact on the film industry.
  3. Animation: from the sketch board to the film.
  4. Bollywood vs. Hollywood.
  5. Bollywood-made musicals.
  6. Broadway musicals made into movies.
  7. Christina Aguilera’s career in musicals.
  8. Comedy in horror movies.
  9. Comics in the film industry.
  10. Cradle of future pop stars.
  11. Drama as a cultural phenomenon.
  12. Evolution of animation in movie production.
  13. Evolution of special effects in horror movies.
  14. Feel the fear.
  15. Fellini’s contribution to cinematography.
  16. Film analysis research paper topics.
  17. Folklore elements in the screenplay.
  18. Give an example of a film franchise where the sequel was more successful than the original?
  19. History of sci-fi.
  20. History of the horror movie genre.
  21. Hitchcock’s scare power.
  22. How did McCarthyism influence the films that came out of Hollywood during the era of its influence?
  23. How did the Great Depression influence the films that came out of Hollywood during it?
  24. How has film served to break down barriers in society?
  25. How the screenplay and original book differ in ….
  26. Impact of music on human senses.
  27. Movies about the history of religions.
  28. Multiple actors playing the same character.
  29. Musicals in the 20th century.
  30. Opera elements in the film industry today.
  31. Picture vs. sound.
  32. Politics in horror films.
  33. Racism in horror films.
  34. Religion in horror films.
  35. Silent movies.
  36. Special effects before computer-generated graphics.
  37. Special effects without computer graphics.
  38. The art of suspense.
  39. The impact of the film industry on different generations.
  40. The main character’s communication style in ….
  41. The power of recorded nature sounds.
  42. The role of color in creating the right atmosphere.
  43. To scare before it gets scary.
  44. Trained animals in films.
  45. TV shows as an extension of films.
  46. Video editing as a form of art.
  47. Walt Disney’s immortal characters.
  48. What are the major barriers to women film directors in the American film industr
  49. What legacy did Abbot and Costello leave in humor in the American film industry?
  50. What makes a great film director?

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