Criminology Research Paper Topics

List of 57 Criminology Research Paper Topics

  1. Are delinquency cases higher in immigrant childrens?
  2. Are there any benefits of legalizing marijuana?
  3. Can restrictive housing help decongest prisons?
  4. Causes of victimisation.
  5. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking how can we ensure children are safe from this?
  6. Date rape and what can be done to avoid?
  7. Discuss juvenile recidivism.
  8. Discuss Miranda versus Arizona (1966) and its impact today.
  9. Discuss parental abduction laws.
  10. Discuss parts of a criminal trial process.
  11. Discuss reform versus punishment.
  12. Discuss restorative justice.
  13. Discuss the deterrence and rational choice theory.
  14. Discuss the Harm Principle.
  15. Discuss the strain theory.
  16. Discuss the three social structures and crime theory.
  17. Discuss Witness Protection Programme.
  18. Do most arrests of youth test positive for drug use?
  19. Does parole work?
  20. Has capital punishment deterred crime?
  21. Has information sharing technology improved in crime against terrorism?
  22. How can criminology be adopted into public policy?
  23. How can offender re entry be made seamless to the society?
  24. How has forensic evolved over time with use of technology?
  25. How is jury selection done?
  26. Is community policing an effective program against home grown crimes?
  27. Is identity theft on the increase? What are the recovery plans in place?
  28. Is predictive policing effective?
  29. Is probation for mine offenders less expensive for the state?
  30. Is the extradition law fair?
  31. Is there a correlation between race and crime?
  32. Is there a relationship between bad parenting and juvenile delinquencies?
  33. Is there a relationship between social class and crime?
  34. Should all employers run a background criminal check on all new employees?
  35. Should domestic violence laws be more punitive?
  36. Should drunk drivers be given more severe punishment?
  37. Should high schools and colleges develop a school based drug testing?
  38. Should the death penalty used in juveniles?
  39. Should there be a nation wide sex offenders registry?
  40. The origin of capital punishment.
  41. Type of serial killers?
  42. Was the real Jack the Ripper caught?
  43. What does plea bargaining offer to juvenile delinquents?
  44. What is forensic science?
  45. What is mandatory sentencing and the 3 strike rules?
  46. What is racial profiling?
  47. What is the effect of wrongful conviction?
  48. What is the impact of white collar crimes in the society?
  49. What is the motivation behind hate crimes?
  50. What is the political, social and legal side of use of deadly force by law enforcement.
  51. What is the reason behind very few women receiving the capital punishment?
  52. What is the relationship between aggression and crime?
  53. What is the relationship between mental illness and crime?
  54. What is your government doing to help protect children from online predators?
  55. What problems have cropped up in prisons crowding?
  56. What should and should not be allowed for better gun control?
  57. When should distributive justice be used in criminal justice?

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